I Can Track Everything Chapter 834

On this day, in the new continent of Hongmeng empty space, there were a few hearty laughs from Immortal King from time to time.

The Immortal King of the far north was especially happy, holding the mung bean, his voice spread throughout the continent.

“This Little Brat has a new insight, you can try to break the seal today, maybe it can break two strokes!”

As soon as this voice came out, Except Chen Chen, the other sixteen Immortal Kings gathered around the far north Immortal King almost instantly.

Tianheng Immortal King frowned when Chen Chen was not here, and said, “The immortal spirit he raised himself is indifferent. It’s really unreasonable!”

After that, he looked. Towards the mung bean, squeezed out a very kind smile.

“Mung bean, why don’t you follow me in the future, I promise, you follow me, the treatment…”

Speaking of which, Tianheng Immortal King thought of Chen Chen’s Net worth, quickly changed.

“You follow me, I will never let you suffer any wrongdoing!”

Immortal King shook his head and chuckled.

“Tianheng Immortal King, don’t try, this Little Brat said that Immortal King is his father, can it follow you?”

Other Immortal Kings hearing this all laughed Up.

It’s not that they haven’t tried to seduce mung beans in the past two years, but no matter what kind of temptation they used, they failed.

On the one hand, the immortal show Immortal King is too rich and they can’t offer better conditions.

On the other hand, this Little Brat considers himself the son of Immortal King.

“Why haven’t they come yet?”

A dozen Immortal Kings chatted for a while, and they were a little dissatisfied when Chen Chen hadn’t arrived yet.

At this time, Chen Chen’s voice came from the ears of the Immortal King of the Far North.

“I have reached the important moment of retreat. You should try it first, and I will come later.”

When I heard this, Immortal King shook the head and brought a crowd. Immortal King moved towards Land of Sealing.

In the past two years, they have devoted much effort to mung beans, and now it is time to test the results.


Before Land of Sealing, the mung bean flew out.

It still remembers this seal. After all, it was the first unbreakable restriction in its life.

Goodbye to this seal now, it also has something to be eager to have a try in its heart.

These two years can be regarded as the two years in which it has made the most progress.

This kind of progress is not the progress of strength, but the progress of wisdom.

“Mung beans, even if you try, it doesn’t matter if you fail.”

Immortal King of the far north encouraged behind the mung beans.

“Yes, just give it a try. Of course, now that you perform well, rewards are indispensable.”

Other Immortal Kings followed.

Mung Bean turned his head and glanced at the Immortal Kings, his eyes became very appreciative.

Then it moved towards the seal and flew away.

The method is still the same as before, the whole body is lying on the seal.

About one minute later, runes appeared on its tortoise shell, and finally these runes gradually gathered to form a word of motto.

After this motto hit the word “Feng”, the light was bright, and a mysterious and mysterious aura quickly spread all around.

The crowd of Immortal Kings kept their eyes on them, and their hearts were a little nervous.


Seeing that the seal was still as strong as before, the mung bean roared, and the admonition “peng” on the tortoise shell burst.

The word “Feng” also trembled.

After a while, Mung Bean returned.

Compared with before, that “seal” has two strokes less.

A crowd of Immortal Kings was overjoyed when they saw this, especially the Immortal King from the far north. They hugged the mung beans in their arms and fed several medicine pill in a row.

“With two missing strokes, there are less than a hundred strokes left in this maxim. If we calculate this, we can get out of trouble in hundreds of years!”

Other Immortal King also looked at mung beans with the same eyes as his baby.

Hundreds of years can get out of trouble. This is the most optimistic result.

“tsk tsk tsk, hundreds of years later, this little tortoise has a proper Immortal King Level immortal spirit, coupled with the power of proverbs, the immortal Immortal King has its help, where can Immortal World not go? “

Tianheng Immortal King said sourly.

Other Immortal Kings are also jealous and hateful.

“Mung bean, do you want to have another dad?”

Tianheng Immortal King was still a little unwilling, and whispered.

Mung bean’s small eyes blinked, and his eyes were full of disdain. The next second, it suddenly became excited again, and turned to look towards not far away.

“Who wants to be Mung Bean’s father?”

A ethereal voice came out, and Chen Chen appeared in the void.

After all the Immortal Kings saw Chen Chen, their brows frowned.

Immortal King, the god show, hasn’t appeared in the world for more than half a year. Now, for some reason, his temperament has undergone earth-shaking changes.

After a trance, the eyes of Immortal King of the far north flashed suddenly, and solemnly asked: “Shenxiu Immortal King, do you feel the power of proverbs?”

Chen Chen Carefreely smiled, waved his hand and said: “Small things are achieved, small things are achieved.”

The Immortal King hearing this was shocked.

Although many of them have come into contact with the threshold of Proverbs.

But like the Immortal King, it took only a few years to make it from scratch. They have never seen it.

And judging from the temperament of Immortal King, Immortal King’s motto is “seal”!

“You…Don’t tell me, you are looking at this seal and feel it?”

Tianheng Immortal King pointed to the seal not far away, his tone was very restless .

Chen Chen was full of look of shock: “Huh? How did you know?”

Tianheng Immortal King almost vomited blood after hearing this.

It was also two years, and it was also sealed here. People used this time to realize the power of proverbs.

What about them? But he is taking care of his “son” and enhancing his strength for his “son”.

Who does this make sense?

Immortal King of the far north doesn’t care about Chen Chen’s getting cheap and selling well, but a little excitedly said: “Shenxiu Immortal King, how much do you master the seal?”

“I don’t know to what extent.”

Chen Chen said that he didn’t know, but he still knew a little.

In the past six months, he will receive a transmission every other day, and finally instill all the information in the battleship into his mind.

The “Feng” in the battleship information is approximately 90% similar to the real motto “Feng”.

In other words, his current mastery of the proverb “seal” has reached 90%, not losing to the corpse emperor.

However, it is better to be a low-key person. Now the crack seal is much weaker than before. To unblock it, he does not need such a high degree of mastery.

So even if he broke the seal, others would not be able to guess to what extent he mastered the proverbs.

“I’ll try this seal.”

After talking, Chen Chen indifferently smiled and flew in front of the seal.

The incomparable “seal” in his eyes has become so mysterious now in his eyes.

When he closes his eyes, he can even write exactly the same. In this case, he wants to break the seal, and naturally it doesn’t take much effort.

At this thought, he extended the hand and pressed it on the seal.

However, in order to show his strength, Chen Chen still has a very tangled expression on his face.

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