I Can Track Everything Chapter 835

After tossing for about a quarter of an hour, seeing that many Immortal Kings have shown impatience, Chen Chen suddenly exerted his strength.

In an instant, the crack seals the light, and then begins to fade at the speed visible to naked eye, only a few breaths, the seal disappears without a trace, and the cracks appear again,< /p>

Seeing the crack that reappeared, a group of Immortal Kings quietly terrifying.

Until one minute has passed, the Immortal King of the far north whispered: “Immortal King is deeply hidden. I am blind.”

“didn’t expect me to wait After two years of tossing, Immortal King, who is not as good as the god show, shot at will.”

Immortal King of the South China laughed at himself.

Other Immortal Kings also have different expressions. Some are overjoyed and have deep gazes. There are also a few who stare at Chen Chen’s back and look at them with puzzled expressions.

Chen Chen seems to have not seen the expressions of the people, indifferently said: “This seal is only this, since the seal is lifted, then we will return to Immortal World.”

With a wave of his hand, he floated on the mainland in the distance, and all his belongings flew into the storage ring.

Seeing this, the other Immortal Kings also packed up their own things. Unconsciously, the attitude of the Immortal Kings towards Chen Chen has changed drastically.

No way, the shock of Immortal King, the god show, is too great.

If they were not all Peak powerhouses of Immortal World, they need to take care of their faces. At this moment, I am afraid they would have written shock on their faces, and they can’t help but start to compliment the Immortal King.


Half a quarter of an hour later, a group of Immortal Kings packed up, went through the cracks, and returned to Immortal World Meteor Mountain.

Just after entering the scope of Immortal World, the faces of the Immortal Kings changed.

“Heavenly Dao Will of Immortal World seems to have undergone a great change.” Immortal King murmured.

The Immortal King at the far east side is obviously more experienced and knowledgeable. He looked towards the distance and his eyes were quite deep.

“Many immortal domains have changed owners.”

Chen Chen can also sense Heavenly Dao Will of Immortal World at this moment, but he doesn’t feel much change.

In the final analysis, he became the Immortal King for too short a time, and he didn’t even use Source Power once.

But he understands what Immortal King said.

It was nothing more than the time when they were sealed. Immortal World had a lot of Immortal Kings dead, and the immortal domain originally controlled by these Immortal Kings also changed their owners at this moment.

“It’s okay in the realm of the dark fairyland…”

Chen Chen felt a little, relaxed inside.

He was afraid that after returning to Immortal World, he would not be able to sense the existence of the Realm of the Netherworld. Now it seems that the worst has not happened.

“Your respective immortal domains are all okay?”

Chen Chen thought for a while, then turned his head and looked towards other Immortal Kings.

A group of Immortal Kings heard this silently, and they all showed relief expressions, and it seemed that there was no major event.

“Don’t worry, your fairyland is all right.”

At this moment, a distant voice rang out in the void.

Immortal King’s complexion in an instant became extremely solemn after hearing this voice.

They are very familiar with this sound, exactly the same as the sound they heard before entering the Nine Palace Array.

Obviously, the speaker is the corpse emperor they have been tracking.

“Didn’t expect that you can cut open and seal so soon, you really deserve to be the Immortal King of Immortal World cream of the crop.”

The white-haired people gradually disappeared from the void When he appeared, his expression looked plainly at the Immortal Kings who emerged from the trouble.

The first time I saw the corpse emperor, all the Immortal Kings were in a trance.

It’s true that this person’s temperament is too similar to the Immortal Emperor. If you don’t know the inside story, you would never think that this person turned out to be a powerhouse formed after the consciousness of the birth of a corpse.

But in the next second, the expressions of the Immortal Kings became wary.

Since the emperor came to Immortal World for so long, it is hard to say that he will not set up a layout on this meteor mountain.

If Formation were deployed on Meteorite Mountain in advance, it is inevitable that they will experience another battle today.

Facts proved that their worries were not superfluous. The next second, the emperor waved his hand.

In a blink of an eye, the wind and clouds near Meteoxian Mountain are violent, and countless Formations are layered on top of each other, soaring into the sky. In a flash, all million li near Meteoxian Mountain are blocked.

Apart from this, there are still a large number of silhouette faintly discernible in the clouds, all of which are Immortal King powerhouses. The number is no less than 300.

Aside from some suspected corpses that gave birth to Immortal Kings who gave birth to consciousness, there are still nearly a hundred Immortal World Immortal Kings. Now that they look like this, they have taken refuge in the corpse emperor.

Immortal King in the south of the far south saw the Immortal Kings, furious, and roared: “You dare to take refuge in the corpse emperor! Are you really afraid of death?”

Immortal King replied in the clouds “Why did the Immortal King of the South say this? The Lord Divine Immortal was to sanctify the Divine Immortal Emperor Fleshy body, and he did not want to destroy the Immortal World. Why can’t you tolerate him?

This is a lot of Immortal The Emperor’s concept of compatibility and incorporation is contradictory!”

The Immortal King of the South was speechless, as did other Immortal Kings.

Originally they thought that the zombie emperor would lead many corpses with spiritual wisdom to attack Immortal World and wreak havoc on Immortal World. In this way, they occupy the righteous name and can gather the power of Immortal World to fight together. foreign enemy.

Now it seems that they are thinking about something wrong again.

This corpse emperor is just using those corpses to introduce them into the empty space of the Grand Monarch, and then while they are trapped, they stir the Immortal World situation with their strong strength.

In this way, the disaster of Immortal World has changed from an external chaos to an internal chaos.

They Immortal Kings also lost their righteous status.

As for the corpse emperor to disturb the immortal world civil strife, it is the contradiction between Immortal World’s control of the Immortal King and the immortal King who does not control the Immortal King.

It can be seen that the Immortal Kings in the clouds who have taken refuge in the corpse emperor are all Immortal Kings who have not been able to control the fairyland in the past.

Once this kind of contradiction is provoked…a war within Immortal World will consume at least half of Immortal World’s power.

Compared to the cultivation base, this corpse emperor is more terrifying because of his deep scheming.

The Immortal King of the Far East replied with a light cough at this time: “You are right, since the corpse emperor did not lead the corpse clan to attack the Immortal World, then there is no contradiction between us. , Why are you showing such a battle?”

The White-haired Corpse Emperor said lightly: “Now Immortal World has more than 3,000 immortal domains changed owners, and the remaining 6,000 immortal domains have spontaneously formed an alliance to fight. I’ll wait, can you guarantee that you won’t stand by them when you go back?”

When he said this, the Immortal King in the far east hasn’t answered yet, but the Immortal Kings in the clouds are in a hurry. .

“My lord, absolutely cannot believe this group of people. They have a very good relationship with those Immortal Kings. If they return, they will definitely fight against me. When the time comes, our great cause will fall short!”

The corpse emperor was hearing this, and a smile appeared on his face.

The faces of Immortal Kings and others in the far east below are very ugly.

Obviously, this group of Immortal Kings who have controlled the fairyland through abnormal means are very afraid of gain and loss, and even more afraid of retaliation in the future.

That’s why they are so extreme right now.

Now that more than 3,000 Immortal Worlds have replaced Immortal Kings, one can imagine how strong this extreme force is.

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