I Can Track Everything Chapter 836

Before the crowd of Immortal Kings thought about it, the Immortal World Immortal Kings in the clouds took the lead in attacking.

As if for fear that the emperor would let go of the people below.

When Chen Chen saw this scene, he had to admire the superb skills of the corpse emperor.

The original order of Immortal World was based on the Immortal King who controlled the Immortal Domain, and the other Immortal Kings as supplements.

Now he came out and killed those Immortal Kings who controlled the immortal domain, allowing those ordinary Immortal Kings to control the immortal domain and become profitable ones.

This is equivalent to the kind of peasant uprising in the previous life, and the local tyrants are divided into fields.

The ordinary Immortal King who has become a vested interest will naturally defend his own interests desperately and stand by his side.

“It is indeed a Peak work of technological civilization…by the strength of oneself, it provoked the great turmoil of Immortal World.”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart.

As long as this turmoil provokes, no matter who wins or loses, Immortal World will eventually strengthen great injury.

The goal of the corpse emperor’s destruction of Immortal World will also become closer and closer.

Seeing that an attack fell, Chen Chen waved his hand casually and blocked it.

Other Immortal Kings also shot together. The 18 Immortal Kings are all powerhouses of Immortal World Peak.

Above the hundreds of ordinary Immortal Kings, no matter how they attack, nothing can be done with them.

Seeing this, the Emperor Corpse suddenly put his hands together.

all around The proverbial power of “sealing” has begun to appear among countless Formations.

In an instant, thousands of rune moved towards Eighteen Immortal Kings came surgingly, no matter where they were Magical Powers or magic weapons, they lost their light.

“hmph! This seal can do nothing to us!”

Tianheng Immortal King coldly snorted, while swinging his fist forward.

A huge rune sprang from his fist, destroying dozens of seals in front of him with just one blow.

In the final analysis, no matter how powerful the corpse emperor is, using the power of proverbs also consumes energy.

He impossible to make every seal as strong as a cracked seal, so Tianheng Immortal King can break that many seals with one punch.

Other Immortal Kings also used the power of proverbs, and for a time within the array was flooded with various runes.

A group of Immortal Kings in the clouds were a little frightened to see this scene.

These Immortal World legendary Immortal Kings, in terms of strength and they are not in the same realm.


Just when a group of runes were at odds with each other, the mung bean’s low roar came from the battlefield.

Immediately after a huge rune rose from the ground, wherever it passed, countless small “seals” all collapsed.

“Mung beans! Beautifully done!”

Immortal King of the Far North couldn’t help but applaud this scene.

Seeing this, the emperor shook the head slightly, and then closed his eyes.

A few seconds later, a giant seal full of millions li appeared above the Formation, and began to slowly suppress it downward.

Seeing this, the eyes of the Immortal King became extremely solemn.

I am afraid that the power of these seals is not weaker than the crack seal. If there are no Formation restrictions around, they can stay away from this seal.

But now I don’t know how many Formations are overlapped, how can they hide?

“Immortal King is a god show, don’t hide it anymore!”

The Immortal King of the East looked towards Chen Chen and roared loudly.

Other Immortal Kings also looked towards Chen Chen.

At this moment, if anyone can stop the blow, only the Immortal King who broke the crack seal.

Seeing that the group of Immortal Kings below all looked towards one person, and the gazes of all the Immortal Kings on the side of the corpse emperor also followed, wanting to see who actually made the Immortal King so excited.

For a time, Chen Chen became the focus of the entire battlefield.

“Cough cough, I never hide clumsy…”

Chen Chen whispered and raised his hand.

From the moment Mung Bean shot, he began to gain momentum, and now it is almost time to shot.

Seeing the huge seal slowly suppressed, Chen Chen’s figure suddenly rose to a thousand meters high under the blessing of Wishful God Transformation, and a giant palm was also imprinted on the huge seal in an instant Above.

The entire battlefield in this brief moment became extremely quiet.

The result today is likely to depend on this palm.


A strange voice came out, and the giant palm and the seal met together.

Chen Chen subconsciously wants to break this seal through the power of proverbs.

But at this moment, something unexpected happened to him.

After the huge seal touched his palm, it disappeared like a tide.

It felt like he had a lava great hand seal in the ice and snow.


With a faint sound, the huge seal instantly collapsed and turned into countless fragments.

On the battlefield, the Immortal Kings on both sides were shocked to see this scene.

The Immortal Kings on the corpse emperor’s side thought that the corpse emperor would be crushed strongly, while the Immortal King and the others in the far east believed that there would be a fierce battle, but no one didn’t expect it to be this Kind of ending.

Tianheng Immortal King couldn’t help muttering: “Could the seal just look impressive but is worthless? It’s not very similar!”

The Immortal King of the far north looked towards To the corpse emperor in the sky far away, I want to see some clues from the corpse emperor’s expression.

I don’t know the result, I was surprised at first glance.

The corpse emperor in the sky far away was stiff in the sky like a corpse, and a touch of golden blood came out from the corner of his mouth.

The original calm disappeared, replaced by a pale face.

“The emperor…was injured?”

The Immortal King of the far north muttered to himself, with a wonderful expression.

Then he turned his head and looked towards Chen Chen next to him, half of his eyes were suspicion, and the other half were high mountains.

Everyone has just seen the strength of the corpse emperor with their own eyes, but the immortal king’s blow not only broke the seal of the corpse emperor, but also severely injured the corpse emperor.

Could it be…this person is not the Immortal King, but what Immortal Emperor?

Are you playing with them all this time?

“God…Senior, you don’t want to play with us, the old man can’t bear the excitement.”

Immortal King said with a wry smile.

Just now, he told the Immortal King to keep away from being clumsy, but he didn’t expect that this person would hit the corpse emperor with a single blow…

shua~ shua~ shua~… …

At this time, other Immortal Kings also noticed the status of the corpse emperor, and couldn’t help being far away from Chen Chen.

Chen Chen withdrew his hand, also a little unclear.

Is he already so strong unconsciously? The corpse emperor is not his own enemy?

Am I invincible again?

Chen Chen wanted to slap another palm at the corpse emperor in the sky, wanting to try his true strength.

Who ever thought that the corpse emperor would have chosen to avoid without the slightest hesitation?

The eyes of the two met in the air, and both saw the complex emotions in each other’s eyes.

After the battlefield was quiet for a while.

Chen Chen’s mind rang the voice of the emperor.

“Are you… a compatriot from the universe, not a life in this Great World?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen slightly startled, and his heart gradually became clear.

The consciousness of the zombie emperor is the super light brain of the battleship battleship, and there must be special countermeasures inside such super artificial intelligence.

Otherwise, the technological civilization has long been captured by artificial intelligence.

Now it seems that this countermeasure is extremely simple and effective, that is, it cannot attack life in the same universe.

Because of this, the strange scene just happened.

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