I Can Track Everything Chapter 837

In order to testify to the speculation in his mind, Chen Chen randomly attacked several times.

As a result, whether it is a high-intensity attack or a random blow, Imperial Capital does not mean to hard-wire.

In this way, coupled with what the Emperor Shidi said to him, he basically concluded that the guess was correct.

“You are not the life of this Great World, why are you mixed in this group of Immortal Kings?”

The Emperor is still questioning.

Chen Chen doesn’t know how to explain it at this moment, but he knows that there are constant interruptions, so he suffers from chaos.

The most important thing now is to break open the surrounding array.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen instantly abandoned the distracting thoughts in his mind and shouted: “Mung beans, breaking the formation first!”

Mung beans hearing this spit out a word of motto, Sweep to all around.

As soon as the motto hit Formation, no matter what kind of big formation it was, it collapsed in the blink of an eye.

But there are countless arrays around here, even with the breaking the formation speed of mung beans, it took a few minutes.

In the sky, the corpse emperor quietly watched the mung bean breaking the formation. When the Formation broke and the Immortal Kings were about to disperse, he threw ten balls.

As soon as these ten spheres came out, they continued to expand, and it didn’t take long for them to become a Small World with a radius of ten miles.

In Small World, there are countless silhouettes, these people, without exception, all show pain on their faces.

Seeing those silhouettes, ten of the 18 Immortal Kings suddenly changed their faces, and the silhouettes who wanted to leave quickly stopped suddenly.

Seeing this, the corpse emperor said lightly: “I advise you not to move.”

The Immortal King in a low, muffled voice cursed: “Despicable!”


At this moment, his face is full of anger.

Those silhouettes in Small World are not others, they are the immortals of the immortal domain they belong to.

Looking at the number, I am afraid that each Small World represents all the immortals in a fairyland.

Eighteen Immortal Kings, ten Immortal Kings stopped, and the remaining eight Immortal Kings also stopped.

Seeing this scene, the corpse emperor subconsciously looked towards Chen Chen.

If this person had not just shown the ability to crush himself and gave these Immortal Kings confidence, now these eighteen Immortal Kings might have parted ways.

“The variable is this person, right?”

The emperor muttered to himself.

In fact, he made a super calculation when he encountered the fate in the empty space of Hongmeng.

It is calculated that if he leads countless corpses to attack Immortal World, and then join the two horizontally, the probability of eventually destroying Immortal World is 10%.

And the probability of cultivating that filthy demonic fetus can destroy Immortal World is 50%.

Only by oneself, the probability of destroying Immortal World is so low, obviously because the immortal within the realm has some variables that can restrain him.

Now it seems that this is the Immortal King.

It’s a pity… that True Underworld Immortal Realm was swallowed by a strange kun, and brought to an unknown place, otherwise it wouldn’t be so passive.

“Immortal Emperor, what do you want?”

Looking at the immortal in his fairyland in such pain, the Immortal King couldn’t help but shouted.

“Kill anyone next to you, and I will give them freedom.”

The corpse emperor said indifferently, and then looked towards the other Immortal King with hatred.

“The same is true for you.”

“Impossible! Do you think we will be fooled like this!”

The Immortal King of the far north is full of beards and hairs, angry roar, there was a faint sense of decisiveness in his eyes.

Obviously, if the emperor continues to threaten, he would rather either the fish dies or the net splits.

Other Immortal Kings also have this look.

No one who can become a character of Immortal World Peak is not a decisive person.

Even more how, they all know that if the internal strife splits at this time, then they will only die.

The corpse emperor didn’t feel surprised when he saw their look. Originally, according to his plan, he wanted to win the 18 Immortal Kings by points.

But who knows that these eighteen Immortal Kings are so courageous because of the immortal Immortal King, none of them are willing to leave here.

“Don’t worry, there is another way. As long as you who are willing to establish Heavenly Dao Oath, recognize the status of the new Immortal King of the Three Thousand Immortal Domain, and promise never to be enemies, then I will Let go of the immortals of the immortal domain.”

The Emperor Corpse added.

Hearing this, all the Immortal Kings present were silent.

To tell the truth, what if my immortals are not well protected? Who still cares about other fairyland matters.

Although they are the most respected Immortal Kings in Immortal World, the prerequisite for maintaining the order of Immortal World is that the fairyland under their control can be safe and secure.

At this moment of thought, the Immortal King of the South China took the lead in establishing Heavenly Dao Oath, guaranteeing not to be an enemy of the three thousand immortals.

As soon as her oath was taken, the corpse emperor was also very simple, and without a word, he sent the Small World that held the immortals of the far south immortal to the front of the far south Immortal King.

The South Immortal King took over Small World, turned his head and looked towards other Immortal Kings apologetically.

“Everyone, I am really helpless, goodbye!”

After that, the Immortal King body flashed in the far south and disappeared into the distant horizon.

When she left, other Immortal Kings swore that the stability of the Immortal World is important, but the Immortals who have followed them for countless years are even more important.

Everyone knows how to choose.

After a while, there is only one Small World in the sky left.

The only person who hasn’t sworn away is Immortal King, the oldest of the East.

Seeing this hand, the corpse emperor raised his hand gently, and Small World was on the verge of collapse, and all the silhouettes’ expressions became extremely frightened.

Immortal King of the Far East finally collapsed upon seeing this scene. He turned to face the sky in the east and knocked his head three times. The old tearful said: “Immortal Emperor, I am ashamed of you!”

He stood up and began to swear.

After hearing the oath, the corpse emperor faintly smiled and returned Small World to the Immortal King.

Immortal King of the Far East took Small World, then turned around and bowed deeply to Chen Chen, and then left with Small World.

Chen Chen felt very helpless in his heart.

What is going on here? Could it be that the important task of maintaining the peace of Immortal World is entrusted to yourself?

Before he wanted to understand, Tianheng Immortal King indifferently said next to him: “Look, what’s the use of occupying the fairyland? In the end, it will only drag yourself down, or I am better, alone, now everyone is scattered No longer, I don’t have to stay any longer, goodbye!”

He turned into a light and shadow, disappeared.

Chen Chen looked towards the corpse emperor at this time, and asked: “You haven’t touched my true celestial domain, right.”

“You are left with the immortals of the Immortal King Domain, I haven’t moved, if you want to be an enemy of those three thousand immortal domains, please wait anytime.”

The Emperor Corpse said calmly.

Chen Chen turned his head and looked towards the Immortal Kings next to him. Without exception, these Immortal Kings were pulled over to recharge the same as himself at first.

Now that the four-pole Immortal Kings have retreated, these Immortal Kings will persist?

Afraid it is No way?

However, the facts were a little different from what he thought. These Immortal Kings were all looked towards themselves at this time, as if they were headed by themselves.

Obviously, the “strength” he showed just now shocked them. If he said he wanted to continue playing, the remaining Immortal Kings would probably keep up without the slightest hesitation.

Who gives them confidence?

“Isn’t it what I gave? Forget it, what’s up to me, goodbye!”

Seeing everyone looking at him, Chen Chen cupped the hands and turned away.

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