I Can Track Everything Chapter 840

Chen Chen became more relaxed when he became clear about his Taoism.

Sitting still for another hour, he flew back to the Phoenix Nest and saw the Feihuang Immortal King.

“Reject them for me, I don’t want to be this Alliance Leader.”

Flying Phoenix Immortal King heard a hint of surprise in his eyes, and said softly: “You know, if Can control three thousand immortals, and then defeat the corpse emperor, in the future, you may have complete control of the entire Immortal World, when the time comes, you will naturally become the Immortal Emperor. After millions of years, you will even become the Divine Immortal. The emperor generally legendary existence.”

“I am not interested in these, but Immortal Emperor, I will achieve it sooner or later.”

After that, Chen Chen looked at Fei deeply. Huang Immortal King glanced, and then continued: “I don’t care about the life and death of other Immortal Kings in Immortal World, but you and I meet, and I treat you as friends. Tell me which party you want to join?”

Feihuang Immortal King shook the head and said: “If it is possible, my elder sister and I just want to be alone and don’t want to be implicated.” Chen Chen heard a wry smile on his face.

If the Feihuang Immortal King Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King has nothing to do with him, it has several points of the possibility of being able to be alone.

But now Immortal World Immortal King as everyone knows, I am close to Feihuang Immortal King.

If you insist on not intervening in the alliance, then the alliance will inevitably put your idea on the Feihuang Immortal King.

If they use any strategy to make the Immortal Kings under the Corpse Emperor attack the Immortal King of the Flying Phoenix, and even destroy the Immortal Domain of the Flying Phoenix, what should they do?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s face already showed a little guilt.

“You have too deep a relationship with me. I am afraid it will be difficult to take care of yourself.”

Feihuang Immortal King raised his brows and said: “Isn’t it?”

Chen Chen sneered: “It’s not that it is not, I think it is the most likely. Don’t look at the immortal kings who behave so humble today. It’s really going to be the juncture of life and death. They can do anything. Flying Phoenix Immortal Territory dragged into the war, I suspect they are already planning to do this.”

“What can I do?” Feihuang Immortal King was also a little anxious for a while.

Because I think about it carefully, the probability that Chen Chen said is indeed very big.

“After rejecting them, I will temporarily seal the Nine Heavenly Immortal Domain of the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain. Now, in the entire Immortal World, except for the Corpse Emperor, no one can break my seal. As for the Corpse Emperor He himself probably doesn’t want to be an enemy of me.”

Chen Chen has a self-confidence.

“Then I will listen to you.”

Feihuang Immortal King thought for a moment, and finally smiled and agreed with Chen Chen’s decision.

At the same time, within the Beichen Immortal Territory, the corpse emperor had just returned not long.

At this time, he was still thinking about the Immortal King who came from the same place as him.

“How did he come to this world?”

As the ultimate optical brain with super computing power, he can even infer the general direction of the entire world to have Part of the capabilities of Forecast Future.

But he couldn’t think of how the Immortal King came to this Immortal World.

There are some lives on the battleship, but they are all artificial life like him, not at all native life from the universe.

The native life in the universe is extremely weak and it is absolutely impossible to experience a long journey to this Immortal World.

After quickly denying 100 million possibilities in my mind, the voice of fate came from outside.

“Master, are you okay? I heard that you were injured?”

The voice fell, and the fate had arrived in front of him.

Looking at the eagle watching the wolf in front of you, the magnificent demonic fetus, the corpse emperor indifferently said: “There is no major event, you came just right, I have something to tell you.”


“What’s the matter?”

As Tianming asked, he looked up and down the whole body of the corpse emperor, seeming to want to see something.

“I have a Supreme Treasure left in the empty space of Hongmeng, I am going to find it, and during this time I leave, Immortal World will be left to you.”

The corpse emperor looked deeply destiny, with a very calm tone.

The power of this demon fetus is no longer weaker than him. At this time, he was injured again. If it weren’t for the body of the Immortal Emperor, the demon fetus would most likely backlash itself.

So at this moment, he should leave.

If you don’t leave again, I’m afraid there will be no chance in the future.

As long as this fetus does not die, it will not be long before it will become an Immortal Emperor.

Destiny listened to the corpse emperor to hunt for treasure. After a moment of silence, he promised: “Master, don’t worry! With me, the alliance can’t turn the sky.”

“With you Then I’m relieved, yes, there is a piece of advice as a teacher, I hope you can keep it in your heart.”

“What advice?” Destiny asked.

“Don’t provoke the Immortal King.”


Destiny didn’t react.

But the silhouette of the corpse emperor has gradually dimmed, and it didn’t take long for it to disappear completely.

At this time, the voice of the Emperor Corpse echoed in the entire Beichen Immortal Territory.

“This seat has important things to leave for a period of time. During this time, all affairs will be handed over to Beichen Immortal King.”

As soon as these words came out, hundreds of Immortal staying in Beichen Immortal Domain King was in an uproar.

The time when the corpse emperor left is too delicate.

Just after being defeated by the Immortal King, I decided to leave. Is it because I was afraid of Immortal King and decided to escape?

Or is the immortal show Immortal King already joining the league?

Thinking of this, many Immortal Kings began to panic.

If there is no corpse emperor, how can they fight the alliance?

Just as the Immortal Kings became more and more panicked, the voice of fate spread throughout the fairyland.

“All Immortal Kings, come to the great hall of Immortal.”

Hearing this, the Immortal Kings quickly moved towards the great hall of Immortal and flew away.

Although this Beichen Immortal King has never made any action at all, and he has not made much credit, but after all, he is trusted by the Emperor. They need to learn from the Beichen Immortal King why the Emperor left. of.


After a while.

Hundreds of Immortal Kings gathered in the great hall. Many Immortal Kings discuss spiritedly, so that the entire great hall is noisy and noisy. No one puts the destiny of sitting high above them. In the eyes.

Looking at these Immortal Kings below, the expression of Destiny became very cold.

After a long time, he coldly said: “Are you finished?”

As soon as these words came out, the Great Hall was quiet a bit, but there were still people whispering.


At this moment, there was a thunderstorm, and several whispering Immortal Kings were directly blasted out by an invisible force, leaving only a little blood. Sprinkle in the great hall.

The entire great hall was in an instant, and it was extremely quiet. All the Immortal Kings looked towards the destiny above with unbelievable gazes.

Is this still the Beichen Immortal King who had to fight alone with the Lingwei Immortal King?

“Three days later, follow me on the expedition, and I will sweep the remaining Immortal World fairyland one by one.”

The voice of the destiny fell, and the entire great hall was The word motto completely enveloped.

This black proverb is like a huge mouth in the abyss, but shrouded above the Immortal Kings, and the Immortal Kings have a kind of hard to describe fear from the bottom of their hearts.

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