I Can Track Everything Chapter 841

On the other side, after Chen Chen sealed the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain and the Nine Heavenly Immortal Domain, he was ready to find the Taixu Dragon Kun.

Because Mung Bean and Taixu Longkun felt in touch with each other, coupled with the help of system, within two days, Chen Chen found a sleeping in a corner on the edge of Immortal World Taixu Dragon Kun.

Entering the Taixu Dragon Kun within the body space, seeing that the realm of the real world is intact, Chen Chen relaxed.

Two years away, he has not returned to Xianyu. Now he wants to use this time to calm down and settle down.


In a blink of an eye, three months passed.

On this day, Chen Chen is studying medicine pill in his Immortal King palace.

Since he learned about the power of Proverbs, he has faintly suspected that Pill Dao’s end will also involve the power of Proverbs.

Now he has an 8-rank Golden Core in his hand. Although he can’t be called the ultimate medicine pill, it’s not far off.

However, he researched for more than a long time, and he did not see the slightest power of admonition from the inside of the eighth rank Golden Core.

“Does this medicine pill really only improve the slick cultivation base?”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, hesitating whether to transfer these eight to Golden Core directly I swallowed it,

After thinking about it, he still felt it was not worth it.

If these eight ranks of Golden Core can’t make people feel the power of proverbs, then it is better to swallow them to others, and properly create a Peak Immortal King.

After thinking for a long time, he got into the wreckage of the battleship and handed over the eight-turn Golden Core to the backup optical brain for analysis.

After analyzing for a long time, Optical Brain couldn’t analyze anything. Chen Chen was inevitably disappointed.

If you want to upgrade after Golden Core 5th rank or more, you can’t just rely on time.

As for the Rank 8 Golden Core promotion to Rank 9, he once asked the Indestructible Emperor, even the Emperor of Immortal Emperor did not know.

Just as he was thinking about how to deal with the eight-turn Golden Core, the illusory shadow in front of him suddenly showed a personal smile.

“Zhengtu battleship has been connected to the main light brain.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was slightly taken aback, then his face suddenly changed.

Without waiting for him to fly out of the battleship, a voice rang in his mind.

“Let’s meet again, I don’t know if I can come in.”

Chen Chen hearing this slightly sensed, and he found out that Taixulongkun was less than a thousand miles away. Corpse emperor.

“Just say what you want to say.”

Chen Chen responded indifferently.

Although the corpse emperor could not attack him, he was still extremely vigilant in his heart.

“How did you come to this world and become the Immortal King?”

The corpse emperor asked directly.

“I don’t know, I just came here in a daze, but you, how did you find this place?”

Chen Chen in a low, muffled voice authentically, after asking himself Can’t help but shake his head and laugh at himself.

As the main brain of the battleship, can the corpse emperor not sense the position of the battleship?

The facts are the same as he thought. The corpse emperor replied: “The standby optical brain has passed your information to me, so I know your location.

Since you are hiding now Here, does it mean that I won’t intervene in Immortal World?”

“Yes, I am not going to intervene at the moment.”

Chen Chen did not say anything directly, and It leaves some room.

Shidi laughed at this. With his divine poise and sagelike features, no one would have thought that this was an artificial intelligence.

“It’s good if you don’t be prepared to intervene. This shows that your heart recognizes your identity as being in the universe, and I don’t need to be your enemy.”

Chen Chen did not answer, and It was quietly waiting for the corpse emperor’s text.

“A cosmic being can cultivation to the Immortal King Realm world. You are so special. Did you know that in our hometown, almost no one can cultivation?”

When the emperor saw Chen Chen not speaking, he exclaimed.

“Aren’t you similar to me?”

Chen Chen raised his head.

The corpse emperor waved his hand and said: “It’s not the same, you have contacted the backup optical brain of the battleship battleship, and you have also received the transmission of proverbs. Do you know that 90% are us? The limit of artificial intelligence.

No matter how powerful my computing power is, I can only comprehend 90% of the proverbs at most. I lack the spirituality of a real creature.

And you, may be the only existence among all creatures in the universe that may become an Immortal Emperor-level powerhouse in the future.”

Chen Chen stood up.

To be honest, he panicked when he heard such words.

Because when such words appear, they are often accompanied by the important task of saving the world. No, it is the important task of saving the universe.

Fortunately, the corpse emperor not at all said such things, but asked: “Do you want to be an Immortal Emperor?”

“Of course I do.”

Chen Chen blurted out.

Cultivation has reached this point, he must want to aspire to pinnacle.

Furthermore, only when pinnacle is aspired to, he has the real right to choose some things.

“I’ll give you a chance to become the Immortal Emperor, can you promise me one thing?”

The corpse emperor laughed, and his eyes were humane cunning.

“What’s the matter? Let’s talk about it first?” Chen Chen was not in a hurry for joy, but a little wary.

The corpse emperor’s face became serious, and he said very seriously: “If one day, you become the Immortal Emperor, and then the entire universe is on the verge of fall, I hope you can keep a trace of fire for the universe.”



Chen Chen brows slightly wrinkle.

He didn’t expect the request of the emperor to be so “humble”.

On the one hand, he became the Immortal Emperor, on the other hand, the universe was on the verge of fall.

To achieve these two things at the same time, the probability is quite low.

And the corpse emperor did not let him pull strongly against a crazy tide, only let him keep a share of the fire.

To be honest, he once thought that if one day he became an Immortal Emperor, he would go back to the planet where he was in his previous life, and protect that planet by the way.

This request of the Emperor Shidi is actually not a request for him.

He pondered for a while before he slowly said: “I also have a hometown in the universe. It is a very small planet. If one day I become the Immortal Emperor, I may not bless other places, but I will definitely protect that planet.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the corpse emperor slightly nodded said: “You have agreed to my terms.”

“en. ”

Chen Chen complied.

There was a rays of light flashing in the eyes of the corpse emperor, and then the hundreds of screens in front of Chen Chen began to change constantly.

“Zhengtu battleship has discovered many strange things during the long journey from the universe to the Great World.”

The voice fell, and a large number of pictures appeared in hundreds On the screen, there are strange creatures and unknown objects.

“One thing was very special. I even controlled the battleship battleship and stayed there for ten years, trying to take that thing away, but failed. In the end, I could only record the coordinates of the thing. Keep going.”


Chen Chen seemed to think of something, and his pupils began to shrink.

The voice fell, and all the screens switched to one picture at the same time.

“If I did not analyze it wrong, this should be the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos among your cultivation population, right?”

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