I Can Track Everything Chapter 842

“This…this is…”

Chen Chen stared at the panoramic photo on the screen in front of him, and his heartbeat became faster unconsciously.

The thing resembles a sword, but it has no front, and the whole body is gray. It looks very ordinary.

On the hilt, there is a vague word. Although it is not clear, Chen Chen knows that it is a motto.

And it is a true motto, not the similar motto on the Supreme Treasure.

“This is indeed the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos… But is this thing really unowned?”

Chen Chen asked with excitement.

The Immortal Emperor said that if you want to understand the proverbs and become an Immortal Emperor, the best way is to have your own treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.

If this is really a treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, it is indeed an Immortal Emperor chance.

“It is no owner. I have tried to subdue it. If I am not a real creature, maybe I have succeeded in subduing. You can rest assured.”

, And then waved his hand, and various information about the sword of no edge began to appear on the screen, including the length, width and height and close-ups of various positions.

Even the motto on the hilt of the sword has a close-up.

Of course, it is extremely vague, and the lines of the proverb cannot be seen at all.

“The treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos…”

Chen Chen said to himself, and then very politely took the corpse emperor into the battleship.

What the corpse emperor brought him was a real chance for the Immortal Emperor. If he were to let the family talk outside at this time, it would be unreasonable.

Also, don’t look at him now that he has mastered 90% of “Feng”, which is only 10% away from complete mastery, which seems to be very close to Immortal Emperor.

But only the remaining ten percent, if nothing accident happens, he will almost impossible comprehend success in his life.

Because the comprehend proverb has a very strict rule, that is, only one person can comprehend a word, and this person is bound to the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos engraved with that proverb.

Because of this, the Conferred God Demon Jar is placed there, no one can move.

I told him about this matter when the Emperor Underworld taught him. If he didn’t rush out, he didn’t even want to waste that many time on a motto that could not see the future. on.

So he never thought in his heart that he would realize “Feng” to achieve Immortal Emperor.

“I will transmit the coordinate information of the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos to you.”

The corpse emperor said while looking towards a certain position of the battleship, in an instant, a message Transmitted into Chen Chen’s mind.

After learning the location information, Chen Chen said very seriously: “If I can really become the Immortal Emperor, I will definitely keep my promise.”

“I believe in you.”

After the corpse emperor finished speaking, he looked towards the spare light brain, his lips lightly opened, as if he was answering some order.

After a while, he turned his head and said again: “There are only these left for the battleship of the battleship. Since you got it, it means that it is destined for you. I just let the battleship of the battleship open all the permissions for you.”

Chen Chen was silent.

This corpse emperor was so good to him that he was a little flattered for a while.

“Okay, I’m done with what I want to say to you, don’t forget your promise, goodbye!”

The corpse emperor left the battleship after a flash, and then A flash body disappeared directly into the horizon.

That chic posture can be said to wave his sleeves without taking away a cloud.

Chen Chen stared at the direction he was far away in a daze.

He couldn’t guess the true purpose of the corpse emperor, but since the other party gave the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos the position, he must go take a look.

As for the word of the proverb…

He has no control over it, and he is not qualified to choose.

As long as he can become an Immortal Emperor, even if the word “handsome” is engraved on the hilt, he will comprehend well.


After half a day.

Chen Chen finally persuaded Taixu Longkun to travel with him.

To be honest, Immortal World is too chaotic now, and he is afraid that something will happen if Taixu Dragon Kun stays in Immortal World.

Instead of this, it is better to go with Taixu Longkun. In the empty space of Hongmeng, Taixu Longkun’s speed is not inferior to his own.

After discussing everything, Chen Chen did not delay a single cent, so he moved towards the crack in the Meteorite Mountain that day with Taixulong Kun.

This trip, he can almost say that he took all the belongings, so he walked without worry.

If you have to say that there is nothing to worry about, I am afraid there are only sisters, Feihuang Immortal King and Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King.

Seeing that he was about to enter the crack, Chen Chen took out the token of Feihuang Immortal King, and soon the illusory shadow of Feihuang Immortal King appeared in front of him.

“I’m afraid I will leave Immortal World for a while. Take care. If there is no major event, don’t leave the Fairyland of Flying Phoenix.”

“Don’t worry, it’s you. Where are you going?” Feihuang Immortal King asked with a smile.

Chen Chen mysterious said with a smile: “I will look for a great opportunity.”

“Then I will congratulate you in advance on your troublesome success.”

< p>Immortal King Feihuang’s smile is getting brighter.

Chen Chen nodded, was about to put away the token. At this moment, the sky in the distance suddenly stirred up.

As the lord of the fairyland, Chen Chen can sense the Heavenly Dao Will of Immortal World.

The situation was turbulent just now, and it was obvious that the Immortal King was fighting again.

“Immortal World today…It’s really messy…”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart, but before he could sigh, he felt a fairy somewhere The domain has become a masterless fairy domain.

Now his face finally changed.

Obviously, at that moment, the Immortal King who was the lord of the fairyland was beheaded.

In the entire Immortal World, besides himself and the corpse emperor, who has the power to kill a master of the fairyland in such a short time?

Chen Chen closed his eyes, felt carefully, and quickly saw the scene of a fairyland somewhere through the Immortal World heaven.

That’s too Lingxian domain.

Chen Chen had been there before, and was overwhelmed by Immortal King and almost fell on his head.

Fortunately, with the help of the Nether King, he escaped alive and ransacked the pill concocting room of Immortal King, and regained the Yin-Yang alchemic furnace.

At that time, Immortal Qi was surrounded by Immortal Qi, immortal grass everywhere.

Where is the Tailingxianyu at this time?

Like the Immortal World hell, there are sounds of killing and felling everywhere, a large number of corpses floating in the sky, countless spiritual objects scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, the entire fairyland is on the verge of collapse.

Chen Chen, the man who took the lead in doing all of this, is also very familiar with it. It is the destiny of the magic fetus.

At this time, the destiny is wearing a golden armor, holding a spear, the raise of the spear is holding the head of the Immortal King, and the baleful qi on the halberd is almost not inferior to the divine spear, and I don’t know how to kill it. How many celestial King Level existence, that halberd can accumulate such a baleful qi.

Behind Destiny, hundreds of Immortal Kings followed, many of whom Chen Chen had seen when they broke out.

The place where these people have been is called barren.

“Why is this demon fetus so strong… and it seems to be related to the corpse emperor.”

Chen Chen has a vague understanding in his heart, subconsciously looked towards the corpse emperor Direction when leaving.

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