I Can Track Everything Chapter 843

“so that’s how it is.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, and then got into the abdominal space of Taixulongkun.

The Taixu Dragon Kun has no response to Immortal World, and after a low groan, he continues moving towards the meteor mountain.


After half a day.

Taixu Dragon Kun enters the empty space of Hongmeng.

Chen Chen began to sense the location of the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos through the coordinate information that the emperor gave him.

“It takes about half a year to fly at the speed of the Taixu Dragon Kun…”

After a little calculation, Chen Chen calculated the shortest time for this trip.

Since it took such a long time, Chen Chen was not idle either, and simply cultivated a group of his subordinates in the realm of the real world.

Last time I sent out a wave of Golden Core, everyone has almost completely digested it for so long.

Today, in terms of overall strength, the True Pluto Immortal Domain can already be compared with the Immortal World’s ordinary Immortal Domain Comparable.

Of course, this is still far from enough in Chen Chen’s eyes.

But this time he did not distribute Golden Core directly, but held various activities and trials.

I even got three or four Secret Realms in the realm of the real underworld, hiding various treasures in the Secret Realm, allowing the Immortals under his command to get them by chance and ability.


Time flows like water, and half a year has passed in a blink of an eye.

Unconsciously, Chen Chen gradually fell in love with this life away from the hustle and bustle of the world, away from disputes.

On this day, Chen Chen sat on the head of Taixulong Kun, looking at the endless empty space in the distance.

According to his feelings, at this time, there is only less than a thousand ten thousand li away from the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.

From the distance, it should be within the tracking range of the system.

Although I haven’t seen it yet, Chen Chen is already impatient and wants to know what it is.

“System, where is the most precious thing within the tracking range?”

“Nine hundred and eighty ten thousand li in front of the host, the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos Void God soldier.”

“Void God soldier…is this the name of the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos?”

Chen Chen has a thoughtful expression on his face.

He thought it was a sword, but now it doesn’t seem to be that simple.

Apart from this, he became more and more curious about system in his heart.

When he first got system, he was just an ordinary person, and he only felt that system was great.

Now he is the Immortal King, and he has a clearer understanding of the original power of the entire Hongmeng space.

I have also seen things like the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, and I have also encountered super light brains like the emperor.

But no matter what it is, it doesn’t seem to compare to the mysterious system in his mind.

This system seems to transcend everything known. No matter what you are, it cannot escape its tracking.

This is terrifying.

Be aware that everything has a hierarchy.

For example, Mung Bean, its perception of proverbs cannot reach the level of the corpse emperor, and it cannot break the seal of cracks.

System can trace the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos. Does this mean that the level of system is still above the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos?

As he was thinking about it, the system prompt sounded in his mind.

“Congratulations to the host for tracking down the first treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos without an owner, and the hidden function will be turned on soon.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s heart was shocked.

Since he got the system, he has heard various prompts and conducted various tracking, but this is the first time such prompts.

“What hidden function?”

Chen Chen asked subconsciously.

system did not give a reply.

In spite of this, Chen Chen has a strange hunch in his heart.

He felt that he was about to touch the core of system.

In other words, he feels that he almost understands what system is.

Stabilizing his mind, Chen Chen closed his eyes and began to wait quietly.


After an hour.

There is less than one million li from the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, but Taixu Longkun suddenly stopped at this moment and let out a weird call.

Chen Chen suddenly opened his eyes.

He understands the meaning of Taixu Dragon Kun, this is a warning, which means that there is a creature in front of it that makes it afraid.

“The Taixu Dragon Kun is an Immortal King Level creature, and it is a creature that can make it jealous… I am afraid that it is at least Immortal King Level.”

Chen Chen thought to himself.

After hesitating for a while, he decided to leave the Taixu Dragon Kun here, and went to the place where the Void God soldiers were.


Million li distance is nothing to Chen Chen, but the closer he gets to the target point, the more depressed he feels and the slower his speed becomes.

After flying for more than an hour, he sensed what kind of creature existed at the target point.

It is a planet-sized metal body, with spikes all over it, like a huge sea urchin.

In the center of the densely packed spikes, there are a pair of huge eyes, looking with extremely cold eyes moving towards the direction where they are.

If nothing happens, the reason why I feel depressed along the way is because of these eyes.

“What the hell is this? Battleship is still a creature? Or is it a magic weapon?”

Chen Chen was quite speechless, and he had seen some strange creatures along the way, but This is the first time I have seen a metal body.

Without hesitation, he directly used system to start the identification. Soon, system gave the answer.

“Void God is accompanied by strange beasts, bravery, and Immortal King Peak strength, all around you are magic weapons.”

system just gave the answer, and the brave of strange beasts has already Moved.

I saw it shook all over, with hundreds of kilometer barbs moving towards Chen Chen like an arrow from the string.

Chen Chen, facing this Immortal King Peak creature, didn’t dare to neglect, and without a word, he took out the Immortal King Bell.

In an instant, a golden bell-shaped illusory shadow protects Chen Chen’s body.

dang dang dang!

With the sound of a series of bells, hundreds of barbs blasted on the illusory shadow of the emperor clock like raindrops.

In the Shenhuang Bell, Chen Chen’s body trembled suddenly, and his face suddenly became extremely solemn.

Only talking about formidable power, each of these hundreds of barbs is connected to the formidable power of Supreme Treasure.

This is just a random attack by this soldier. If you really do your best, then what?

“No, I can’t spend it slowly with him…”

Chen Chen secretly said in one’s heart, at the same time, he slammed forward with a palm, in an Instant, a huge “Feng” proverb appeared in front of him.


Along with shouted in a low voice, the huge word motto moved towards the suppression of that huge soldier like Mount Tai.

The guts of the strange animal soldier seemed to feel the threat, and a pair of huge eyes looked towards the top of the head, and their eyes became more and more indifferent.

The next second, its body suddenly cracked a gap, and a shocking light shot out from the gap!


A metal explosion sounded, and the spiritual light blasted directly on the huge “Feng” proverb.

But proverbs are proverbs, no matter how powerful the strength of Seal is, the spiritual light gradually begins to dim, and there is a faint tendency to be sealed.

But at this moment, Bingdan’s eyes changed again, and two runes appeared in his eyes.

As soon as these two runes came out, the aura against the seal shone sharply. In an instant, there is a faint trend of breakthrough seal.

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