I Can Track Everything Chapter 844

“What is the power of proverbs?”

Chen Chen was a little surprised.

We must know that it is difficult for the “soft attack” of the seal to break through with strong means, unless the perception of the proverbs on both sides is not on the same level.

But after the adrenaline power of the warrior appeared, there was a momentum of breakthrough seal, which shows the special admonition of the opponent.

This makes Chen Chen quite curious.

Because, this is probably the power of proverbs he will master in the future.

Seeing that the aura transformed into the body and became a sharp sword, Chen Chen violently waved his hand, and the wheel of the Purple Clouds roared out, hitting the front like a meteor chasing the moon. Sharp sword.


A crisp sound!

The sharp sword screamed and retreated with a bang.

At the same time, the Purple Cloud Imperial God Wheel also returned to Chen Chen’s hands bleakly.

At this time, Chen Chen’s “Feng” proverb began to accelerate.

Seeing this, the soldiers began to emit metallic light, as if it turned into a star in an instant.

At the same time, countless barbs flew out of it, eventually forming an incomparable gigantic shield and blocking it above it.

The word “Feng” fell on the shield, and the shield’s light quickly dimmed.

At this moment, the bizarre motto reappeared, and the shield like a received a huge blessing, and even forcibly resisted the seal.

“Something is interesting.”

Chen Chen’s eyes flickered, and he put his hand into the storage ring.

Soon the four god servants appeared in his all around.

The four god servants are “attack”, “imperial”, “seal” and “tangle”, respectively controlling the power of the four proverbs.

Although it is not extremely Profound Realm, but with each other, the formidable power is extremely strong, and it can be called the king of the Supreme Treasure.

When the four gods came out, they immediately surrounded the soldiers.

Chen Chen made a seal again at this time, moved towards Bingdan suppressed it.

The soldier had the guts to see that a trace of contempt flashed in his eyes. In the next second, that bizarre proverb reappears was directly printed on the “Royal” among the four gods.

“Yu” trembled suddenly, and then moved towards Chen Chen uncontrollably. The seal just applied flew away. In a blink of an eye, he was hit by the seal, hovering in the void unable to move even a little bit.

Chen Chen hurriedly took back all the four gods after seeing this. He was not quite clear about the admonition of the warrior, but he already knew a little about the function.

If he is not mistaken, it should be a motto blessed on magic weapons.

It can make the magic weapon stronger, and even rob others of the control of the magic weapon.

“Bing…or treasure?”

Chen Chen’s heart is more inclined to the motto of “soldier”. After all, this monster is called the bravery, and the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos is called Void. God soldiers.


Regardless of whether the soldier can understand or not, Chen Chen praised him.

To be honest, a lot of his strength comes from magic weapons. If he fails to understand the word “seal” motto, he might be completely restrained by this soldier.

Since Fabao couldn’t hold the courage, Chen Chen simply regressed several tens of thousands of li.

Then he called out the mung bean.

Mung bean has just stepped into the Immortal King Realm world recently. If you only talk about the cultivation base, of course it will not help you.

But Mung Bean’s proverb is called “Jie”, which is a strange proverb.

Not only has the function of cut open seal, but also a function similar to purification.

What is purification? It can eliminate the enemy’s various strengthening blessings, and can eliminate their own negative effects.

“Mung bean, look, can you understand the power of the proverbs of my four god servants.”

Chen Chen took out the “imperial” as he spoke.

Mung bean took a look, the power of proverbs began to appear on the turtle shell, and finally printed on the “Royal”.

“Yu” flashed a burst of light, the seal in it was reduced by 30%, and the influence from the bravery was reduced by four points.

Seeing that he couldn’t restore the “Royal” to normal, Mung Bean’s eyes were rather wronged.

Chen Chen said with a smile: “Enough, let me play!”

After talking, Chen Chen picked up the mung bean and flew again not far in front of the soldiers.

But before it can take action, Bingguo has done it first this time. There was a burst of light flashing, and tens of thousands of barbs actually formed Formation moved towards Chen Chen. Mung beans shrouded.

And these tens of thousands of barbs, without exception, are all shining with the light of proverbs. If you talk about formidable power, I am afraid that every barb is no less than the Supreme Treasure.

Assaulted by Supreme Treasure of Ten Thousands of Avenues, Chen Chen’s face turned green all of a sudden, and he quickly said: “Mung bean, give me…”

Before he finished speaking, Mung bean wailed. With a low growl, countless “solutions” shot out!

whiz whiz whiz…

In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of “solutions” were printed on the barbs.

Touched by the word “solution”, tens of thousands of barbs are poured into a basin of cold water like oil in a hot pan, and the formidable power is greatly reduced.

But despite this, it is still not to be underestimated. Chen Chen took a deep breath, closed his eyes and tried his best to move the imperial bell with all his strength, and even the wishful god transformed into armor came out of him within the body.

As for the other defensive magic weapons that are completely separated from his body, he dare not use them indiscriminately.

peng peng peng!

A series of roars blasted in his ears, Chen Chen felt that the power within the body was diminishing at an extremely rapid rate.

Looking at the soldiers in the distance, they are still urging the barbs to attack him.

This will not work.

Chen Chen gritted his teeth and directly removed the immovable divine imperial bell, turning his whole body into a flash moved towards Bingguin and rushed over.

Along the way, dozens of barbs hit the Ruyi God Transformation Armor.

Only speaking of defensive power, Ruyi God has become inferior to God’s imperial clock. For a time Chen Chen only felt his body shake, as if he was hit by dozens of mountains!


spit a mouthful of blood, Chen Chen resisted the strong force and urged the power of Proverbs with all his strength. After withstanding the impact of hundreds of barbs, he suddenly Waved moved towards Bingdan pressed it.

In the next second, a huge “seal” not inferior to the original crack seal moved towards Bingdan quickly suppressed it!

When Bingguo saw the word “seal”, his large eyes shrank quickly, and his whole body shrank.

At the same time, countless barbs flew back, once again forming a huge shield enough to cover the sky and the sun!

Above the huge shield, countless runes circulate, like tadpoles, and finally turn into that “strange” motto.

With the blessing of Proverbs, the light of the huge shield skyrocketed, and the imposing manner far exceeds any Supreme Treasure that Chen Chen has seen!

Seeing this huge shield, it’s useless Chen Chen said, the mung bean jumped up and flew onto the shield.

A huge word “solution” followed.

The shield was punched by the word “solution,” and the motto on it suddenly became dim and gradually blurred.

At this time, Chen Chen’s huge seal finally fell and was printed on the shield.

in an instant, the huge seal is turned into countless tiny seals, sealing all the barbs.


It was originally like an indestructible shield in this brief moment. It collapsed like a jade pillar by pushing a golden mountain.

After that, a dazzling seal breakthrough was repeatedly blocked, and it was printed between the eyes of the soldiers.

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