I Can Track Everything Chapter 846

After this motto took shape, Chen Chen thoughts move was attached to the Ruyi God Armor.

In an instant, the Wishful God’s armored imposing manner skyrocketed, and the original black armor instantly turned into red.

Apart from this, Chen Chen even felt that a terrifying force was pouring into his body within the body.

In this brief moment, he felt that as long as he fully urged Ruyishen to transform into armor, it would be enough to crush the peak state that could only be achieved by urging six or seven Supreme Treasure.

“This admonition of the word soldier is really powerful.”

Understanding 99% of this admonition, Chen Chen naturally has a deep understanding of it.

If this motto is blessed above the attack magic weapon, the stronger the attack power of the attack magic weapon will be, and when it is blessed on the defense magic weapon, the defense of the defense magic weapon will be greatly improved.

The reason why the streamer shot by the soldier’s guts can shake its own seal is because the word “army” admonishes the streamer, and the streamer is a magic weapon for breaking the seal.

In addition to blessing your own magic weapon, this proverb can also control the magic weapon of others.

This ability is also against the sky.

Based on his 99% perception today, as long as the enemy is not using the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, it is equivalent to his magic weapon.

Even if it is the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, he can also interfere with it.

The previous soldiers can only control the Supreme Treasure, which is far from the master of the magic weapon, which is much weaker than him.

Bless oneself and weaken the other side. With one ebb and flow, the strength gap between the two sides will be widened in an instant. It is conceivable how much effect this can play in the battle.

Now Chen Chen has the confidence to call himself invincible under the Immortal Emperor.

“The strongest Immortal King, hehe.”

Chen Chen chuckled. Although he could not directly become Immortal Emperor this time, he was already satisfied.

Even more how, only one percent of his perception of “soldier” is left. He is confident that it will not take long before he can become the Immortal Emperor!


The opportunity has been obtained, Chen Chen did not stay anymore, but when he was about to go back, he suddenly had a thought and took out the battleship number.

Entering the battleship of the battleship, Chen Chen began to explore the coordinates of the universe through the spare optical brain.

Previously, he could not inquire about this kind of coordinates, but then the Emperor Shidi gave him the highest authority, and now this battleship has no secret to him.

After getting the instructions, the backup optical brain quickly gave the answer.

Seeing the coordinates, Chen Chen calculated it slightly, and couldn’t help shook the head.

“From here to the universe…it will take a thousand years to fly at the speed of the Void Dragon Kun, which is really far enough.”

I know that this place is still so far away from the universe. Distance, Chen Chen cut off the idea of ​​going to the universe to take a look.

Since the battleship was taken out, Chen Chen simply added the word “soldier” to the battleship and wanted to see if it could play a role.

Who knows this addition, the illusory shadow formed by the spare photobrain can tremble, and there is a faint tendency to become reality.

“The functions of the battleship have been improved by 100%, and the computing power of the spare optical brain has been improved by 300%.”

The illusory shadow said quickly, with a touch of emotion compared to before. .

Chen Chen could not help but have the idea of ​​repairing this battleship after seeing this.

His cultivation Taiqing Xuantian Dao, as long as there is a detailed structure diagram of the battleship, and there is enough material, then the formation of the battleship main body is just a matter of thought.

“Give me the detailed data of the battleship battleship.”

Chen Chen gave the order.

illusory shadow nodded, and then a lot of information was transmitted to Chen Chen’s mind.

“Zhengtu battleship is ten thousand li long and two ten thousand li wide…the whole body is super meteorite alloy structure…controls the power of six proverbs, the fastest speed in Great World is the speed of light, Hongmeng empty space Infinite acceleration can be achieved…”

Looking at each item of specific data, Chen Chen couldn’t help but admire.

To tell the truth, the difficulty of designing and manufacturing such a battleship is probably not lower than being an Immortal Emperor.

“The complete battleship battleship can be equivalent to Immortal Emperor in terms of destructive power. If it has its own blessings…”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, at this moment he suddenly realized The importance of the motto of “soldier” to scientific and technological civilization.

After all, technological civilization, in the final analysis, is the use of artifacts.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

If he had been informed by some Immortal Emperors or leaders of scientific and technological civilization that his admonition was “soldier” before he could fully protect himself, that would probably not be a good thing.

“It’s better to keep a low profile.”

Chen Chen reminded himself inwardly,

As for the battleship, he still needs to fix it, not just To repair it, he has to replace it with better materials that are not in the universe, and build an unprecedented super battleship.

When the time comes with the word “Bing” proverb, where else can he go in this empty space?


At the same time.

In Immortal World, after more than half a year of continuous battles, the alliance has been In name only.

The Immortal Emperor has already controlled nearly 90% of the entire Immortal World, and the Immortal King under his command has reached nearly 10,000.

However, he was not very happy in his heart.

Because he is still a step away from Immortal Emperor, he can’t reach it.

On this day, Destiny summoned thousands of Immortal Kings in the Great Hall of Beichen Fairy Court.

Compared with half a year ago, the attitude of the Immortal Kings has completely changed.

At this moment, Destiny does not speak, no one among the thousands of Immortal Kings below dared to make a sound.

No way, their Immortal Emperor is too strong, even stronger than the previous corpse emperor.

In the entire Immortal World, whether you are the Immortal King who controls the fairyland or the Immortal King who owns the Supreme Treasure, it is not the enemy of the Immortal Emperor.

With such strength, I am afraid that it is possible to aspire to Immortal Emperor at any time.

“In Immortal World, which immortal domains still have not returned?”

Destiny aloof and remote, after pondering for a long time, asked such a question.

In the next second, an Immortal King came out from below and gave the answer.

“Only the four-pole Immortal King and other immortal domains controlled by the powerful and respected immortal king, and the sealed Flying Phoenix Immortal domain, the nine Heavenly Immortal domain.”

< p>Hearing this answer, Destiny browses slightly wrinkle.

He faintly felt that if he wanted to become the Immortal Emperor, he had to conquer the rest of the fairyland.

Flying Phoenix Immortal Territory, the seal of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Territory is strong, but he can’t help him now.

But when the corpse emperor left, he once said that he should not provoke the Immortal King.

And Shenxiu Immortal King and Feihuang Immortal King Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King have a close relationship.

“That’s all, let’s deal with these two immortal realms last…the Immortal King…”

Destiny muttered to himself in his heart, and his eyes became unconsciously deep.

He has seen Immortal King several times. For some reason, he always feels that he has a special bond with each other.

“Magic Sir Immortal Emperor, where shall we attack next?”

Immortal King asked below.

In the past, the corpse emperor was afraid of the four-pole Immortal King and asked the four-pole Immortal King to take an oath, but the current Immortal Emperor is not afraid.

Every Immortal King at the scene knew about this.

“Four-pole fairyland, those Old Guys have lived for too long.”

Destiny looked into the distance, his eyes erratic and replied absent-mindedly.

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