I Can Track Everything Chapter 847

Three days later.

In the Immortal Territory of the East Pole, Immortal King of the Far East looked at the thick clouds beyond the Formation with a vicissitudes of face, and matched with his infant-like body, it seemed very contradictory.

In the upper part, there are just hundreds of Immortal Kings, not to mention the entire Immortal World Number One Powerhouse, the Immortal Emperor of Beichen Immortal Territory.

“Immortal King of the Far East, you are the oldest Immortal King in Immortal World. I don’t want to kill you. Let go of the Formation and submit to me from now on.”

Immortal of the Far East King’s body shook slightly.

One day ago, the Immortal King of the South Pole swore to his death. Now the entire Antarctic fairyland has been turned into scorched earth, and the Immortal King himself has been cut into pieces.

If he doesn’t surrender at this moment, I am afraid he will end the same way.

Actually, if this Immortal Emperor is a holy emperor, it’s all, it’s not impossible to belong to him.

But the Immortal Emperor has a weird character, and his behavior is extremely violent.

After the battle this year, if he travels to the fairyland, most of the deaths and injuries are bound to be caused, and even the fairyland itself will be destroyed.

A year ago, Immortal World had more than nine thousand immortal domains, but now Immortal World only has less than eight thousand immortal domains.

Such disasters are a catastrophe for the entire Immortal World that has not been seen in tens of millions of years.

“Will you drop?”

Among the clouds, Destiny stretched out his hand, a random point, and the array below was broken.

All the immortals in the entire East Pole Immortal Territory in an instant were all exposed to the butcher knife.

Many descendants of the Immortal King of the Far East were so frightened that they knelt down on the spot, praying for the Immortal King of the Far East to surrender.

Listening to the begging for mercy behind him, Immortal King’s expression became more and more vicissitudes of life. After a long time, he lightly sighed and then took out a token.

in the sky, a crowd of Immortal Kings just watched him silently, no one stopped him.

“Immortal Emperor is too immortal, Immortal World is facing an unprecedented catastrophe. The old man is already powerless, come back soon.”

Immortal King in the heart said secretly. , And then crushed the token.

The token was shattered and turned into a force of proverbs, then faded away until it disappeared.

After doing all this, Immortal King suddenly felt very tired.

Xian within the realm, in terms of lifespan, he even surpasses some Immortal Emperors.

For hundreds of millions of years, he has surrendered and chose to live not ten times, but eight times.

“If I live like this, I will always be just a witness…In this era, there is no place for me.”

Immortal King of the Far East said to himself, and then A dazzling light burst suddenly, and a word of proverb appeared in front of him.

With the emergence of this motto, the immature face of the Immortal King of the East is full of fighting intents.

Looking like that, I really want to fight with all my strength.

Upon Destiny saw this scene, the corners of his mouth were slightly cocked, and his hand was subconsciously extended again.

At this moment, a group of descendants behind the Immortal King of Far East shouted: “Old Ancestor, absolutely no! If you resist, we will all die!”

Hearing this, the Immortal King of Far East shook his body suddenly, and then turned his head.

A face full of horror came into his eyes, making him feel a little bit of pain.

“If you do! Sir Immortal Emperor will not let us go! Old Ancestor, you have to think twice!”

One of his favorite Juniors kept kowtow .

Obviously, what happened in Immortal World during this period scared him.

As long as Xianyu resisted, it didn’t end well.

Seeing this scene, the fighting intent that the Immortal King of the East had just raised was like a frustrated ball, and it collapsed instantly.

After that, his immature face started to age rapidly, and it became extremely old in a blink of an eye.

“that’s all…”

With a long sigh, there was a breeze between Heaven and Earth, and the Immortal King in the east rotted into ashes and dissipated in the fairyland of the east. Above.

At this time, the sky began to rain heavily, as if the entire fairyland was crying.

The Immortal King of the Far East has been in charge of the Immortal Territory of the East Pole for tens of millions of years. His fall will naturally cause the whole Immortal Territory to feel.

However, the immortals of the East Polar Immortal Territory below breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s fine if you don’t resist. Old Ancestor has lived for so long, experienced that many things, and has only fallen so far. It’s not too bad.

But in the sky’s destiny complexion turned gloomy.

“What a good opponent, who made you just talk nonsense?”

With a cold voice, the entire East Pole Immortal Territory began to tremble.

The face instantly changes of countless immortals below are terrifying.

Destiny gave a cold look at the immortals below, and then roared towards the sky!


This roar was like the sky collapsed, directly overshadowing the sound of thunderstorms, accompanied by a terrifying matchless shock wave.

Under this shock wave, no matter what the cultivation base of the immortals below are, they are all like weathered sculptures, and they will collapse when touched.

After a while, the entire East Pole Immortal Domain turned into a dead domain.

A group of Immortal Kings in the clouds watched this scene, not even the atmosphere dared to gasp.

The power of a roar will slaughter a realm of creatures, and the Immortal Emperor probably only has such strength.

“Let’s go, go to Xianyu Xianyu.”

Destiny glanced at the endless ruins below, said lightly, then turned and left without looking back.


At the same time.

In a hidden place in the empty space of Hongmeng, a white clothed Elderly seemed to sense something and suddenly opened his eyes.

After that, he took out a token from his arms. At this time, a crack appeared on the token, and there was a flickering rune in the crack, forming a sentence in the sky.

Looking at that sentence, the white haired old man murmured, “Is there something wrong with Immortal World? The Immortal King and Old Guy of the Far East are dead… It’s really interesting.”

After that, he whispered a few more words, and after a while, three people appeared in front of him.

The clothes and appearance of these three people have nothing common with each other. The only thing in common is that they all exude a sense of detachment and confidence.

It’s as if the thunderbolt hits their eyelids now, and they won’t blink.

“Too, what are you looking for us?”

One of them said very casually.

“Something has happened to Imortal World, some of us need to go back.” white clothed Elderly replied.

Hearing something about Immortal World, the three of them didn’t have any worry on their faces, but rather curious.

“What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know the specifics. I will understand when I go back and see.”

“Yes, and we are stuck here too. After a long time, after going back, you may be able to find a way to break the game.”

“Which one of you and I will go back?”

Four people looked at each other in blank dismay, and finally looked at It was shot on a red-haired Elderly.

“Heavenly Immortal, you go back, you are the fastest.”

The red-haired Elderly seems to expect that he will definitely choose him, not even think. Said: “Well, I want to see what great calamity is out of Immortal World.”

After all, the red-haired Elderly silhouette began to fade away, and finally disappeared in place.

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