I Can Track Everything Chapter 848

1 month later.

In Immortal World, except for the sealed Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain and the Nine Heavenly Immortal Domains, all other immortal domains fall into the hands of Destiny.

The Immortal Kings under Destiny’s command are waiting for Destiny to break the Formation and unify the entire Immortal World.

But Destiny’s heart is still somewhat dreaded.

For some reason, he felt that there was a shadow in his heart, and that shadow came from the immortal King.

And if he touches the shadow, there will be unexpected disasters.

So after hesitating for a few days, he still didn’t do anything to the two sealed fairyland.

When he saw this, the Immortal King under his command didn’t mention it anymore. Instead, he tried other ways to please the Immortal World Paragon.

“Sir Immortal Emperor, I am waiting to obey you as Lord of Immortal World. Such a grand event has never happened since Immortal Emperor left!”

“Yes, Now that the Immortal World is settled, why not let all the Immortal Kings come to the court? The grand occasion, just think about it, will make people overwhelmed by emotions!”

Hearing these words, Tianming’s face gradually smiled .

He is formed by the foulness of Heaven and Earth, and his deep in one’s heart contains various negative emotions, so he is actually extremely vain.

It’s just that his vanity is higher than that of Beichen Immortal King, so he doesn’t bother to pose.

What he likes is to use true strength to make focal point of ten thousands.

“Just arrange it like this. Remember, all Immortal Kings in Immortal World must be present.”

“As you bid!”

A crowd of Immortal King quickly retreated and began to arrange the celebration.


Summon all Immortal Kings in Immortal World, which is rare in the entire history of Immortal World.

But now the Immortal Emperor is overpowering the Immortal World, plus all the Immortal Kings who resist have fallen, so no one dares to object.

Some even to please the Immortal Emperor, they took a large number of treasures and set off as soon as they received the order, in order to reach the North Star Immortal Realm as soon as possible, leaving a good impression on the Immortal Emperor.

After seven days.

The celebration was held. The huge platform of Beichen Fairy Court was filled with Immortal Kings, aloof and remote, and received 10,000 Immortal Kings to worship.

At this time, his storage ring is full of various treasures.

Those Immortal Kings below, in order to please him, can be said to have spent most of their lives.

“I am the richest and strongest in the entire Immortal World, right?”

Destiny muttered to himself. At this moment, he felt a great Satisfaction, as if the whole person must be detached.

As soon as this feeling appeared, the word “Demon” in his mind began to be perfected quickly, and there was a faint tendency to be fully formed.

At this moment, an illusory voice appeared in his mind.

“Beichen Immortal King is your father! Beichen Immortal King is your father!”

This sentence is like a curse, and he keeps chanting in his mind, in an instant, it destroys The mood that was hard to come by just now.

At the same time, the word “Demon” stopped taking shape.

“Damn it!”

Under the extremely angry destiny, I couldn’t help shouting out loud.

Thousands of Immortal Kings below are quiet for an instant, like a flock of sheep, afraid to say a word.

Seeing this scene, Destiny’s mood is slightly better.

At this time, another very discordant voice resounded between Heaven and Earth.

“Thousands of Immortal Kings worshipped, it is really a big posture. It seems that after so many years, Immortal World still has some talents.”

Hearing this voice, destiny Suddenly raised his head and looked towards the void, shouted sternly: “Who are you?”

Before the other party could answer, there was already a halberd in his hand, and he moved towards the void and stabbed in the past.

I was interrupted just now. He was in a bad mood. Now there is a punching bag. How can he let it go?


In the sky, coldly snorted came out, and a majestic might suddenly pressed on the spear.

Destiny retreated in an instant, and the speed was a bit faster than when it was gone.

Feeling the opponent’s amazing strength, Destiny’s eyes instantly turned red, and the word “Demon” gradually formed on his chest.

As soon as the word “Demon” came out, his whole body soared in an imposing manner, and the coercion of terrifying matchless raged wildly all around.

Thousands of Immortal Kings in the fairy garden were swept by this coercion, and all of them had to resist with all their strength.


With a scream, the destiny rose to the sky again. At this time, there was a huge illusory shadow behind him.

This illusory shadow two horns growing on the head, face looks sinister, a pair of eyes are full of red light, there is no feeling at all.

The man in the sky didn’t speak any more, but a word of proverb flew out of the void, and directly moved towards the fate of the sky.

This motto is only the size of a person, but it carries a peculiar pressure.

As soon as it appeared, the entire Beichen fairyland changed color, and the body of tens of thousands of Immortal Kings began to tremble.

Not shaking because of fear, but just so uncontrollable, moving for unknown reasons.

The Mandate of Heaven was almost irrational at this time. Seeing that proverb, he stabbed him without dodge or avoid.

Then a strange scene happened. After the halberd was pierced, the void he was aimed at disappeared without a trace. At some point, he actually returned to the original position.

“Yes…He is the Heavenly Immortal Emperor!”

Below there is the Immortal King exclaiming!

The call resounded like thunder, resounding throughout the entire Beichen Immortal Territory.

Thousands of Immortal Kings are all dumbfounded.

Immortal Emperor……the real Immortal Emperor is back!

Emperor Heavenly Immortal, that was the powerhouse 60 million years ago, and he completely controlled the proverb “shift”.

Don’t look at this admonition that looks ordinary, but it is actually very strong.

Heavenly Immortal Emperor talks about speed, and counts as Peak among Immortal Emperor.

What’s more powerful is that he can use the power of proverbs to transfer attacks, move others’ positions, and even transfer his injuries to others, which can transfer his vitality to himself.

In short, this is a powerful existence that does not lose any Immortal Emperor.

“Yes…just now that was the admonition shift!”

“Heavenly Immortal!”

A crowd of Immortal Kings don’t know what to do right now Up.

The Heavenly Immortal Emperor just came back and fought with the Celestial Emperor. On which day should they stand?

Without waiting for them to continue thinking about it, Destiny gave another roar, and his body expanded tens of thousands of times in an instant. Then he opened his mouth and directly moved towards Void Swallowing.

In the sky, the proverb of “shift” comes out again!

The “Demon” on Tianming’s body shone brightly at this time, and a domineering atmosphere of destroying heaven extinguishing earth instantly filled the entire Beichen Immortal Territory.

Immediately afterwards, Destiny swallowed the word “shift” proverb directly into his belly.

And his position has not moved a bit.

“It’s worth calling yourself the Immortal Emperor, indeed has several points of ability.”

There was another voice in the void, but compared to the random before, this voice is now It’s already a bit more solemn.

In the next second, the void began to tremble, and a big streamer burst out of the sky, shrouded in the sky over the entire Beichen Immortal Territory.

Looking at the big banner, the Immortal Kings below are all shocked!

“It is the treasure of the Heavenly Immortal Emperor’s Innate Primordial Chaos!”

“Immortal Emperor beg you! I am innocent!”

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