I Can Track Everything Chapter 849

As soon as the Yitian banner came out, the sky of the entire Beichen Immortal Territory completely turned black.

After that, one after another stars appeared on the black sky.

Destiny looked up at the sky, his eyes distorted.

Thousands of Immortal Kings below unanimously took out various magic weapons to protect the whole body.

It didn’t take long for the stars in the sky to begin to fall extremely fast, moved towards Tianming!


With a roar, Destiny opened his mouth again and swallowed a ball of starlight.

Tzzzzzzz ……

One after another strange voice sounded, and the destiny who swallowed the starlight instantly turned red, and countless white smoke rose, as if it would melt at any time.

Seeing that the huge body begins to soften, it seems familiar, the word “Demon” proverb reappears.

In just a few breaths, the power in the starlight was suppressed, and the body of Tianming recovered seven to eight points.

After that, Destiny continued to swallow the fallen starlight, every time on the verge of collapse of the body, the word “Demon” appeared, bringing the storm to an end.


In the void.

The Emperor Heavenly Immortal looked at the scene below, his eyes flickering slightly.

“This motto is so powerful. It has such formidable power before it is fully formed. If one day it can show True Form… Then it’s OK?”

Thinking of this, he felt quite in his heart. For joy.

On the Universe Battlefield side, the two sides have been deadlocked for thousands of years. If the Immortal World side can appear an Immortal Emperor at this time, the balance will soon be broken.

Although the strength of the Immortal Emperor below hasn’t reached the Immortal Emperor, it’s not far off.

“This person must be the one who deserves the robbery.”

Emperor Heavenly Immortal muttered.

The reason why this group of Immortal Emperors do not return to Immortal World all the year round is that on the one hand, because of the strong resistance on the other side of the universe, they can’t draw hands.

Apart from this, there is another more important reason.

That is they don’t want Immortal World to be too stable.

If there is an Immortal Emperor who keeps guarding the Immortal World, where is the disaster in Immortal World?

A group of Immortal Kings will not have any ambitions. After a long time, Immortal King or Immortal King, impossible gave birth to Immortal Emperor.

But if they have not been there, Immortal World will be different.

There will be conflicts of interest between Immortal Kings, and occasionally some catastrophes will befall Immortal World.

Under internal and external pressure, the Immortal Emperor may be born over time.

As for the death of a few Immortal Kings and the destruction of a few immortal domains, they didn’t care at all.

For them, the entire Immortal World is a petri dish, and the immortals and even the Immortal King in it are just gu.

As long as they cannot become the Immortal Emperor, they will die if they die. Anyway, as time goes by, a group will pop up.


As he secretly thought, the Destiny below roared again, and then he threw a punch, directly piercing the three starlights.

The powerful shock wave ravaged the entire Beichen Immortal Territory. In an instant, the existence below the Immortal King of Beichen Immortal Territory was shocked to dust.

A crowd of Immortal King shiver coldly, Immortal Emperor battle is extremely rare, if they are not in the middle of the battlefield, they will definitely shout and open their eyes.

But they are on the battlefield now, so they can only hope that the fight is over quickly.

“Why this child has unified the Immortal World, but is still a bit short of the Immortal Emperor?”

Seeing the three starlights of Heavenly Destiny smashed himself, the Heavenly Immortal Emperor is not only not annoyed, but rather Questions arose in the heart.


As time goes by, the strength of Destiny is getting stronger and stronger.

Can face extremely Heavenly Immortal Emperor, after all, it is difficult to fight back.

At this time, the Emperor Heavenly Immortal also almost tested the upper limit of the destiny strength, and as soon as he closed his hand, Yi Tianfan returned to his within the body.

In an instant, Heaven and Earth restored Qingming.

Thousands of Immortal Kings were all relaxed, but the Mandate of Heaven did not mean to end there, and once again blasted into the void.

Emperor Heavenly Immortal saw this a finger pointed, and the scarlet eyes of Destiny returned to normal in an instant.

At the same time, there is an Immortal King below who suddenly went mad, self-destructing and dying.

“Can’t stop?”

Heavenly Immortal, the emperor cut off Hah!

Fate also knew that he was not an opponent at this time, and immediately retracted his fist and body Also returned to normal.

Hesitated for a second, he cupped the hands to Emperor Heavenly Immortal and said: “Junior has seen Emperor Heavenly Immortal.”

Emperor Heavenly Immortal fell from the sky and came When he came to Destiny, after taking a closer look at Destiny, he nodded: “It turns out to be a creature of Innate Earth. No wonder it can reach such a realm without the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.”

Destiny looked puzzled. .

Emperor Heavenly Immortal explained: “Some creatures are conceived by the Great Meng world, and their own Innate has a proverb. As long as such creatures can comprehend their own proverbs, they have the opportunity to step into the Immortal Emperor Realm. You are Such a creature.”

“Oh, I wonder why the Immortal Emperor didn’t kill me?”

Destiny asked.

Emperor Heavenly Immortal hearing this indifferently smiled and said: “You follow me.”

After saying this, he waved his hand and the surrounding Heaven and Earth changed together, waiting for the fate to come back To his senses, the two were already in a luxurious palace.

Heavenly Immortal Di Anran sat down and began to explain something about the battle between the two worlds and the treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos.

It was the first time Destiny heard about this kind of thing, so I listened very seriously.

Especially after hearing about the treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos, he felt greed in his heart.

Others achieve Immortal Emperor, they all have the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, and he should have talent.

And not only must there be, but also the strongest treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.

The two talked freely for a long time, and the Heavenly Immortal Emperor said lightly: “If you become the Immortal Emperor, you will be my Immortal World Immortal Emperor, and I will naturally stand on our side of Immortal World in the future.” /p>

“Of course.”

Destiny is slightly nodded.

Emperor Heavenly Immortal has no doubt.

In their realm, there is no difference between good and evil.

Even more how, the difference in the cultivation system is a barrier of Innate.

He has not seen any Immortal Emperor from Immortal World who will help the universe.

The universe will not accept it either. Those people who catch Immortal World will only use it for research, and will not have any other ideas.

“In that case, I will call you one or two. If you can become the Immortal Emperor, you will be owed me a favor. Would it be nice to do something for me in the future?”

Heavenly Immortal Emperor indifferently said.

Of course, Tianming agreed, and quickly thanked him: “Jitian Senior, if I can become the Immortal Emperor, let alone one thing, ten things, nothing is impossible!”

“Hehe, that’s good.”

The Heavenly Immortal Emperor slightly smiled, and then said: “Do you have any doubts in your mind, or if there are any obstacles along the way to achieve Immortal Emperor, just talk to me. “

Hearing this subconsciously, Destiny thought of the shadow in my heart, and immediately said: “There seems to be a shadow in my heart. Whenever I am at a critical moment, this shadow will appear.”< /p>

“Shadow? Heart Demon? so that’s how it is, it’s simple.”

Heavenly Immortal shook the head, and then lightly nodded at the head of Destiny.

In the next second, a scene appeared in the void.

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