I Can Track Everything Chapter 851

The other side.

In the Hongmeng empty space, Chen Chen suddenly opened his eyes, and his face became a little ugly inadvertently.

The seal under the cloth was broken, and he naturally felt it right away.

Without time to think about it, he hurriedly took out the Feihuang Immortal King token. Seeing that the token was intact, he was relaxed.

Fortunately, although the seal was broken, the Feihuang Immortal King did not have any problems with his own safety.

“I have to speed up a little bit.”

Chen Chen muttered in his heart,

Now it’s still far away from Immortal World, if you rely solely on Taixu Dragon Kun It will take at least half a year to go back.

After thinking about it, he decided to return first. After all, his current strength is different from the past.

Use the proverb “soldier” to bless a Flying Avenue Supreme Treasure, which is several times faster than Taixu Dragon Kun, and it can save a lot of time if you rush back.


In a blink of an eye, two months passed.

At this time, Chen Chen has reached the Hongmeng void battlefield outside Immortal World.

Compared to a year ago, the Hongmeng Nothingness Battlefield has undergone a lot of changes. Not to mention all the floating objects have disappeared, even the Immortal Qi that infiltrated from Immortal World is much thinner.

“Fortunately, no accident happened.”

Chen Chen took out the token and took a look, then directly moved towards Immortal World and flew away.

Less than an hour after the flight, Chen Chen stopped suddenly as he was about to reach the crack in the Meteorite Mountain.

Because at the crack of Meteorite Mountain, at some point, a huge continent has just been plugged up.

The continent is dark and dense, like the Nether Abyss World that was invaded by Nether Abyss.

“This is the continent of the underworld? Why did the underworld continent come here?”

Chen Chen snorted in his heart, faintly having a bad feeling.

But at this time, his cultivation base is close to the Immortal Emperor, and he can be regarded as a daring artist, so he is not at all flustered.

After hesitating for a moment, he disappeared and slowly leaned towards the continent.

As soon as he approached, he sensed a large number of powerhouses.

Under the black fog, let alone other powerhouses, there are only Pluto-class powerhouses, and the number is over 10,000!

“Is the underworld going out?”

Chen Chen’s eyes twitched slightly.

To know Immortal World in its heyday, Immortal King is less than twenty thousand.

The underworld and Immortal World are comparable in strength. Even if it has 20,000, there are now more than 10,000 gathered here, which can be called a full attack.

Obviously, during his absence, Immortal World and the Underworld had a big battle.

Without continuing to think about it, Chen Chen came closer. At this time, with his Divine Consciousness, he was able to sense the situation of Immortal World in the crack.

It was only then discovered that the Meteorite Mountain was completely occupied by the underworld cultivator at this time. There are probably thousands of Pluto in the Meteorite Mountain.

And in the neighbouring fairyland which is only one million li away from Meteorite Mountain, there are also various astonishing fluctuations.

There are a large number of Immortal World cultivators gathered here, and they seem to be confronting the underworld cultivator of Meteorite Mountain.

However, the number of Immortal Kings among them is obviously less than that of the underworld. Chen Chen took a cursory look, and the number was less than five thousand.

In fact, this is also as it should be by rights.

When he left, Immortal World was in turmoil, a large number of Immortal Kings fell, plus Immortal World and that many immortal realms to be guarded, at this time, five thousand Immortal Kings can be gathered here, I am afraid it is already The limits of Immortal World.

“This stuff is dead, I can’t get in…”

Looking at the crack in the meteorite, Chen Chen felt helpless.

Under this war, the crack is the top priority of both sides, and it can be said that it is the most important pass. He wants to sneak through it, there is almost no possibility.

Just then, he thought of someone.

“Nine Nether, don’t be cultivated, it’s time to get up and do business.”

Chen Chen sound transmission.

It didn’t take long for Nine Nether to fly out of Mung Bean’s within the body space.

Because Nine Nether absorbs the underworld, he stays in the space specially created for him by mung bean within the body until now, not at all, like everyone else, stay in the real underworld area.

“Fuck! What’s the situation over there!”

Nine Nether noticed the situation on the crack side as soon as Nine Nether came out, and couldn’t help sound transmission to Chen Chen.

“It seems that the underworld cultivator has attacked Immortal World, can you get in?”

Chen Chen replied softly.

At this time, the best way to go through the cracks is to join the underworld army with the help of Nine Nether as the Hades, and then follow the underworld army to attack Immortal World.

In the whole process, he only needs to stay in Nether Nether’s portable space.

“I…I can try.”

Nine Nether Pluto is not very confident, although he is Pluto, but in fact he has never been to the Underworld, let alone Know any Pluto in the underworld.

But at this kind of moment, Chen Chen has made demands, and of course he will try his best to handle it.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe. If it doesn’t work, we will rush over.”

Chen Chen directly shrank his body and got into the body space of mung bean , The mung bean shrank again and entered the portable palace of Nine Nether.

Nine Nether took a deep breath when Nine Nether saw this, a smile squeezed out on his face, and then moved towards the continent ahead and flew away.


Just after flying ten thousand li, someone on the mainland found his trail.

Soon, a Pluto flew out and blocked his way.

“Who are you? How come I haven’t seen you?”

Although Nine Nether Pluto is a meditation, but the person does not mean to relax his vigilance at all, his eyes keep on Looking at the Nine Nether Pluto, he holds a magic weapon that is quite out of the ordinary.

Nine Nether Pluto met Pluto other than himself for the first time, and was a little uncomfortable. He twisted and explained: “I am the Pluto who has been inspired by the Nether God, and I have achieved Pluto in Immortal World. Returning from the outside world, I happened to see my underworld army attacking, so I came here to take refuge!”

The Royal General was suspicious, not at all.

Nine Nether Pluto immediately put down all the defenses, and his expression became sincere.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t worry, Immortal World Immortal King and I have an absolutely irreconcilable vengeance, and I have been enlightened by the gods, absolutely impossible to be an Immortal World spy!”

After that, he stretched out his hand, and a runes came out of his palm.

“This is the mark left by Master Pluto, Fellow Daoist, look.”

After seeing the mark, the Pluto suddenly let go.

This imprint represents the followers of Pluto, and it is the most commonly used method for masters of Pluto to control Immortal World cultivator.

As long as you are a believer of the Underworld, you will always be impossible to betray the Underworld, and even more impossible as a spy.

At this moment of thought, he smiled and said: “It’s rare that you have this sincerity, come with me, and I will take you to see the Young Emperor.”

“Young Emperor… ”

Although Nine Nether did not understand who the Young Emperor was, he saw that the Nether had moved towards the mainland and flew away, so he did not delay, so he just followed along.

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