I Can Track Everything Chapter 852

It didn’t take long for Nine Nether Pluto followed that Pluto into the mainland.

This continent is full of underworld, it is a truly pure underworld. Coming here, Nine Nether Pluto only feels very comfortable, and the tension in his heart is reduced by most.

That Pluto saw this lightly said with a smile: “It’s really time for you to come. Immortal World is now unprecedentedly weak. It is a good time to conquer Immortal World. You were born into Immortal World, and you’re much more to Immortal World than us. These Plutos must understand, and when you see the Young Emperor later, remember to perform well! You will never be missing from your merits!”

Nine Nether Plutos are nodded again and again.

After a while, he was taken by the Hades into a makeshift palace.

In this palace, the underworld is dense, and on both sides of the great hall, there are full of Hades.

At the very top of the great hall, a handsome man with a black robe, look pale, is sitting on a dark solemn seat.

The Pluto who led the way saw this without the slightest hesitation. One-knee kneels fell to the ground and reported the situation of Nether Nether.

Nine Nether Pluto knelt down after seeing this.

The monster man hearing this slightly nodded, said in a soft voice: “Nine Nether, get up.”

Next, he said again: “You leave Immortal How long is World?”

“One year.”

Nine Nether Pluto answered truthfully.

At this time, the voice of the Hades who brought him into the temple rang in his mind.

“Young Emperor is the son of the underworld god of the underworld. I have realized the proverb “Death”. It has been my underworld for thousands of years, the only hope to step into the existence of the underworld emperor in a short time, he asked you Questions, you must answer truthfully, otherwise Master Pluto cannot keep you!”

“so that’s how it is, I understand.”

Nine Nether Pluto sighed in his heart.

But I have seen someone like Chen Chen, who is also experienced and knowledgeable, so he is not too shocked.

“Who is the most powerful powerhouse in Immortal World today, do you know?”

The Young Emperor continued to ask.

Nine Nether also knows from this that Immortal World has not officially started fighting, otherwise, it will not even know who the other party’s most powerhouse is.

“When I left, the best powerhouse in Immortal World was Beichen Immortal King.”

Chen Chen’s prompt came in my mind, and Nine Nether quickly answered.

“Beichen Immortal King?”

Young Emperor frowned, only from the title, he can’t see how powerful this Beichen Immortal King is.

“Beichen Immortal King is the long cultivator of Immortal World Innate Earth. It is very powerful. Compared with Immortal Emperor, it may only be weaker.”

Nine Nether said again.

This is of course what Chen Chen sound transmission told him.

Today Chen Chen still doesn’t know that Destiny has been named Immortal Emperor, but he has an inference about the strength of Destiny.

After all, he can break his seal, even if it is not the Immortal Emperor, I am afraid it is not far from the Immortal Emperor.

After saying this, Nine Nether Pluto began to observe the expressions of the Plutos in the great hall.

At this time, there are a hundred Pluto kings in the great hall. I heard that the powerhouse of Immortal World is close to the Immortal Emperor, and many Pluto expressions have become a little more solemn.

But there is no one who is afraid.


Chen Chen, who is in the mung bean within the body space, is also observing these Pluto kings at this time, and found that there are many powerhouses among them.

There are more than ten of the same level as the four-pole Immortal Emperor, and the rest are all powerhouses.

Inspired by the word “Bing”, almost everyone in the hundreds of Hades in this great hall has the Supreme Treasure.

With such a powerful lineup, Immortal World is definitely not available today.

Of course, the most terrifying thing is the Young Emperor.

He faintly sensed the breath of the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos from the opponent.

Moreover, this person gives him a very dangerous feeling. Even if his strength is not as good as him, it may not be far away.

The only two in the underworld for thousands of years have hoped to step into the powerhouse of the underworld in a short time. This is not an exaggeration.

Outside, the Young Emperor is still asking some other questions, Nine Nether Immortal King one after another answers truthfully.

Chen Chen silently observes this group of powerhouses in the underworld.

I have to say, if the strength of the magic tire does not increase by advanced by leaps and bounds, then the strength of the underworld army may be far better than the Immortal World army.

After all, this Young Emperor still has that many Peak Pluto. In contrast, the Immortal King does not have much support from the heart.

Unconsciously, more than a quarter of an hour passed.

At this moment, the entire great hall suddenly trembled.

The Young Emperor who was above the great hall stood up, an inexplicable breath radiated from him, in an instant, the great hall settled down again.

In the next second, a meditator flew into the great hall, one-knee kneels said: “A person in Immortal World has crossed the Meteorite Mountain and entered the empty space of Hongmeng, moving towards us. Flew in extremely fast.”

A crowd of Hades listened to this absolute silence.

We must know that there are thousands of Pluto guards at Meteorite Mountain, and the opponent can ignore so many Plutos and directly enter the empty space of Hongmeng. That strength can be imagined.

The Young Emperor faintly smiled above, looked towards the Nine Nether and said: “The person here is probably the Immortal King you said, hehe, who came straight to this continent. This is ignoring my underworld. The powerhouse? It’s so arrogant.”

The voice fell, and a voice rang out in the distance.

“I will meet him.”

As soon as these words came out, hundreds of kings of the underworld looked towards the outside in the great hall.

Even Chen Chen who is hiding in the belly of Mung Bean.

Because he felt a very strong wave of proverbs from the person who just spoke.

Apart from this, also has the breath of the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.

“The underworld is really full of talents…”

Chen Chen couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

If nothing happens, the only thing I said before, except for Young Emperor, is the one who just rushed out, right?

hong long long!

It’s too late to think about it. There have been horrible fluctuations of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering from the outside world. Obviously, the two have already handed over.

All of the Plutos in the great hall flew out by accident, including the Young Emperor.

Chen Chen also followed the Nether King to the outside world, and saw the two men who had been fighting on the mainland.

One of them is the Mandate of Heaven, but his aura is much stronger than before.

Chen Chen felt a little bit and knew that this magic tire was just like himself, only one step away from stepping into the Immortal Emperor.

The other person is dressed in black armor, looks heroic, holds a long ge, and exudes a resolute and tragic aura from all over his body. Every blow is a terrifying fighting intent of press forward. .

Just looking at it, people can’t help but retreat.

However, this person’s perception of proverbs is much less than that of the destiny, so there is a tendency to fall into a disadvantage in a confrontation.

“Dying Tiange…The treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.”

Chen Chen looked at the long Ge in the man’s hand, and silently sensed it with the system, and then he knew it. Ge’s name.

As for the motto of Changge, it is no surprise that it should be “decision”.

As for the specific role, Chen Chen doesn’t know. He needs to watch the battle for a while to see the clues.

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