I Can Track Everything Chapter 853

After a while, the fierce battle between the two sides intensified. Although the person holding the deadly Tiange fell into the wind, it was the more fought the more stronger, even if he was injured, it did not affect his imposing manner.

Destiny’s eyes are already scarlet at this time, not at all being crushed by the opponent’s imposing manner, the same is the stronger the Vietnam War.

If you continue to fight like this, no accident, the person holding the Destroyer Sky Ge will self-destruct and die in a vigorous attack.

The ultimate winner will be destiny.

Chen Chen can see the trend of this battle, and everyone on the underworld can also see that many Pluto kings have already subconsciously looked towards the Young Emperor standing in the forefront.

“I have a powerhouse in the underworld, and the same in Immortal World. This person dares to enter the underworld alone, and sure enough, has several points of ability.”

The Young Emperor murmured and stretched out He put out his hands and made a seal on his chest.

In the next second, a pitch-black motto flew out of his hand.

As soon as this proverb came out, there was no destiny to move towards in the sky, but instead fell on the black-armored person.

The “Death” character imprinted on the black armored youth, in an instant, imposing manner, skyrocketed, and the spirit of the whole body was endless like a big river, and it was restored within a single stroke.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s heart was shocked and he faintly understood the usage of the Young Emperor’s proverb “Death”.

If he guessed correctly, this “Death” is similar to his “soldier”.

The “Death” character blessed in the underworld cultivator within the body can make the underworld cultivator’s strength soar in a short time.

And if you deal with people who are not in the underworld, it is a strong attack.

“It is no wonder that there are two people in the underworld who have the hope of becoming the Immortal Emperor in a short time, but the young Emperor is the head of all the underworld kings.”

Chen Chen secretly said in one’s heart.

The Young Emperor’s mastery of these mottos is a very strong improvement for the entire underworld, and it is almost equivalent to his own significance for technological civilization.

Although the black-clad man also mastered the proverbs, his personal strength was only improved.

Which is lighter and heavier, which is better and which is worse, obviously at a glance.

in the sky Destiny sensed the sudden strengthening of the opponent, sneered, and the word “Demon” gradually appeared on the body surface.

As a being who has worked with the Immortal Emperor, these small scenes are really nothing to him.

After transforming into a demon, his size skyrocketed. As long as the all around underworld appeared, he would swallow them all.

Together with the crazy style of play, he soon suppressed the man in black armor.


At the same time, in a hidden place in the Hongmeng empty space, two silhouettes are sitting facing each other.

Among them, the red-haired person is the extremely Heavenly Immortal Emperor, and the other is young, with black hair and a slightly evil smile.

In the middle of the two, there is a video, which is the scene of the fight between the man of heaven and the black armor.

Looking at the destiny gaining the upper hand again, Heavenly Immortal lightly said with a smile: “Wuying, you see, a super powerhouse is far more effective than a group of Peak powerhouses.”

The evil youngster shook the head and said: “The outcome of a battle does not affect much. The important thing is the outcome of the overall situation.

You believe or not, as long as you and I are both Don’t interfere, Immortal World will be captured by the underworld sooner or later.”

The smile on the face of Emperor Heavenly Immortal gradually faded.

Of course, he knew about the dispute between the Underworld and Immortal World. The reason he didn’t intervene was because the Underworld Emperor was holding him back.

In fact, the short-term ownership of Immortal World underworld is not at all so important in the eyes of these Immortal Emperor powerhouses.

What is really important is the new powerhouse that was born after this battle.

The Young Emperor of the Underworld has made a big wish since he was a child, one day he will conquer Immortal World and let the light of the Underworld shine on every corner of Immortal World.

The reason why he failed to become Emperor Underworld was because his wish failed to come true.

Immortal World is weak now. For him, it can be said to be an opportunity that has not been seen in tens of thousands of years. If he is allowed to fulfill his wish, I am afraid that he will become the Emperor of the Underworld in minutes.

Everyone knows what formidable power the “Death” character is.

It really made that guy become the Emperor of the Underworld, and the strength of the entire underworld side will be greatly improved.

Plus there is another person under that guy…

Thinking of this, the Emperor Heavenly Immortal couldn’t help but look towards the destiny in the projection.

“It would be great if he could get out of Heart Demon sooner and become the Immortal Emperor…Who would have thought that this happened, really…oh.”

Heavenly Immortal Emperor sighed.

If the destiny wins, naturally everything is fine. If it fails, I am afraid that the old Heart Demon will not be removed, and a new Heart Demon will be added. In that case, can I become a fairy Imperial Capital? It’s easy to say.

“hehe, you Immortal World, the Immortal Emperor is really strong, no wonder you like him so much. It’s a pity…you Immortal World has no other people available, otherwise the outcome is really unknown, tsk tsk tsk, look, our Little Brat is going to work hard!”

The Emperor Wuying Ming pointed at the picture, his face was a little excited.

The voice fell, and the Young Emperor in the picture suddenly flew up, and the voice spread throughout the continent!

“This person is the best powerhouse in Immortal World. If you can win him! Immortal World will be defeated by half! All, don’t hesitate to take action together!”

After that, ten thousand zhang black light suddenly radiated from his whole body. At the same time, a black sickle like a full moon appeared in his hand.

The sickle was swung, and the “Death” characters were printed on all the Hades below.

All the Pluto’s aura rose instantly, and even some ordinary Plutos were strengthened to the level of Peak Pluto.

As for the dozen or so Peak Plutos, they are even more impressive. Everyone is stronger than that.

For that level of strength, even if Immortal World at the peak period, any one of them will be able to rank in the top two at Immortal World.

After a group of Plutos were strengthened, they all lifted into the air. In a short period of time, more than 5,000 Plutos appeared in the destiny all around and surrounded the destiny.

The Young Emperor was obviously not very particular about people, and he was unceremonious in the group fight.

With an order, more than 5,000 Pluto immediately formed Formation, trapping the destiny in the center.

in an instant, heaven falls and earth rends, one after another horrible shock wave exploded in the sky, all moved towards the fate of the attack.

Chen Chen, who was secretly watching the battle, was unavoidably frightened.

In such a formation, it may be difficult for him to come out completely when he is trapped in it.

At this thought, he subconsciously said to Mung Bean: “Mung Bean, you will have to cultivation well in the future. Use the energy you had when you were sealed and strive to become the Immortal Emperor sooner.”

< p>To be honest, at the beginning, he didn’t feel how powerful mung beans were. Later, when he defeated the soldiers, the mung beans played a big role, and he felt that mung beans might be stronger than he thought.

Now that he has watched these battles, he really realized the power of mung beans.

This Young Emperor can strengthen so many Plutos by the strength of oneself, if he becomes the Pluto emperor, wouldn’t it be able to strengthen a group of Plutos?

That’s it?

I am afraid that in the entire Hongmeng empty space, only Mung Bean’s proverb “solution” can restrain him.

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