I Can Track Everything Chapter 854

“I’m afraid this magic tire is bode ill rather than well…”

Chen Chen looked at the battle in the sky, secretly said in one’s heart.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the destiny that was surrounded by the center to suffer severe damage.

Seeing more and more attacks falling on him, the destiny raised the roar and turned into a demon dao shadow, breaking through all around.

The Young Emperor and the black armored man immediately followed suit and intercepted, while the other Pluto masters controlled Formation and trapped the destiny.

Unconsciously, the battlefield has moved to the crack in the Meteorite Mountain.

Seeing the destiny is about to fall, just at this moment, the destiny suddenly exploded with a stronger strength than before, and it knocked back the Young Emperor and the black-armored person. Broke out.

But after this blow, he quickly became weak.

But despite this, he managed to escape back to Immortal World.

Seeing this, the Young Emperor was furious, shouted in a deep voice: “Offensive! Attack me all! Infiltrate Immortal World!”

He gave this order, Hongmeng empty space The entire underworld in Zhongna moved, and began to move towards The crack hit.

After a while, the entire underworld blasted into the fairy within the realm.

Meditation entered the Immortal World and was instantly suppressed, but as long as it was near the Netherworld, the suppression was negligible.


Above the meditation domain, Chen Chen returned to Immortal World so naturally.

“Nine Nether, you should stay on this Nether realm first, I think there is no safer place in the entire Immortal World than here.”

Chen Chen See you there For his own purpose, softly sound transmission to Nine Nether.

Nine Nether Pluto is also a person who likes to be crowded, and they are all mixed up, and he didn’t mean to leave. He quickly agreed: “Go ahead, I’ll watch the crowds here.”

When Chen Chen saw this laughed, he left the Nether Realm silently, moved towards the Flying Phoenix Fairy Realm and flew over.

But after flying for a while, he stopped.

Now that the entire Immortal World is in chaos, the Flying Phoenix Immortal King may not be in the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain.

Thinking about it, he directly used system, and the result was the same as he thought. At this time, the Feihuang Immortal King was not in the Feihuang Immortal Realm, but in the North Star Immortal Realm.

Chen Chen took out the Feihuang Immortal King’s token while moving towards Beichen Xianyu Fei and tried to contact the Feihuang Immortal King, but no matter what he tried, the token did not respond.

“Is freedom restricted?”

Chen Chen had a bit of speculation in his mind, and couldn’t help speeding up a bit.

Strengthen the Supreme Treasure class flying boat with the word “Bing” proverb, and the speed can be imagined.

In a quarter of an hour, he reached the sky above the North Star Immortal Territory.

At this time, the Beichen Immortal Territory was chaotic and turned into a pot of porridge, and there were immortals everywhere.

Although the news of the defeat of the Mandate of Heaven has not come back, many Immortal Kings must have sensed the invasion of the underworld army.

At this time, there is no contact with the destiny, and the formation of this chaos is a natural thing.

In the final analysis, Immortal World, which is forcibly unified by destiny, is very loose. As long as there is something wrong with destiny, this organization will collapse.

“Immortal World has been tossing a few times, I am afraid it is really going to be over.”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart, and then moved straight towards the place where the Immortal King was and flew over .

Facts are the same as he thought, Feihuang Immortal King and Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King are under house arrest in a Formation, unable to communicate with the outside world at all.

The Formation was nothing to Chen Chen, and he broke the Formation without even calling out the mung bean.

After meeting Chen Chen, Feihuang Immortal King had mixed feelings.

Who would have thought that just making friends with such a person would cause that many subsequent effects.

I am afraid that my destiny now has to be bound to the person in front of me.

“Chen Chen, the Heavenly Immortal Emperor is back! He seems to be very fond of the Immortal Emperor!”

Flying Phoenix Immortal King rejected the messy thoughts and said directly She thinks the most important thing.

Chen Chen is a little unclear.

Immortal King Feihuang quickly explained: “The Immortal Emperor is Beichen Immortal King……”

“Uh…Forget it, no matter what, let’s go first.”< /p>

Chen Chen didn’t panic when he heard that the Immortal Emperor was returning. He pulled the Flying Phoenix Immortal King and Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King onto the flying boat.

He doesn’t believe it anymore. At this time, Immortal World is in such a mess. Then there is nothing left to do with the Immortal Emperor.

Moreover, I recognize the Immortal Emperor, what is my business?

I didn’t offend the demon fetus, and I didn’t offend the Immortal Emperor, so I wouldn’t have to trouble myself?

Thinking about this, Chen Chen steered the flying boat quickly away from this place of right and wrong.


At the same time.

Hongmeng empty space In the hidden place, Wuying Mingdi kept sighing.

“Oh! This made him run away, the Immortal Emperor of Immortal World is really powerful, but unfortunately it is not the cultivation of my underworld!”

Heavenly Immortal Emperor gloomy face, His eyes were a little cold.

Obviously, the Wuying Immortal Emperor in front of him was cheap and still selling well.

This time the fate is defeated, the underworld takes advantage of the opportunity to attack Immortal World, Immortal World has no leader, plus the strength great injury before, how to fight the enemy?

I’m afraid it will be a thousand miles away!

When the time comes, the Young Emperor of the Underworld becomes the Emperor of the Underworld, and there is one more powerhouse in the Underworld.

In contrast to their Immortal World, they will lose their wife and lose their troops.

Be aware that although the two sides are allies on the other side of the universe, there is also an internal distribution of benefits.

If the underworld is strong, then their Immortal World will naturally be controlled by others.

Thinking of this, his heart became more angry.

Didn’t expect that after thousands of years of raising Gu, Insect King finally appeared in the underworld!

However, at this moment, he suddenly sensed something, and his eyes changed suddenly.

Then he stretched out his hand and pressed it to his brow.

Soon, a picture appeared in his mind. It was the scene where Chen Chen took the Flying Phoenix Immortal King and Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King to escape from the North Star Immortal Domain.

“This person is the Immortal King? He is back at this moment!”

The emperor Heavenly Immortal was instantly ecstatic.

This can really be called a poor situation, every cloud has a silver lining.

Immortal King, the god show, returns. If Mandate is allowed to chase, but Heart Demon succeeds, Immortal Emperor will soon become the Immortal Emperor.

As long as the Immortal Emperor is achieved, the underworld cultivators will naturally be defeated in an instant, and the danger of Immortal World will be solved.

Not only that, the Young Emperor will not be able to become the Emperor of the Underworld in a short time, let alone threaten the interests of these Immortal Emperors.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help sighing in his heart: “Good return! Good return! Immortal King is really a great hero of my Immortal World!”

“Why? Did something good happen?”

Emperor Wuying Ming noticed the change in Emperor Heavenly Immortal’s face and asked with some caution.

“No, you think too much.”

Emperor Heavenly Immortal’s face quickly returned to gloom, and his tone was also very cold.

But secretly, he is relying on a token to inform the devastated destiny.

“Boy, your chance is here. The immortal King Immortal King has returned to Immortal World. At this moment, he has just left Beichen Immortal Territory. You just have to stop him, but Heart Demon will come back. Opportunity!”

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