I Can Track Everything Chapter 855

Immortal World In a remote fairyland, Destiny is devouring all kinds of energy frantically, repairing his own injuries, when he suddenly received such news, his pupils shrank slightly.

Two seconds later, he made up his mind and moved towards Beichen Immortal Territory and flew away.

Since the immortal King Immortal King is back, he naturally wants to ask.

Go ask the person why he had to say those inexplicable things to himself when he found out.

The speed of the destiny is extremely fast, coupled with the fact that the Heavenly Immortal emperor gave him points, so within an hour, he caught up and just returned to fly Chen Chen of Huangxianyu.

However, when he really saw Chen Chen, he froze in place, not knowing where to start.

Chen Chen didn’t panic when he saw the fate, and asked indifferently, “What are you doing here? Or did you put my friend under house arrest and I didn’t ask you to settle the account. Are you upset?”

Destiny’s face was gloomy and uncertain. After a while, he waved his hand, and the scene that Emperor Heavenly Immortal had extracted from his mind was projected into the void.

“Beichen Immortal King is your father… Beichen Immortal King is your father…”

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s face blushed, pretending to be surprisedly said: “This What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

Destiny asked quietly: “Why did you do this in the first place? Obviously you were the first fairy to find me!”

Chen Chen shook the head, his expression became serious.

“I am a traditional person, not easy to be someone else’s father, and you are too out of the ordinary. Innate Earth’s long spiritual object like you, only Heaven and Earth can be yours Dad, if I were your father, I would definitely lose luck!”

“Then why do you say Beichen Immortal King again…”

“I have something to do with Beichen Immortal King Enmity, since being your father will hurt your luck, of course I think of him the first time.”

Chen Chen is righteous and strict.

Frewns of Destiny, although he feels that this is a bit wrong, he can’t find the slightest problem.

After being silent for a long time, he gradually abandoned distractions, and once again became the Immortal Emperor who was extremely cruel and decisive.

“Anyway, it was a capital crime for you to treat me like this!”

The voice fell, and the eyes of Destiny instantly turned red, and he directly extended the hand moved towards Chen Chen and caught it.

“Sure enough, I still have to do it.”

Chen Chen lightly sighed, the body of the wishful god transformed into armor instantly surfaced, at the same time, he also extended his hand, moved towards The palm of his hand greeted him.

The two palms converged in the sky instantly, the power of this blow was far beyond the ordinary Immortal King, and the powerful shock wave quickly spread all around, so that the entire Flying Phoenix Immortal Territory trembled slightly.

Chen Chen waved his hand casually when he saw this.

At the same time, the divine spear appeared in his hands.

Since this magic fetus gave birth to a killing intent to him, he would naturally not be polite.

Destiny saw Chen Chen block his attack with a random palm, his eyes narrowed immediately.

I thought that with his current strength, he could easily solve this person, but now it seems that his Heart Demon is stronger than he thought.

Do not dare to neglect, the word “Demon” proverb gradually emerged. With the blessing of this proverb, his body gradually grew bigger, apart from this, and a path that can support both heaven and earth The magical shadow of appeared behind him.

As soon as two powerful Qi machines appeared, Celestial Phenomenon near Feihuang Fairyland changed completely.

At the same time.

In the empty space of Hongmeng, Wuying Mingdi noticed the changes in Immortal World, and asked in surprise: “This demon Immortal Emperor has just been hit hard and returned to Immortal World. People are fighting? The Emperor Heavenly Immortal, you are not authentic. Besides the Immortal Emperor, there are other powerhouses in your Immortal World.”

The Emperor Heavenly Immortal glanced in the direction of Immortal World. , Lightly said with a smile: “I can’t talk about an expert, an Immortal World rebellious that’s all, you can just get rid of it.”

“so that’s how it is, I thought it was an expert.”

Emperor Wuying Ming had a sudden realization, but in the dark, he told the Underworld Young Emperor where the battle took place.

“I guess there is something tricky about this battle. Don’t rush to attack Immortal World. Go to the battlefield first. If you can kill both sides, then it is naturally best.

< p>If you can’t do it, stop this battle.”

After sending the order, the Shadowless Underworld Emperor did not pay attention to the battlefield anymore, but instead focused on the extreme in front of him. Heavenly Immortal.

The two top powerhouses looked at each other and smiled, as if nothing happened.


At this time, Chen Chen and Destiny have already had a few tricks, and the two sides are in a match.

On the one hand, Chen Chen concealed his strength, on the other hand, his destiny was seriously injured and his battle strength was affected to a certain extent.

At this time, Destiny took out the big halberd which he did not know how many Immortal Kings he had killed.

On the baleful qi alone, although the spear is not as good as the divine spear, it is almost the same.

Chen Chen saw this and knew that his chance was here.

The reason why he has never used the proverb “soldier” is because he wants a surprising effect.

To be honest, if at first uses his full strength, he will certainly have the upper hand, but he may not have the opportunity to kill this demonic fetus.

Seeing Destiny waved the spear and stabbed towards him, Chen Chen raised the divine spear to resist.

Two weapons that slaughtered an unknown number of weapons collided in the sky, bursting out an extremely powerful baleful qi.

Even Chen Chen’s expressions all gradually became irrational, and he couldn’t wait to throw a spear to kill everything he saw.

He is like this, let alone destiny.

At this time, Destiny’s eyes were all scarlet, and there seemed to be a sea of ​​corpses hidden in it.

I have to say that the destiny in this state can better display the formidable power of the demonic weapon.

With the blessing of the word “Demon” proverb, destiny will soon gain the upper hand.

Seeing that the Euphorbia in the hand is getting closer and closer to Chen Chen’s head, Destiny couldn’t help but roar towards the sky. At the same time, one after another, the wave of terror centered on the two people all around diffusion.

In the empty space of Hongmeng, Emperor Heavenly Immortal saw this scene, relaxed in his heart.

According to this momentum, Immortal King will die soon.

At this thought, he indifferently smiled and said to Wuying Mingdi: “Wuying, you didn’t reveal any news to your two younger generations in the underworld, right?”

Wuying Emperor Ming knew he couldn’t hide the Emperor Heavenly Immortal very much, but he still had to pretend to be, so he replied with a puzzled look: “What news? Did something important happen?”

This As soon as the words came out, the two looked at each other and smiled, both showing the smile of wily old fox.

However, in the next second, the smile of Emperor Heavenly Immortal converged, and his tone became extremely confident.

“No matter what, it’s too late.”

The Wuying Mingdi smiled stiffly, his face gloomy for an instant.

“What do you mean?”

“Just look at it.”

Heavenly Immortal points to the direction of Immortal World.

At this time, the Euphorbia of Destiny is only a bit away from Chen Chen’s head.

But at this moment, the situation suddenly changed!

The word motto flew out suddenly, and Chen Chen’s divine spear formidable power skyrocketed!

At the same time, the big halberd of Destiny lost control and turned back!

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