I Can Track Everything Chapter 856

Seeing this scene, Wuying Underworld Emperor stood up directly, his eyes filled with a thick look of shock.

“This…this is!”

On the other side, Emperor Heavenly Immortal was even more shocked, so that his face turned green in an instant!

Because the plot is completely different from what he thought!

Over the Flying Phoenix Immortal Territory, the destiny was not at all shocking, because he had lost his reason at this time.

Seeing his spear and divine spear attack at the same time, he instinctively wanted to use his best to resist.

However, this change is too fast, plus all his power was used on offense in the previous second, so the situation changed suddenly, and he couldn’t extract much power to defend.

Stab it! pu!

The sound of two weapons entering the flesh sounded. The euphorbia first cut off the head of Destiny, and then the divine spear blasted into Destiny’s chest!

in an instant, the baleful qi erupted, and the destiny instantly stiffened in place.

The entire Feihuang Immortal Domain became extremely quiet at this moment.

However, Chen Chen’s eyes are still dignified. Although he succeeded in the scheme, the demon fetus in front of him does not seem to die so easily.

Sure enough, the next second, the fleshy body of Destiny burst directly, and a shadow flew out of him within the body, and merged into the magical shadow that was able to support both heaven and earth behind.

Then the demon shadow shrank quickly and fled to the distance.

“This demonic fetus was born of the filthiness of Heaven and Earth, and it is really difficult to kill with a demonic weapon…”

Chen Chen took back the divine spear and felt a little regretful.

Just as he hesitated to chase, Heaven and Earth all around began to change color again.

It didn’t take long for countless underworld qi to surge from the horizon, in an instant, enclosing the entire Feihuang Fairyland.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s eyes were slightly twitched.

The fetus has just escaped, why is this underworld army coming again? Could it be that he didn’t read the almanac when he went out today?

I didn’t wait for him to figure out what was going on, the Young Emperor of the underworld had already walked out of in the sky, apart from this, and hundreds of underworld kings, and even the black-armored person with the deadly heaven. .

A crowd of powerhouses in the underworld looked at Chen Chen below, their eyes a little cold.

Young Emperor coldly said: “Where is the Beichen Immortal King in Immortal World?”

Chen Chen was quite speechless, pointing to the distance and said: “Run.”< /p>

Young Emperor hearing this began to look up and down Chen Chen.

Previously, Wuying Mingdi told him that if he could, he would kill all the two sides in the fight.

Since this person can fight the Beichen Immortal King, his strength is certainly not weak.

As soon as he thought of this, he said to the black-armored person next to him: “Dying to the king, we do it quickly, and solve this person first.”

black-armored person slightly nodded , And at the same time, Tian Ge flew out of him within the body and fell into his palm.

Hundreds of other Plutos are also in their respective positions, and a Formation is arranged to surround Chen Chen in the middle.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s expression is a little gloomy, angrily said: “I won’t care about your attack on Immortal World! Do you want to be my enemy too?”

However, the Young Emperor simply ignored him, and each minding their own business began to urge the “Death” character motto.

After a while, one hundred and one “Death” character proverbs flew out and entered the Pluto within the body.

in an instant, countless explosions of underworld energy directly replaced Immortal Qi in the Feihuang Immortal Domain, turning the Feihuang Immortal Domain into a meditation domain.

Apart from this, the Pluto of Death moved towards Chen Chen and flew directly, and he went straight to Chen Chen’s head.

The meaning is clearly that the temptation does not want to tempt, but wants to take Chen Chen’s life.

“What did I do?”

Chen Chen raised his spear to resist, who ever thought that the formidable power of the deadly heaven was too strong, plus the deadly king to get He was strengthened, so that this blow directly blasted him into the ground of the Feihuang Immortal Territory.

Flying Phoenix Immortal King hurried over when he saw this, and asked anxiously: “How is it? Are you okay?”

“There is no major event, these people are really good for me. Bullying!”

Chen Chen spit out blood, his eyes became sharp.

In the next second, he broke through the ground directly, turning into a meteor moved towards high altitude lasing.

Seeing Daesie Tiange waved at him again, Chen Chen a finger pointed, and a strong seal shot out from between him, blocking Daesie Tiange.

Seeing the proverb of the word “Feng”, the Young Emperor’s expression became a little dignified, and said to the surrounding Hades: “Shoot together, don’t give him a chance to seal.”

The voice fell. At the same time, hundreds of strengthened Pluto took out the Supreme Treasure-level powerful magic weapon, coupled with the Strength of Array, and attacked Chen Chen.

Chen Chen in the Formation is not in a hurry, and with a wave of his hand, he does not move the Shenhuang Bell and protects his whole body.

At the same time, he squeezed his hand to make a decision, and the word “Bing” proverb ran directly into the void.

In a blink of an eye, hundreds of Pluto’s magic weapons flew back uncontrollably.

peng peng peng!

A series of muffled noises rang out, and all the Plutos were caught off guard, and they all suffered backlash, forming an array and disintegrating.

Some Plutos who controlled powerful attacking magic weapons were hit hard and lost their battle strength on the spot.

The young Emperor was stunned by the sight of rabbits rising and falling, but he was also a person who had experienced wind and waves, not at all, so he was too flustered, but continued to manipulate the power of proverbs for those injured Pluto heals.

“Get up!”

Chen Chen didn’t relax because of this. Shout out loudly, the Supreme Treasure of the Hundred Avenues revolved around him at an extremely fast speed, and a storm soon formed.

This storm is full of magical light, and the crowds of Pluto are frightened.


It is shouted in a low voice again, Chen Chen waved his right hand, and slapped a palm at the dying Pluto who was about to cut open seal!

With this palm, the Supreme Treasure storm is like a giant dragon-like whistling and moving towards the deadly king!

Seeing this is also a roar towards the sky to the death of Pluto, striving to stab towards the storm!

dang dang dang!

A series of bursting sounds of magic weapons sounded. After all, Tian Ge is the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos. Where can those Supreme Treasures block this sharp?

The Supreme Treasure is also a very powerful treasure between this Heaven and Earth after all, and some even have the power of proverbs.

So whenever there is a Great Supreme Treasure that bursts into pieces, a powerful impact hits the Daredevil King.

Death Pluto has a hideous expression, and his fighting intent is undiminished. The word “jue” emerges from him within the body, allowing him to remain motionless under the impact of countless magic weapons, like a rock in a big wave.

“This word-decision mantra…should be a fearless mantra that can make people stronger…Although there is no fancy effect, the upper limit is extremely high.”

The dead king in the storm, Chen Chen secretly said in one’s heart.

Unfortunately, this dying Pluto’s mastery of “determination” is not at all so deep.

At this moment of thought, he is a finger pointed again, and the word “Bing” proverb in an instant falls on the heaven of death.

Death Tiange did not lose control, but it was still a tremor.

It was this tremor, and the magic weapon storm instantly blasted the Desperate Pluto body, and when even blasted the Desperate Pluto to the point where the eyes were out of sight.

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