I Can Track Everything Chapter 857

The Young Emperor finally changed his face when he saw this scene.

“Let’s see what about Death God’s Scythe!”

After giving orders to the next Pluto, he quickly pulled out his Innate Primordial Chaos treasure, Death God’s Scythe, yes Chen Chen waved over.

In an instant, a runes suddenly appeared on Chen Chen.

Chen Chen only feels within the body as if there is a huge vortex added, and is consuming his life crazily.

If it is swallowed at this speed, I am afraid that within three minutes, he will have to be sucked into a human being.

“Mung beans…purify me. This motto is a bit powerful.”

Chen Chen said in one’s heart secretly.

At the same time, the mung bean’s “solution” proverb has entered his within the body.

However, Mung Bean’s understanding of proverbs is not high enough, only to dissolve the proverbial power of the “Death” character.

But that’s it, Chen Chen also felt a lot easier at once.


Shouted in a low voice, a seal flew out of Chen Chen’s hand, sealing the remaining “Death” character motto within the body, and then killing divine spear With a sharp finger at the Young Emperor in the distance, the powerful Qi machine firmly locked the Young Emperor.


Within Hongmeng empty space.

The Emperor Wuying Ming had an ugly face, and said in a somewhat annoyed voice: “Emperor Heavenly Immortal, didn’t expect your Immortal World and such experts, you said, the man just used it What is the power of Proverbs? Not only can the weapons of the Immortal Emperor and the Underworld Kings in my underworld be rolled back, but even the Death Tiange can’t escape his influence!”

Heavenly Immortal The emperor’s face was also a little strange.

Where did he think this would happen?

According to his script, it should be the fate that successfully killed the Immortal King, and then became the Immortal Emperor, slaughter all sides.

But who knew that Immortal King, the god show, suddenly reversed at a critical moment, not only ruining the fleshy body of the fate, but now fighting against the underworld double arrogance, it also has the upper hand?

“What the hell is this immortal show Immortal King?”

Although he was puzzled in his heart, he put on a face of profound mystery in the face of Wuying Underworld Emperor’s inquiry. .

“hehe, Immortal World Heaven’s Chosen came out in large numbers, and it is normal for any genius to appear.”

With a casual perfunctory sentence, Emperor Heavenly Immortal once again looked towards the position of Immortal World.


Within Immortal World.

Chen Chen’s divine spear moved towards the Young Emperor directly and stabbed in the past.

Hundreds of Plutos will certainly not sit back and watch when they see this, but at this moment no one dares to use it.

Seeing that several Plutos actually resisted with Fleshy body, Chen Chen was not at all polite. The enhanced divine spear swung out, just a stab, and directly pierced the three Plutos.

The divine spear baleful qi is extremely powerful, coupled with being strengthened by the word of war, the formidable power can be imagined.

The three Plutos died before they even had time to hum.

The other Plutos didn’t panic when they saw this, and one by one went forward.

Young Emperor is at the end, a finger pointed, “Death” character proverb envelopes the void, and the three who fell just now come back to life.

It’s just that I am weaker than before.

Just after the resurrection, one of the kings said: “Young Emperor, his baleful qi weapon is extremely heavy, we are afraid we can’t resist it anymore.”


The Young Emperor was also aroused by the pride in his heart. After a command, he directly waved Death God’s Scythe moved towards Chen Chen and cut it over.

Before the sickle arrived, Chen Chen felt a chill in Divine Soul, as if a giant blade hung above his head.

Don’t dare to neglect, Chen Chen silently urged the word “Bing” to make Death God’s Scythe stagnate, and then released the Four Gods.

Under the blessing of the proverb of the word “Bing”, the four gods have soared in strength several times, a bit stronger than the Peak Immortal King.

In addition, the four proverbs perform their duties and cooperate with each other. Not to mention the half-step Immortal Emperor like the Young Emperor, but there is absolutely no problem in restraining the Young Emperor.

Seeing Chen Chen’s various methods emerge in an endless stream, the king of Hades shouted: “Young Emperor, this person is unbeatable, let’s take a long view!”

Young Emperor’s eyes are cold and angry. Said: “If you are repelled by one person today, how can you attack Immortal World?”

At this time, a voice came from a distance.

“The Young Emperor, the Dying King suffered a severe injury. If you do not heal it, I am afraid it will damage the Dao Foundation!”

Hearing this, the Young Emperor looked fiercely at Chen. Chen glanced at him, and then shouted very aggrieved: “Withdraw!”

The voice fell, and hundreds of Pluto kings scattered.

Chen Chen didn’t mean to chase after seeing this, just said with a sneer: “Next time it’s best not to provoke me, otherwise it won’t be as cheap as today.”


Young Emperor was coldly snorted, and did not refute it. Under the wave of Death God’s Scythe, the four god servants shook back, and then fled to the distance.

After he left, the spirit of Feihuang Immortal Domain quickly dissipated, and was soon flooded by Immortal Qi.

“Chen Chen, are you the Immortal Emperor?”

Flying phoenix Immortal King flew into the sky, somewhat unbelievably authentic.

By the strength of oneself, first repel the Immortal Emperor, and then repel hundreds of powerhouses in the underworld.

I am afraid that only Immortal Emperor can achieve this level of strength.

“No, but I feel like it is coming soon.”

Chen Chen waved his hand, said with a smile.

Immortal King Feihuang gave Chen Chen a complicated look, his expression was slightly bitter.

“Didn’t expect I can witness the birth of an Immortal Emperor…”

When Chen Chen saw her look inferior, he just wanted to comfort him. At this moment, An illusory voice rang in his mind.

“Shenxiu Immortal King, what is your motto that you just turned the magic weapon down?”

Chen Chen hearing this asked, “Who are you?”

< p>“Heavenly Immortal.”

Chen Chen was a little surprised when he heard this answer.

This Immortal Emperor was clearly in Immortal World, why would he sit and watch the underworld invade Immortal World?

But now that the fairy Imperial Capital asked, let’s give this Immortal Emperor a face.

Anyway, after experiencing this battle, it will no longer be a secret what the power of proverbs is what one has mastered.


Chen Chen answered truthfully.

“Soldier? Is it the new motto? Where is your treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos? Why didn’t you use it.”

The Emperor Heavenly Immortal asked again.

“It’s not necessary to deal with them.”

Chen Chen scorned casually. Anyway, he won and said everything is right.

Emperor Heavenly Immortal hearing this is silent.

The strength of this god show Immortal King is beyond his imagination, even stronger than the fate.

Unfortunately, this person is the Heart Demon of Destiny, and it is very likely that only one person will become the Immortal Emperor in the end.

If you choose one of the two…

Who should you choose?

Finally, four words popped up in his mind.

The winner is king.

So, he applied the same rhetoric about the destiny to Chen Chen.

Finally, he added: “The Immortal King, I can help you become the Immortal Emperor, but in the future you have to go to another Great World and join the war against that Great World, apart from this, You still have to owe me a favor, what do you think?”

Hearing this remark, Chen Chen’s face became a little stiff.

In the beginning, he agreed to the Emperor Corpse and left a trace of fire for the universe.

Under such circumstances, how could he agree to the Heavenly Immortal Emperor to attack the universe?

After hesitating for a long time, he tentatively asked: “Can I refuse?”

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