I Can Track Everything Chapter 858

“What? What did you say?”

The Emperor Heavenly Immortal couldn’t believe his ears.

Immortal King, the god show, would want to refuse.

Is born in Immortal World, in order to pursue the mighty treasure of Hongmeng and attack another world, isn’t it normal?

Or, does this person want to owe him favor?

Not so? I am the Immortal Emperor anyway, even if I just point you to the Immortal King, is it worth a favor?

Since being silent for a long time, Emperor Heavenly Immortal asked: “What do you want to refuse?”

“I am hobby and peaceful, I don’t like to be nosy, what is it Xeon Hongmeng has no interest either.”

Chen Chen replied helplessly.

Emperor Heavenly Immortal didn’t know what to say.

Can such a person reach the realm today?

Be aware that he became the Immortal Emperor, and each step was won by himself.

So now it is natural to fight for the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.

Not only this is true for him, but the same is true for other Immortal Emperors.

But now suddenly a guy who is about to become Immortal Emperor said, is he hobby peaceful?

Are you kidding me?

“If you have anything unspeakable, just tell me.” The Emperor Heavenly Immortal said again.

“I don’t have one, I really am such a person.”

What can Chen Chen say, can’t you say that he comes from the universe?

I really have to say that, I am afraid it will be finished in minutes.

“hmph, you have just gone through a battle, and your mind may be a little unclear. After two days, I will ask you again.”

The voice of Emperor Heavenly Immortal suddenly turned cold, and then There was no sound.


Chen Chen, located in the Feihuang Fairyland, is lightly sighed, thinking in his heart whether to leave this place of right and wrong.

Know that it is not a good thing to be targeted by the Immortal Emperor.

Of course, at this time, I just finished the conversation with Emperor Heavenly Immortal, it is not a good time to run away.

shook the head, Chen Chen looked towards Immortal King.

“Flying Phoenix Immortal King, I blame me for this, but I have to mention now, if possible, you and Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King should leave Immortal World with me.”

Fly Huang Immortal King looked at Chen Chen, feeling a little puzzled.

She didn’t understand Chen Chen why not. Like those Immortal Emperors before, after conquering the entire Immortal World, she left Immortal World.

However, since Chen Chen chose this way, there must be his reasons.

Turning her head and glanced at the Huangchao below, she was a little bit reluctant to say: “Feihuangxianyu…I can abandon it, but I want to take Huangchao and clansman with me.”

< p>“This is easy to handle.

Chen Chen responded with a smile.

If you want to take away the Phoenix Nest, just wait for Taixu Longkun to return.

< p>The space within the body of the mung bean is still a bit smaller, and now there are a lot of things stuffed in it.


The mung bean seems to have a reaction and flew out. Opened his mouth.

Chen Chen Divine Consciousness went in and took a look, only then did he remember that there was a big guy hidden in it.

It was just when I just entered the empty space of Hongmeng and got it. The giant corpse.

The giant is probably the Immortal Emperor’s strength, so the powerhouse’s corpse has been left unused, which is too wasteful.

Thinking about it, Chen Chen thought about it again. The battleship battleship.

When I was in Hongmeng empty space, I thought about repairing battleship battleship, but Hongmeng empty space didn’t have much material to use.

Now back Immortal World, he has no shortage of raw materials.

There is the Taiqing Xuantian Dao cultivation technique. As long as the raw materials are gathered together and then decomposed by the Taiqing Xuantian Dao cultivation technique one after another, the battleship will be formed again. How long.

At this moment of thought, Chen Chen hurriedly gathered the fragments of the Supreme Treasure on the Hundred Avenues that had previously killed the Hades, and then took these fragments into the abdominal space of Mung Bean.< /p>

Looking at the giant corpses with dozens of ten thousand li in front of him, Chen Chen is confident.

With these things, coupled with the various energy substances of the entire Immortal World, he must Able to rebuild the battleship of Zhengtu.

Drilling into the cabin, Chen Chen began to carefully study the design of the battleship of Zhengtu.

At the same time, he urged the cultivation of Taiqing Xuantian Dao. technique, slowly decompose the giant’s body.


unconsciously, ten days have passed.

The giant’s body has completely disappeared without a trace. Instead, parts are glowing with metallic luster.

These parts are all made by Chen Chen using the Taiqing Xuantian Dao cultivation technique to decompose the corpse and various Supreme Treasure fragments into “Dao” smaller than atoms, and then construct them according to the shape in the drawing. from.

Compared with the parts made of various alloys in the universe civilization, these parts are from the corpses of giants, and there are many more divine parts in the parts from the Avenue Supreme Treasure.

“Optical Brain, what’s worse to form a battleship?”

Chen Chen looked at the parts piled up like a continent and asked Light Brain.

“The power system is still poor. The main power of the original battleship battleship comes from a star in it.”

Guangbrain answered.


Immortal World is not without stars, but Chen Chen always feels that stars are not worthy of such a powerful battleship.

You must know that the battleship he created was the result of the integration of technological civilization and cultivation civilization.

“Immortal World what can provide stable energy…”

Chen Chen got the answer after a little thought.

Formation is undoubtedly Formation.

Would you like to build an unprecedented giant spiritual gathering formation inside the battleship battleship?

Chen Chen has this idea, so he can’t get rid of it anymore.

Without hesitation, he directly took out most of his fairy stone reserve.

This thing about the fairy stone, the energy contained in it is unimaginable.

If you look at the energy from the previous life, a Spirit Stone in the Nether is equivalent to half a ton of oil.

At the level of top grade immortal stone, even immortal crystal, the energy in each piece is completely exploded, no less than a pile of nuclear weapons.

As for the fairy stone fairy crystal like this, Chen Chen has tens of millions, which is not counted as other low-level fairy stones.

According to a strict calculation, the total amount of energy contained in it is probably the amount of dozens of stars.

In addition, using Formation to absorb the power of the celestial stone is extremely efficient. Unlike stars, a lot of energy will be consumed for heat dissipation.

So theoretically, as long as this Formation is constructed, it is enough to provide the battleship battleship for a long, long time.

After taking out countless immortal stones and crystals, Chen Chen immediately began to build the spirit gathering array.

The Spirit Gathering Array is located in the center of the ship’s cabin. In order to ensure that the Spirit Gathering Array will not have any trouble, he simply took out a protective avenue Supreme Treasure to protect all around.

Formation layout is completed, the energy system is in place, and all parts of the battleship battleship are now completed.

As long as Chen Chen thoughts move, Zhengtu battleship will be assembled in a short time.

However, he was still a little dissatisfied.

Although there is a lot of information on the Proverbs stored in the battleship, the attack method is still a bit single.

Since it is necessary to refit, let’s refit it thoroughly. After thinking for a moment, he installed the Qingyun fairy mirror on the parts of the battleship bow, and blocked the trapped fairy cable from the battleship. On the part of the tail…

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