I Can Track Everything Chapter 859

After another day, Chen Chen finally completed the transformation of all parts.

But he still didn’t rush to assemble it. It’s really because this thing is too eye-catching. If you take it out, something will happen, but if you don’t take it out, it will become a battleship form. Mung beans may not have the space within the body. Let it go.

So it’s better to keep the parts like this, if you really need to use it, then assembling is just a matter of thought.


At the same time, it has already penetrated into the underworld of Immortal World.

The Young Emperor is helping the Death Hades to heal his wounds. I have to say that the previous defeat gave him a deep psychological shadow.

Be aware that he has been invincible in the underworld since he was born.

And now, with hundreds of Pluto and the Daring Pluto, who is also the Peak powerhouse, he lost to one person.

This made him really unacceptable, so that he felt a sense of frustration.

“Young Emperor, this time we did not have the mental preparations, so we followed the Tao of the Immortal King. Next time we regroup and fight again, we may not lose.”

There is a Pluto comfortable.

The Young Emperor was silent.

The Immortal King can control the magic weapon of others. How should these forces be restrained?

The magic weapon, this is the battle strength that any cultivation person relies on very much. I am afraid that I will not be able to overcome this obstacle next time I regroup.

Just as he was thinking about the way to deal with it, a Dao Void shadow appeared in front of him.

Seeing this illusory shadow, Young Emperor slightly gave a salute, and said neither overbearing nor overbearing: “I have seen the shadowless Emperor.”

The illusory shadow waved his hand and said: “It doesn’t have to be so. Honestly, I watched your battle with the Immortal King before, and the power of the Immortal King’s proverbs is indeed a bit weird.

But I have to say that his proverbial power is very strong! On a large scale It’s very useful on the battlefield.

If you can’t defeat him, I’m afraid you won’t be able to conquer Immortal World smoothly.”

Young Emperor didn’t speak, but frowned.

Failure to successfully conquer Immortal World means that it is difficult for him to become the Emperor of Underworld. Of course he understands this.

“I teach you a way.”

The Emperor Wuying Ming said suddenly.

Young Emperor raised his head, facing Wuying Mingdi, seeing the gloom in each other’s eyes.

“Pluto Emperor, please speak!”

Wuying Mingdi Senran replied: “You may not know that the Immortal King, before the battle with you, and the demon of Immortal World The Immortal Emperor also fought a battle, and even destroyed the fleshy body of the Immortal Emperor.

This shows that the Two Great Powerhouses of Immortal World are not of one mind.”

Young Emperor Something is unclear, so what if you don’t have one mind?

It’s just that the Immortal King, the god show, is very difficult to deal with alone. If you really want to be one mind, they can all go directly to the underworld.

“I said you may not believe it, the Heavenly Immortal Imperial Capital doesn’t know what kind of power the Immortal King has. I have heard the news in Immortal World these past two days. The Heavenly Immortal Emperor was the most promising at the beginning. Actually it is the Immortal Emperor.”

Speaking of this, Wuying Mingdi suddenly sneered.

“Heavenly Immortal is not weak, but it also has a shortcoming, that is, it makes Heavenly Immortal extremely unstable and indecisive.

At this moment, he definitely hasn’t decided whether the Immortal Emperor and the Immortal King will be chosen.

Take this opportunity to attack the Immortal King again.

Emperor Heavenly Immortal will certainly not stop him when he sees it, because he will definitely want to pass another battle to strengthen his belief in who he chooses.

And this attack…”

Speaking of Wuying, the Immortal Emperor took out something from his arms. It was a wooden token with a word of proverbs engraved on it.

“Shadow…Underworld Emperor, you mean…”

Seeing that wooden token, Young Emperor was a little shocked.

The proverb on this wooden token is the real proverb “Shadow”. It is precisely because of the mastering of this “Shadow” that the Hades became the Emperor.

Now it is self-evident that he took out this treasure.

I used this wooden token to scheming…

“This wooden token can instantly differentiate ten my avatars, and each avatar has 50% of my strength.

As long as you use the right time, you should be able to kill the Immortal King.”

The corner of Wuying Mingdi said with a slightly tilted mouth.

“However, once Emperor Underworld intervenes, Emperor Heavenly Immortal will probably also take action…” Young Emperor brows tightly knit.

Emperor Wuying Ming has always played cards according to the rules, didn’t expect now came up with this method.

“We just helped him choose the Immortal Emperor.

Now you have seen this situation. The Immortal King is the common hurdle of you and the Immortal Emperor. .

Only when he dies, the underworld and Immortal World can win together. If he does not die, Immortal World will not lose, but our underworld will be greatly affected.

God said, no matter what, you must become the Emperor of the Underworld, no matter what hurdles, no matter what means you use, you must cross over, understand?”

Young Emperor was silent.

Although what Wuying Mingdi said is correct, he still feels something wrong.

Using the power of the Emperor Underworld to defeat the Immortal King and conquer the entire Immortal World, can he really make his Dao Heart Perfection, his great wish paid, and finally the Emperor Underworld?

Seeing that the Young Emperor was still hesitating, Wuying Mingdi’s tone became severe.

“A leader does not think about personal gains or losses, but the overall situation is what you should think about.”

Hearing this, Young Emperor was taken aback for a moment, then his eyes became firm Up.


A few days later.

The underworld army has captured more and more immortal domains. The Immortal King group of immortal kings has no leader, and they have not been able to organize any effective resistance.

So basically where the underworld army gets, it will fall.

And the immortal within the realm, whether it is Heavenly Immortal Emperor or other who, no one comes out to care about this matter.

It seems that everyone has formed a tacit understanding.

On this day, Emperor Heavenly Immortal finally couldn’t help it, and sent the message to Chen Chen again.

“Immortal King, how are you thinking about it? If you think about it, go out to command Immortal World Immortal King and defeat the underworld army. From then on, you are the hero who saves the entire Immortal World.< /p>

Even if you leave Immortal World and go to the universe in the future, there will be legends about you in the entire Immortal World!”

“I don’t want to get involved in Immortal World, nor do I want to participate in wars .”

Chen Chen’s answer was concise and concise.

“Why? I don’t understand.”

The tone of Emperor Heavenly Immortal suddenly became cold.

Chen Chen faintly smiled.

“I, I don’t like fighting.”

In the empty space of Hongmeng, Emperor Heavenly Immortal saw Chen Chen’s expression, his eyes were gloomy and uncertain.

Although this person has boundless prospects, he is not obedient. If he becomes an Immortal Emperor and cannot help Immortal World, what’s the point?

But giving up the Heaven’s Chosen and letting the Immortal Emperor find another chance to kill him, but Heart Demon, becoming the Immortal Emperor, is too wasteful.

What should I do?

Just as the emperor Heavenly Immortal became more irritated as he thought about it, the huge underworld that was stationed with tens of thousands of underworld kings as the base camp of the underworld army broke out of the sky and appeared directly above the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain.

Seeing this scene, Emperor Heavenly Immortal suddenly sneered, muttered: “trees seem beautiful in a forest, but are easily toppled by the wind, if there is no backing, how can the show go on? Humph, when you beg me!”

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