I Can Track Everything Chapter 861

However, what made Heavenly Immortal Emperor didn’t expect Chen Chen unexpectedly did not give an immediate answer.

This makes him very angry.

This is all at stake, do you hesitate to fart? Is there anything more important than fate?

“What are you hesitating! Do you know that the Shadow Clone of the Immortal Emperor who shot you! Unless you are the Immortal Emperor, you will die today!”

But , Even if he said so, Chen Chen still did not speak.

This made Heavenly Immortal Emperor Qi want to vomit blood, and finally Wuying Mingdi created an opportunity for him, but this person didn’t even speak! Simply unreasonable!

Seeing Chen Chen becoming more and more dangerous under the numerous sieges, bloodshot eyes began to appear in the eyes of Emperor Heavenly Immortal.

He hesitated to save this person first.

But he vetoed it in the next second.

He is an Immortal Emperor anyway, so why should he be compelled by an Immortal King?

If this person would rather die than ask for help, let him die!

Furthermore, he really doesn’t believe it anymore. This person is really dying, so he won’t ask for help!


I bet you will ask me for help!

The emperor Heavenly Immortal roared in his heart. At this moment, his attention was all focused on Chen Chen.

all around the countless shadows of the incarnation of the Immortal Emperor Heavenly Immortal is indifferent, and there is ecstasy in his heart.

This is really unexpected.

Without hesitation, he sound transmission urged the Young Emperor to increase his efforts, striving to successfully kill the Immortal King before the Heavenly Immortal emperor’s mind becomes clear.


The other side.

Facing the siege of ten shadows, Chen Chen was indeed stretched.

He originally wanted to force himself to see if he could step into the Immortal Emperor Realm under tremendous pressure.

But now he has given up.

Because I’m afraid I’m going to kill myself any more.

As for the sound transmission of Emperor Heavenly Immortal, of course he heard it too.

He doesn’t do anything that can be sold.

For the current plan, there is only one way to go.

At this moment of thought, Chen Chen closed his eyes and did not move the Shenhuang Bell in an instant to the extreme.

At the same time, the mung bean within the body, countless parts are being assembled quickly, and it takes only a moment for a giant silver-gray battleship to take shape.

As soon as the battleship took shape, Mung Bean opened his mouth.

The battleship that broke away from the mung bean within the body space began to grow, and it didn’t take long for it to reach dozens of ten thousand li.

Chen Chen saw this and dragged the mung bean directly into the battleship,

all around countless attacks are coming at this time, but just when those attacks fell on the battleship hull , A dazzling ray of light lit up from the center of the attack, blocking all attacks.

When Yiying’s attack disappeared, all around calm and tranquil, all the underworld kings discovered that there was an extra silver-grey “mainland” above the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain.

However, the shape of this “mainland” is quite regular, and there is a thick protective light curtain on the periphery. It is not so much a continent as it is a magic weapon.

“What magic weapon is this? Can it block that many attacks?”

Many Plutos are puzzled.

This is the first time they have seen this type of magic weapon.


At this moment, the Heavenly Immortal emperor in the empty space of Hongmeng was completely stunned, and the madness in his eyes disappeared, replaced by incredible.

Those Plutos don’t know what it is, but he does.

“The magic weapon of the universe… the product of scientific and technological civilization, battleship? How does Immortal King, a god show, have this thing?”

To be honest, he has seen many such things in the universe Ah, but apart from a few battleships, few can be seen in his eyes.

But the feeling that this battleship gave him was completely different, even more how, just now that a bunch of attacks attacked the battleship, and he was completely blocked, but he saw it all.

“Battleship, what is going on? Extremely Heavenly Immortal, who is the Immortal King?”

Thousands of shadows of Emperor Wuying Underworld instantly unified, with a face Appeared in a daze next to Emperor Heavenly Immortal.

“I…I don’t know.” Emperor Heavenly Immortal muttered as he looked at the battleship without blinking his eyes.

Above the Feihuang Fairyland, the Young Emperor and the Pluto kings didn’t know what technological civilization it was. It was just a special magic weapon.

“Kill! at all costs destroy the Immortal King!”

The Young Emperor gave orders loudly.

A group of Plutos returned to God, and the ten shadows also began to attack again.

In the battleship, Chen Chen has come to the main ship cabin.

Hundreds of screens in front of him flickered, row after row of data.

“Can it be protected?”

Chen Chen said to the optical brain illusory shadow.

“No problem, these attacks can’t threaten the battleship battleship.”

Guangbrao replied while waving his hand, and suddenly the screen in front of Chen Chen changed.

A “proverb” appeared on the screen.

“Is this…Yu?”

Chen Chen looked at the motto, somewhat uncertain.

Among the four god servants, the proverb engraved on “Yu” is very similar to this proverb.

“Yes, battleship battleship holds ten kinds of information about the power of proverbs. Although none of the proverbs is fully mastered, there is no problem with resisting attacks of this intensity.”

< p>illusory shadow Answer calmly.

The voice fell, and a huge “Royal” word proverb appeared on the hull of the battleship Zhengtu.

As soon as this motto came out, the new round of attacks was completely blocked. Chen Chen didn’t even feel the battleship sway in the battleship.

“What are the offensive methods?”

Chen Chen asked again.

“There are proverbs “attack”, proverbs “cut”, and proverbs “shock”. These three ancient proverbs attack.”

illusory shadow replied.

“Then try it.”

Chen Chen pointed to a light spot on the screen next to him.

In terms of quantity, that spot of light should represent a group of Plutos in the underworld.


Illusory shadow returned a word, and then the entire battleship began to make a slight scream.

At the same time, at the front of the battleship, an ordinary Trident cannon began to flash.

Only a breath of time, then Trident blasted a stream of light at a group of Plutos in the distance.

This streamer is as rough as several tens of thousands of li, and directly covers all the Plutos. As soon as it flew out, the sky began to tremble!

Chen Chen in the battleship feels Immortal World trembling at this moment.

To be honest, no matter how hard you played before, Tiandao has never experienced this kind of emotion!

The group of Plutos naturally felt the terrifying pressure oncoming, and they could not produce resistance at all.



Along with exclaims, a group of Plutos showed Magical Powers in order to save their lives.

However, where do they have no magic weapon?

In addition, for some reason, there is a peculiar power in the light, which shocked them all over, almost impossible to move even a little bit.


The eye of Pluto at the forefront began to appear horrified, but before he could finish his words, the huge light had directly swept everyone. Blasted straight into the sky!

A burst of thunder and explosion, in the sky, there is a faint sound of chaos!

When the voice disappeared, there was a huge hole above the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain. On the other side of the hole was the endless darkness, which was the empty space of Hongmeng.

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