I Can Track Everything Chapter 862


The Young Emperor’s eyes twitched while looking at the huge hole in the sky.

The next second, his face changed drastically, and he quickly turned his head and looked towards the void not far away.

There used to be a group of Pluto, but now they have all disappeared.

If it’s just being bombarded into nothingness, that’s all. With the “Death” character proverb, he can completely resurrect this group of people.


He couldn’t sense any Pluto breath anymore.

Be aware that his “Death” character motto can’t resurrect anyone unconditionally.

It is necessary to sense the breath of the dead, and then reconstruct the Divine Soul of the dead through the breath of the dead and the power of the “Death” character proverb to be able to resurrect.

But under the blow just now, the entire void was blasted and empty, and even the aura was gone.

This means that all of the three thousand Plutos, except for a few who have Avatars, have truly fallen.

This made his heart tremble, and he almost spit a mouthful of blood on the spot.

Three thousand Plutos, that is one-sixth of the Peak power in the underworld, all disappeared in one blow.

He never experienced such a big blow through childhood.

“It’s the word-shaking motto…”

The King of Death said with difficulty.

Hearing these words, the Young Emperor felt stunned.

He controls the “Death” character proverbs, so he will naturally study which proverbs restrain him.

Among them is the word “shock”.

It is rumored that hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a Heavenly Immortal Emperor who owned the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos Heaven Shaking Drum.

The sound of the drum and the word-shaking motto can shake everything into nothingness without leaving any trace.

No matter what it is, or medicine pill, people who died under the word “shock” cannot be brought back to life.

Later, Emperor Heavenly Immortal disappeared without a trace, and it has been hundreds of millions of years.

Since the word “zhen” appeared early, many people have studied this proverb.

Nowadays, both Immortal World and the Underworld retain a small part of the Supreme Treasure that contains the power of the word “shock”.

There is no magic weapon of formidable power that can match the giant flying boat in front of you!

“Damn it! If I become the Emperor Underworld, I might be able to sense their residual aura…now it is…”

The more the Young Emperor thinks about it, the more irritated he becomes, a feminine His face flushed.

“What to do…This magic weapon formidable power is too amazing, you and I can’t resist it.”

Next to the dead king said solemnly.

“Tell Wuying Underworld Emperor!”

Young Emperor tone barely fell, the ten shadows have disappeared without a trace, and at the same time, thunder began to sound from the sky .

When the two of them reacted, Emperor Wuying Ming and Emperor Heavenly Immortal had already appeared in the sky above the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain.


In the battleship, Chen Chen also saw the two of Heavenly Immortal and Wuying Mingdi who suddenly appeared.

In the face of such existence, it is impossible to be nervous.

Although the battleship battleship is comparable to the Immortal Emperor in terms of destructive power, the overall strength is still not a level.

After all, the battleship of the battleship is too big and cumbersome. How can Immortal Emperor have the flexibility?

Although he has modified a lot of the battleship battleship, the biggest flaw is still there.

“Shenxiu Immortal King, where did you get this thing?”

In Chen Chen’s mind came a stern question from Emperor Heavenly Immortal.

“I picked it up in the empty space of Hongmeng, and I refinished it again.”

Chen Chen replied casually.

The Emperor Heavenly Immortal heard this coldly said: “Impossible, this thing Once a cultivation person gets inside, he will destroy himself. I have captured a lot of this thing in the universe, but never succeeded. Take it!”

“Cough cough, maybe I have good luck.”

Chen Chen coughed twice and explained in a low voice.

If it is not as a last resort, he certainly does not want to conflict with the Immortal Emperor.

“I think this person is not your Immortal King of Immortal World!”

The voice of Emperor Wuying Underworld is extremely cold, resounding over the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain.

In that blow, more than 3,000 Plutos were killed in the underworld. He didn’t feel sorry for it. It was impossible.

So at this moment, he is a single thought, destroying the huge battleship along with the people in the battleship!

The Emperor Heavenly Immortal was silent.

Is it really Immortal King good luck?

It’s all if he has not been able to conquer it alone, but no matter whether it is Immortal World or the Underworld, no one has ever conquered this magic weapon of the universe.

Could it be…

After thinking of a certain possibility, his pupils shrank slightly.

“Immortal King, the god show, you leave this treasure first, this matter is very important, I have to study whether there is any problem with your treasure.”

Heavenly Immortal Before finishing talking, the Immortal Emperor Wuying next to him suddenly started his hand.

And this shot is full!

In the blink of an eye, he differentiated into the Avatar of Ten Thousand Ways, forming an extremely powerful Nether Array.

Wan Dao Avatar, the dark air swirls and gathers, and in an instant, a terrifying attack fell from in the sky and went straight to the battleship battleship!

Emperor Heavenly Immortal hurriedly stopped when he saw this. As soon as the word “shift” came out, he directly led the attack to the crack above.

Seeing that his attack was removed, Wuying Underworld Emperor was naturally furious, but in the next second, his attention was once again attracted by the huge silver battleship.

Because the silver battleship at this moment has changed again, not only the word “Royal” reappears on the light curtain, but also two more words.

One of them is “late”.

This is also an old motto, from a Muchi Ming emperor in the underworld.

This person can slow down all things in the world. Since mastering this maxim, he himself has never been attacked.

Because those attacks are always on the way.

Once this maxim is Great Accomplishment, as long as it does not meet the maxim of restraint, it will be almost invincible.

In addition to “late”, there is also a mantra, which is “soldier”.

As soon as the word “Bing” comes out, the light of the silver battleship soars, and the whole battleship is like a chicken blood, as if if you don’t restrain yourself, you will run away.

Even the light of “Yu” and “Chi” are dazzling.

Under the energy pressure of the silver battleship, the entire Feihuang Immortal Territory showed signs of shifting.

To make a domain unable to withstand the pressure and move, I am afraid that only certain Immortal Emperors who master special motto can do it.

Seeing this posture, Wuying Mingdi’s face is gloomy and uncertain.

He knew that even if the Emperor Heavenly Immortal didn’t move and attack, he probably couldn’t help this battleship.

“Two big brothers, I cannot afford to offend you. Whether it is Immortal World or Underworld, I don’t want to interfere. Would you please let me go?

By the way, the Heavenly Immortal Emperor Senior, please move this flying phoenix fairyland to the traction light of my battleship, I will take the fairyland away.”

Chen Chen’s The voice spread over Feihuangxianyu.

Emperor Heavenly Immortal looked ugly, thinking he had heard it wrong.

This person is that’s all if he wants to run away, so let him help move the fairyland? Could it be living in a dream?

“Please also two Seniors, let me leave!”

Chen Chen’s voice sounded again, with a very determined attitude.

At the same time, the silver battleship is full of light, full of tens of thousands of various, grotesquely shaped turrets protruded, aiming at all directions of Immortal World.

Under the blessings of the word “Bing”, if this is a round of blasts, let alone the base camp of the underworld next to it, the entire Immortal World will probably be riddled with holes.

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