I Can Track Everything Chapter 863

Seeing this formation, Emperor Heavenly Immortal’s cheeks twitched frantically.

Immortal World’s short-term ownership is not important, but Immortal World cannot be destroyed.

If it is really ruined and the utensils for raising Gu are gone, where can a new powerhouse be born in the future?

Who could have imagined that the Immortal King, the superb show, possesses such an ultimate weapon.

“Go, you go!”

Heavenly Immortal emperor gnashing teeth, staring at the shadowless emperor next to him.

Emperor Wuying Ming has an ugly face. If Immortal World suffers a small loss, he is willing to make a move, but when it comes to the survival of the entire Immortal World, he dare not do it at will.

This cause and effect are too great for him to bear.

So, he didn’t say a word either.

The Emperor Heavenly Immortal stretched out his hand when he saw this, and the word “shift” proverb covered the Flying Phoenix Immortal Domain.

In the next second, the Flying Phoenix Fairy trembles slowly, and finally flies out of the Immortal World range with the battleship battleship and enters the empty space of Hongmeng.


After half a day, within Immortal World.

The Emperor Heavenly Immortal found the destiny of the Primordial Spirit.

At this time, the destiny was extremely weak, and the consciousness was on the verge of collapse.

The emperor Heavenly Immortal thought for a while or used some means to save the life of Heavenly Mandate.

The Immortal King is not very reliable, and now the Immortal Emperor can’t give up.

After saving the destiny, Emperor Heavenly Immortal hesitated for a moment and took out a token from his arms.

This object is called “Jianjian”, which is an extremely rare communication device. Today, in the entire Immortal World, I am afraid that only this article can transmit large pieces of information to another world.

This thing is extremely precious. Heavenly Immortal has been thinking about it for a long time, and then cautiously wrote about the god show Immortal King.

After writing, he released his hand, and a word “shift” appeared in the void, and then the shift note turned to ashes and disappeared.


At the same time.

In a hidden place on the edge of the universe, a white haired old man stopped and stood, looking at a star in the distance.

Beside him, there were three men, one woman and four people.

The three men were shrouded in the mist and couldn’t see their expressions. Only the woman was white clothed, showing her true face, looking refined, like a heavenly person.

“Immortal Emperor too, have you really sensed the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos?”

The woman asked, her tone a little cold.

The white haired old man has no interface, and a man next to him said indifferently: “I am too immortal Emperor’s ability to sense the first. Since he has spoken, he can’t be wrong.”

Although the other two did not speak, they looked towards the white haired old man at the same time.

The white haired old man said with a smile: “I did feel it, and it’s not in this universe…”

“Where is that?”

The woman asked again, a little eager in her tone.

“It was near Immortal World, but only one fluctuation was revealed. I am not sure if it is still there at this time.”

Too Immortal Emperor turned around Head, looked towards a certain direction, said lightly.

The others listened to this for a moment of silence.

The treasure of the Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos comes from this universe. In order to search for the treasure, they worked so hard to come here, but now they get news that the treasure of the Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos has returned to them. Hometown, what do they say?

After a while.

One of the men said: “So are we going back now or not?”

To be honest, the reason why we have the choice not to go back is because these years, They conquered this world and their strength has been greatly improved.

Be aware that the total number of Innate Primordial Chaos treasures in a piece of the world is limited, and Immortal World has no Innate Primordial Chaos treasures as early as tens of millions of years ago.

In this case, it is as difficult as heavenly ascension to achieve Immortal Emperor.

In this world, they have been conquering for so many years and have discovered five new Innate Primordial Chaos treasures and got five new mottos.

Because of these five treasures of Innate Primordial Chaos, aside from their five Immortal Emperors who first came to this universe, now there are four more Immortal Emperors under their command.

The Immortal Emperor has become an unprecedented super powerhouse, who can fully understand the two maxims with one person.

This does not include the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos discovered by those guys in the underworld.

It can be seen how many treasures of Innate Primordial Chaos are hidden in this world. Perhaps because of this, the strong treasure was born in this world.

“Now this world has one third occupied by us, if we go back at this time, this one third’s territory will be lost.”

There is another Immortal Emperor frowns said.

“I am definitely going back.”

The Immortal Emperor said with a long gaze, tone barely fell, and his sleeves suddenly trembled.

When the Immortal Emperor saw this, he slightly threw down his sleeves, and a “shift” proverb appeared in the sky, and then suddenly collapsed and turned into a long paragraph.

When the five people saw this, their gazes unanimously moved towards that passage and gathered.

“Bing word motto…I haven’t comprehend it.”

The woman murmured.

As the Immortal Emperor who has lived for so many years, she will go to comprehend whenever there are proverbs. For proverbs like “attack” and “imperial”, she has reached 9% Ten degree of comprehend.

As for the new maxims found in this world, she also comprehend them.

Only one truly understands.

Unlike Taishang Immortal Emperor, because he possesses Hongmeng’s first induction ability, he even understood the two-character maxim.

“Proverbs that can strengthen…even control magic weapons.”

An Immortal Emperor whispered, light flashing in his eyes.

“Fortunately, this soldier word motto did not appear in this universe, otherwise our progress in conquering the universe would be slower.”

Another Immortal Emperor said.

As Immortal Emperors, they can naturally think of the tremendous blessings of the word “Bing” to science and technology civilization for the first time.

“Why isn’t this person willing to stand on our side?”

The female Immortal Emperor was a little puzzled.

“If it can’t be used by us, it’s better to get rid of it as soon as possible.”


Several Immortal Emperors discuss spiritedly, and in the end they looked towards Tai Shang Immortal Emperor.

The Immortal Emperor waved his hand, and the words instantly turned into nothing. Then he said indifferently: “The word admonition is related to treasure, and maybe it can be sensitive to other Innate Primordial Chaos treasures. And this maxim is a great bonus to science and technology civilization, no matter what, it must be in our hands…”

He hasn’t finished saying this, the original calm and composed eyes suddenly fluctuated .

Then he waved his hand again, and a huge projection appeared in front of him.

In the projection, there is a metal superstar, which is just like a mechanism. At the same time, one huge battleship after another flies out of the superstar and penetrates into a black hole next to it.

“The ultimate battleship is dispatched again…”

Immortal Emperor said solemnly.

If there is something in the technological civilization that makes them a few Immortal Emperors jealous, it is this ultimate battleship group that has been built less than 20 million years ago.

To be precise, it is the killing machines in the ultimate battleship group that master various mottos.

“It’s not for us, where are they going?”

The female Immortal Emperor felt a little bit and said in surprise.

Then she thought of a certain possibility, turned her head and looked towards Immortal Emperor too.

I am too immortal Emperor brows tightly knit, and after a while, he slowly said: “They should have received some kind of information…that’s why they made such a decision.”

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