I Can Track Everything Chapter 866

Time flows like water, and in a blink of an eye, a year has passed.

After a year of wandering, Chen Chen has already driven the battleship battleship to an unknown place in Hongmeng empty space.

Here far away from Immortal World, Chen Chen is rare to be able to cultivation at ease.

On this day, Chen Chen is only one step away from fully comprehending the “soldier”.

In his mind, countless treasures are floating around.

His life is short, and his knowledge in some aspects is far less than that of the Immortal Emperor, but if he only talks about the magic weapon he has seen, he is by no means inferior to any Immortal Emperor.

Even for him, it was not only seen, but also owned.

“But how should I write this last stroke?”

Chen Chen closed his eyes and browsed tightly knit. The word “Bing” in his mind was only a stroke, he But I don’t know how to write.

After several attempts, sweat was unconsciously on his forehead.


Just then, he within the body let out a soft groan.

When he heard this sound, he was shocked and opened his eyes instantly.

I don’t know when, an extra long sword has already appeared in front of him.

Looking at this long sword, Chen Chen was stunned.

“Wan Spirit Transformation…”

To be honest, this Life Source treasure has been silent within the body since he became an immortal, and never used it again. .

Later, he obtained various treasures one after another, and the magic weapon he used was updated quickly.

A mortal weapon like Wan Spirit Transformation Feng has no chance to use it.

Who would have thought that now that he is already a half-step Immortal Emperor, at this time Wan Spirit Transformation took the initiative to fly out.

“Old Partner, I treated you badly.”

Chen Chen laughed and stroked the blade of the Spirit Transformation blade.

Wan Spirit Transformation Feng once again let out a soft moan of pleasure, bursting out a bright sword light, as if ready to face the enemy at any time.

But soon, the light dimmed quickly.

Because it can sense the power of its owner at this time, its light is nothing but the radiance of fireflies in comparison.

Chen Chen sensed Wan Spirit Transformation’s depressed mood, and stroked the lower sword lightly again, feeling a little sad.

When did you first meet this sword?


By the way, when I was in the two countries of the Lower Realm.

I was assassinated by an assassin sent by the Prime Minister of Great Xia. I was cut a bunch of limbs and left aside. It was this sword Divine Weapon that landed next to me, and I was able to fight back. Kill that assassin.

At that time, I felt that with this sword in hand, I was invincible.

Who ever thought that time has passed, the invincibility is above, and that many invincible.

“If it weren’t for you in time, I’m afraid I won’t be today.”

Chen Chen held Wan Spirit Transformation in his arms and said softly as if he were reminiscing with an old friend.

The Wan Spirit Transformation front was trembling violently at this time, trying to escape Chen Chen’s control.

Looking at the cold glow on the sword edge and the fighting intent from the Wan Spirit Transformation front, Chen Chen was stunned for a moment, and then he was stunned.

this sword, I don’t want to remember.

Recall, that is what the twilight person should do.

It seems to be telling that it will always be on the way to battle.

“It’s the treasure of my Life Source.”

Chen Chen’s eyes are slightly red, a finger pointed, the word “Bing” flew out, and landed on the front of the Spirit Transformation. Above.

A mortal soldier suddenly received the blessing of Hongmeng’s admonition, and in an instant, Heaven and Earth turning upside down took place.

clang clang clang!

For a time, the sword cry continued, and Wan Spirit Transformation constantly switched various forms, as if he was extremely excited.

It didn’t take long for it to poke into the void again, that kind of feeling…

It’s as if Chen Chen led a dog that was barking, as long as Chen Chen Loosen the rope and the dog will snap out.

Feeling that Wan Spirit Transformation has become excited, Chen Chen’s mood has also become much better.

But soon, Wan Spirit Transformation’s front changed again and became the appearance of Wan Spirit Transformation.

A long piece of metal.

All the excitement just now disappeared in no time, replaced by an indescribable silence.

Chen Chen couldn’t help being stunned and didn’t know what happened.

At this moment, Wan Spirit Transformation’s front began to change again, and gradually, the character “Bing” appeared in front of Chen Chen.

“This is…”

Chen Chen’s pupils are shrinking, and Wan Spirit Transformation has used his magical characteristics to write the word “Bing” in the sky.

It’s just that this “soldier” is the same as what he has mastered.


With a creak, the Spirit Transformation front tensed sharply, and a certain position began to stretch in one direction desperately, seeming to want to write the last stroke .

Without waiting for Chen Chen to react, the character “Bing” formed by the front of Wan Spirit Transformation has already shined brightly.

In this brief moment, Chen Chen felt that the Spirit Transformation front in front of him was on the verge of collapse.

What kind of formidable power does a complete motto have? Where is an ordinary artifact that can withstand?

But what Spirit Transformation forwards is not only the intention to collapse, but also the endless fighting intent.

Looking at the stretch in front of him, Chen Chen suddenly burst into tears.

This mortal weapon is connected with my own mind. Before adding it, it is blessed with the word “Bing”, so it fully senses what it wants most at the moment.

That is to fully grasp the word “Bing” motto.

To comprehend the master’s mind and share the worries for the master is the mission of Life Source.

So, it doesn’t think too much, and it wants to directly manifest the word “soldier” motto.


There was a burst of weird rumbling. Chen Chen saw that the front of the Spirit Transformation was already full of cracks. He quickly extended the hand and tried to take back the Life Source. treasure.

But what made him didn’t expect was Wan Spirit Transformation front who was very persistent, and at this moment he no longer controlled him.

“No need…”

Chen Chen right hand caught on top of Wan Spirit Transformation. Although his voice was low, his tone was resolute.

Who ever thought of his catch, Wan Spirit Transformation’s body was completely cracked.

For some reason, he sensed a kind of excitement and reluctance.

“Master, let me shine for you again. The opponent I want to defeat this time is myself.”


With a blast, the Wan Spirit Transformation front instantly turned into countless fragments, and at the same time, the extended stroke was completely formed.

In the void, Wan Spirit Transformation collapsed and fell, but a light and shadow were frozen in the void.

It is the complete “Bing” word proverb.

The light and shadow lasted for a short time, but Chen Chen didn’t look at the “soldier” proverb, but hurriedly picked up the fragments on the ground, with mixed feelings in his heart.

Gradually, the light and shadow floated in front of him, appeared in his eyes for a moment, and finally turned into nothingness.

Chen Chen closed his eyes, tears running across his eyes.

The magic weapons encountered in the past flashed across his mind quickly, like a silhouette.

What is the real “soldier”?

The “soldiers” are also tools, but not only tools, they have their own souls.

The last stroke is the soldier soul.

“For me, this…is the real soldier.”

Chen Chen whispered to himself, then stretched out his hand and picked up a piece of Spirit Transformation. The fragments of Dragon Snake were drawn in the void.

In an instant, the word “Bing” proverb reappears.

This time, condensed but not scattered.

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