I Can Track Everything Chapter 867


After deeply exhales one breath saying, Chen Chen stood up.

At this moment, in his eyes, whether it is any magic weapon in the realm of the real world, or the battleship not far away, it seems to be a living thing.

Since there is life, you can communicate.

“Controlling Myriad Armaments, this is Immortal Emperor.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, he felt that as long as he wanted to, all magic weapons would obey his commands.

But for some reason, he is happy that he does not raise.

Thoughts move, all the fragments of Spirit Transformation on the ground flew up, with his current strength, re-refining the Spirit Transformation The front is not difficult.

But he knew that even if it was re-trained, the soldier soul was not the original soldier soul.

So he simply did not condense the ten thousand Spirit Transformation fronts, but collected a bunch of fragments into the storage ring.

“Just follow me all the time.”

In a low voice, Chen Chen looked towards the east direction.

He felt that there were many souls roaring there, and moved towards the direction he was surging.

The battles were menacing.

“Are you here to find me?”

Chen Chen was puzzled, turned his head and looked towards the battleship, then the body flashed and disappeared in place.


After a while.

He appeared in the place where the artifact soul must pass, and then began to sit still.

After waiting for about half an hour, a silver metal battleship appeared in the distance.

Subsequently, there were more and more battleships of this kind, and it didn’t take long for him to cover the sky like a locust and surround him.

Chen Chen sat cross-legged with a calm expression.

Soon a silhouette flew out of the first battleship and landed not far in front of him.

This person is enveloped in the metal Battle Armor. The metal Battle Armor is very close to the body and does not look bloated.

“Your Excellency…Is that the Immortal King?”

That silhouette is cautiously authentic.

“Immortal Emperor.”

Chen Chen answered calmly.

The man took two steps backwards: “Your Excellency is my universe creature, I don’t know if you can read it for the sake of you and I are all compatriots. Give us the complete information of the word “Bing” proverb. One copy? So that we can better fight against foreign enemies…

Of course, if you need help, we will try our best to help.”

Chen Chen opened up He closed his eyes and said, “Did the super light brain tell you where I am?”


The man answered politely, without any concealment.

However, at this moment, another silhouette of a certain battleship flew out.

This man has a military uniform all his life, his skin is dark blue, his eyes are cold, and he gives a Qi of Slaughter as soon as he appears.

“As a creature of the universe, why can you cultivation?”

This person speaks very rudely, even a little overbearing.

Chen Chen frowned and began to carefully distinguish these two people.

It was only then that the person who spoke with him was not a real creature, but an artificial creature, whose within the body hides a powerful source of Stellar Rank.

The blue-skinned guy in front of him is a real flesh and blood, a creature of the universe, only slightly modified.

“Who are you?”

Chen Chen asked back.

“I am Udis, the commander-in-chief of the ultimate fleet, from the Tianyao empire founded by the Tianyao clan who rules the universe. Where are you from the universe?”

“Earth people “

Chen Chen replied.

“Earth people…”

Udis is frowned, and seems to be thinking about it, but after thinking about it for a long time, I didn’t expect this race in the universe.

“How did you get to Immortal World?”

Udis asked again.

Chen Chen did not answer, but looked towards the artificial man next to him.

The metal Battle Armor cyborg hurriedly reminded Udis: “My lord, this Immortal Emperor is strictly speaking, not a citizen of my Tianyao Empire, he is an Immortal Emperor!”

When it comes to the word Immortal Emperor, the cyborg has a very heavy tone.

Nautilus slightly startled, then reacted and forced a smile.

“Sorry, this Immortal Emperor, I was just abrupt.”

Then he changed his conversation and went on to say: “In addition to the message of the word “Bing” proverb, We also want to extract a little bit of your genetic sample…If we can crack the secret of why you can cultivation, it will be of great significance to our Tianyao Empire. In the future, our universe may also have an Immortal Emperor dedicated to the universe.

Of course, we will not get these benefits in vain. You are an Earth person. When we go back, the Earth person will be promoted to a higher race in the universe, second only to our Tianyao clan.”

Chen Chen was quite speechless.

Where and where are these?

Since he didn’t hear it, but he heard a strong sense of superiority?

Could it be Heavenly Dragon?

I also want to extract my own genetic samples. What if I clone 11 million of myself in the future?

“It is impossible to extract my genetic sample.

As for the war word motto, I can look at it for the battleship super light brain, and give you a copy.”


Proverbs of this thing, complete control and incomplete control are not a concept at all.

As long as he uses more of the word “Bing”, it will spread out sooner or later.

Now that it is handed over to the universe civilization, it can be considered to be able to pay back the favor of that super light brain.

When Na Udis heard Chen Chen’s words, his face suddenly stiffened, and his eyes immediately became bad.

After a while, he tentatively asked: “Have you seen the Ultimate Fleet?”

“None, what’s the matter?”

Chen Chen stood up, his voice gradually turning cold.

Udis took two steps back and then whispered.

In the next second, the battleships in the distance all lit up, and the silhouette of one after another incomparable gigantic flew out from the battleships.

It didn’t take long for Chen Chen all around to have nearly a thousand horrible giants with a height of ten thousand li.

These giants are engraved with various powers of proverbs. At a glance, there are close to 20 kinds of proverbs, which are much more than the power of proverbs stored in the battleship.

More importantly, these giants are all flesh and blood, not artificial machines.

This made Chen Chen couldn’t help but think of the giant corpse that he had stored in the mung bean within the body and finally merged into the battleship of the battleship.

“This is the Destroying War God developed by my Tianyao Empire through genetic technology. Each Destroying War God controls the power of nineteen mottos and is far stronger than Quasi-Immortal of Cultivation World Emperor.

If hundreds of destroying War Gods cooperate with each other, it is enough to contend with Immortal Emperor.

Because of these destroying War Gods, we can withstand the invasion of Cultivation World army .”

Udis pointed at the giants behind him and introduced slowly, his tone full of pride.

“Are you threatening me?”

Chen Chen asked rhetorically.

The voice fell, and in the endless empty space in the distance, the battleship battleship gradually revealed its figure.

Zhengtu battleship is extremely large, coupled with the transformation of Chen Chen, and incorporates a variety of cultivation treasures, so after entering the ultimate battleship group, it looks like a crane in a flock of chickens. different.

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