I Can Track Everything Chapter 869

“If you don’t go, you have to go.”

Regardless of Chen Chen and the immortal Emperor, Feng Divine Immortal said indifferently.

tone barely fell, the Conferred God Demon Jar in the void directly aimed at Chen Chen.

in an instant, a proverb with the word “seal” shot out from the tank, moved towards Chen Chen and suppressed it.

The true “Feng” proverbs issued through the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos are far less comparable to the “Feng” proverbs of Emperor Shidi and his own half.

So the motto is not approaching yet, Chen Chen feels that all around empty space freezes, as if he has put a layer of shackles on himself.

Facing the battle, he didn’t dare to neglect, a finger pointed, and the magic pot in the distance was violently shaken, and he wanted to roll back the proverb with the word “Feng”.

The Emperor Feng Divine Immortal saw this browse slightly wrinkle, and quickly reached out his hand and grabbed the Conferred God Demon Jar in his hand. With the close connection between himself and the Conferred Demon Demon Jar, he stabilized Seal the magic pot.

Without the blessing of the Conferred God and Demon Jar, the seal was instantly weaker.

Chen Chen was inside the battleship of the battleship, and slammed on the deck.

Tens of thousands of muzzles of Zhengtu battleship protruded at the same time, aiming at the word “seal” motto.

This time it is no longer pretentious. With so many muzzles sticking out, there will be endless energy pouring out in the next second.

Most of the energy is mixed with the power of proverbs.

In an instant within a million li, it becomes the world of light.

The proverb of the word “Feng” is indeed powerful, but it can’t stand this kind of offensive, and it collapsed in an instant.

At the same time, Chen Chen’s Ruyishen turned into armor. After receiving the blessing of the word “Bing”, Ruyishen turned into armor like an explosion, instantly skyrocketing ten thousand li, with a hideous appearance. Extending crazily, it almost reached the front of Emperor Feng Divine Immortal.


Seeing this battle, Emperor Feng Divine Immortal said softly.

The voice fell, and another force of proverbs flew out, all around the countless energies projected by the battleship of the Journey were all stuck in the void, hanging in the sky like stars.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s eyes twitched slightly.

Although Divine Immortal was not able to fully grasp the proverb of “Chi”, it is probably only one step away from complete grasping.

It is worthy of being the Immortal Emperor who has lived for hundreds of millions of years. I am afraid that besides “being late”, he has also mastered many other maxims, which are much stronger than himself.


As he thought, the Emperor Divine Immortal chanted a word of proverbs in silence, and a mighty force fell from in the sky. moved towards 征途号 battleship hitting away.

Fortunately, the battleship battleship also mastered the proverb of “Chi”. Seeing that the attack fell, the proverb of “Chi” condensed it into the void.

But the good times didn’t last long. Seeing that the battleship number was used late, Divine Immortal was named a finger pointed, and the “late” was solved.

The attack fell again. Fortunately, the battleship of the battleship also had the word “Royal” to resist it. This was not a major blow.

Seeing that Chen Chen’s battleship is so special, a strange color flashed in the eyes of Emperor Feng Divine Immortal, but it quickly disappeared without a trace.

“You go back with me, as long as you are willing to follow the Lord of Immortal World like me, Lord of Immortal World will not embarrass you.”

“What is Lord of Immortal World? Who?”

Chen Chen asked seriously.

“The founder of the Three Realms, an ancient existence that has lived for countless years. If he comes to you, you will definitely die.”

The Emperor Divine Immortal looked admired, but Chen Chen was More angry.

“I didn’t offend him, why should he deal with me?”

The Emperor Divine Immortal was silent.

Lord of Immortal World needs all the proverbs that have never appeared before. The proverbs with the word “Bing” are among them, and they are especially important.

If it wasn’t for the Lord of Immortal World who was dealing with the Immortal Emperor and the Underworld God, he might have come personally now.

In short, if the Immortal Emperor goes back with him, it will definitely die.

Of course, he can’t say that.

“You can’t take me down, and I can’t help you now. Go away, I don’t want to waste time with you.”

Chen Chen didn’t speak when he saw Divine Immortal, he just shouted Tao.

The emperor Feng Divine Immortal heard a gloomy light flashing in his eyes, and the aura in his body was rapidly declining.

At this moment, the Immortal Emperor Ming’s voice suddenly came from the Conferred God Demon jar.

“Boy, this is the sacrificial seal of Emperor Divine Immortal. I was the one who followed this move at the beginning. You must be careful!”

With this reminder, a proverb with the word “Feng” large enough to cover the sky and the sun flew out of the Divine Immortal Emperor within the body.

As soon as this motto came out, the Primordial Spirit, who was named Emperor Divine Immortal, had a faint posture to follow.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen waved his hand abruptly, and suddenly hundreds of thousands of treasures appeared all around, ranging from the Spiritual Artifact in the lower realm to the Supreme Treasure in the avenue.

This is all his wealth left after his original sacrifice.


Shouted in a low voice, a huge word for soldiers no less than “Feng” flew out from Chen Chen within the body.

Hundreds of thousands of magic weapons suddenly received this kind of blessing, and the light instantly shined, imposing manner heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

To tell the truth, no matter how powerful the Immortal Emperor is, he cannot control so many magic weapons at the same time.

But Chen Chen is different. He can communicate with the soul of the magic weapon, not to mention hundreds of thousands of pieces, even millions of pieces, without being affected.

Hundreds of thousands of magic weapons erupted at once, and various attacks blasted at the huge “Feng” proverb like no money. The situation was like a meteor shower.

However, this “seal” proverb is much stronger than the previous one, and no matter what attack falls on it, it will be annihilated instantly.

At this moment, Chen Chen’s mind again rang the voice of the Immortal Emperor.

“Use your bells and whistles to interfere with the Conferred God and Demon Jar, and let me break the seal!”

When he heard this, Chen Chen did not hesitate at all, so he looked Towards the magic jar in the hands of Emperor Divine Immortal.

As soon as the word “Bing” proverb came out, the pot of gods and demon tremors again, and the numerous chains that sealed the immortal Emperor Ming suddenly loosened a lot.

At this moment of effort, the roar of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry came out from the pot of Conferred Gods.

At the same time, a huge “Feng” word proverb reflected in the void.

The word “Feng” does not come from Emperor Divine Immortal, but from Emperor Immortal.

The Immortal Ming Emperor has been sealed for so long, and he has been in contact with the Conferred God and Demon Jar every day, and his understanding of the word “sealed” proverb has reached a deep realm.

If Divine Immortal hadn’t already been awarded, he might be able to become the Immortal Emperor by virtue of his “seal”.

As soon as this “seal” motto appeared, most of those chains disappeared.

Then the Emperor Underworld roared and shot a scepter from his mouth.

This scepter is green all over, and as soon as it appears, it shoots a green light at the emperor underworld.

Chen Chen sees this not even think, thoughts move, the light of the emerald scepter has once again exploded.

The imposing manner of the Immortal Emperor, who received the green light, has exploded several times in this brief moment.

peng peng peng!

A series of crackling sounds came out, and the remaining chains collapsed under this powerful imposing manner.

Immediately afterwards, a green shadow emerged from the pot of Conferred God and Demon and appeared in front of Emperor Feng Divine Immortal.

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