I Can Track Everything Chapter 870

“Hehe, boy, didn’t expect to see you in just two years. You have become the Immortal Emperor. This is really beyond my expectations.”

The unquenchable Mingdi’s greeting words.

The voice fell, and the green shadow gradually faded, revealing the shape of the Immortal Emperor Underworld.

At this time, the immortal underworld emperor is holding a green scepter. Not only is there no solemn killing aura like a normal underworld cultivator, but a faint Power of Vitality is exuded all around him.

It’s like taking a glance at the vast prairie, comfortable and transparent.

Without waiting for Chen Chen to speak, the emperor is frowned, suddenly thinking of something, and his expression becomes serious.

Not far away this person is not the brat at the beginning, but the Immortal Emperor of the genuine.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said:

“Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, it was my wording just now. I can get out of trouble this time. I owe you a favor.”


Chen Chen was stunned when he saw this, then looked towards the seal confronting countless magic weapons.

“There is no need to say any more. First deal with the Divine Immortal Emperor.”

He hasn’t finished saying this, the green scepter in the hands of the Immortal Emperor has gone straight The seal was gone, and it was on the seal in the blink of an eye.

Then one after another green energy hit the seal continuously one after another.

The sacrificial seal was indeed powerful, but at the moment it couldn’t stand it anymore, and the light gradually dimmed.

Seeing this, Chen Chen once again blessed the green scepter, in an instant, the endless green energy suddenly soared, and finally engulfed countless magic weapons to defeat the sacrifice seal in one fell swoop.

The Emperor Divine Immortal who released the seal suffered a backlash in an instant, and the fleshy body collapsed directly, leaving only the Primordial Spirit hovering in nothingness.

“Seal Emperor Divine Immortal, you have to change Fleshy body again!”

The Immortal Emperor laughed heartily, and his tone was indescribable.

Seal Divine Immortal Divine Immortal coldly said: “I knew that, I should have sent you to the Lord of Immortal World for processing!”

“If regret is useful, I will be sealed Is it so long? Today, I am going to report the hatred that I have been trapped for so many years!”

The Emperor Ming said with hatred, and then a finger pointed, a proverb with the word “wrapped” instantly enveloped Feng. Divine Immortal.

Although Emperor Divine Immortal lost his fleshy body, his strength was not at all weakened too much. Seeing this scene, he simply sealed the motto with a seal.

At this time, Chen Chen next to him again controlled the hundreds of thousands of magic weapons to attack.

After strengthening some of the Supreme Treasures, the formidable power is truly amazing.

Not only that, the battleship battleship also set fire to Emperor Divine Immortal again.

Seeing the intensity of this attack, Emperor Immortal used some restrictive proverbs to restrict the actions of Emperor Divine Immortal. At the same time, he fully urged the Scepter of Life to extract the Power of Emperor Divine Immortal. Vitality.

The Emperor Divine Immortal was soon stretched under these attacks, and there was a vague sign that he could not resist.

At this moment, he suddenly shouted in a low voice and got directly into the pot of Conferred God and Demon. Then one after another powerful seal flew out one after another, unexpectedly in an instant. Sealed himself in the pot of Conferred God and Demon.

Immediately afterwards, countless attacks blasted towards the Conferred God Demon Tank, and they were finally blocked by the Conferred God Demon Tank.

Wait for everything calm and tranquil, the only thing placed in front of Chen Chen and the immortal Emperor is the indestructible Innate Primordial Chaos treasure seal pot.

“This Divine Immortal emperor turned out to be Old Tortoise, Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, can you control this pot of gods and demons to lift this seal?”

The emperor flew to the side of the Conferred God Demon Jar, looked around and said.

Chen Chen gave it a try and shook the head.

Now he has become the Immortal Emperor, although he can interfere with the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.

But people are hiding in the Conferred Demon Jar at this time, and they must control the Conferred Demon Jar wholeheartedly. In this case, he can slightly interfere with the limit. If you want to undo seal, that’s Completely impossible.

“Let’s take it first, let’s go to the universe first. There is a friend of mine in the universe, and he may be able to get this Old Tortoise out.”

Chen shook his head, pointed to the pot of sealed gods and devil and said.

Chen Chen hearing this directly used the “Bing” word proverb to put away the pot of Conferred God and Demon, and then looked towards the void not far away.

The next thing to do is what he really looks forward to in his heart.

Without hesitation, he stretched out his hand, throws a punch, directly blasted a boundary wall somewhere, and then got in.

What you see is a vast starry sky, with countless planets slowly rotating in their respective fields under the action of gravity.

Chen Chen closed his eyes and soon sensed a lot of life.

“These…should be aliens?”

Muttered a word, Chen Chen laughed suddenly.

At this moment, the first thing I paid attention to turned out to be this matter, which has nothing to do with his birth in Earth.

“Brother, you came to this universe to search for the treasure of the strongest Innate Primordial Chaos?”

Seeing Chen Chen with a smile on his face, the emperor asked curiously .

“No, I just want to see it.”

Chen Chen explained.

Indestructible Mingdi looked unbelief, in fact, there are still many questions in his mind.

For example, how did Chen Chen become the Immortal Emperor in such a short time? For example, what exactly is Chen Chen’s motto?

For example, where did the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos go?

But this is not the time for small talk, he has more important things to do.

“Brother, I’m going to find my old friend, he is in charge of the motto of refining calligraphy. The treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos is a furnace. With his ability, he may be able to seal Divine Immortal.”

Chen Chen listened to this said with a smile: “Old Brother, go.”

“Are you not with me?” The Emperor Immortal Ming was a little surprised.

“I also have some important things to do. I have to leave alone.”

Chen Chen said, looking at the stars all around.

“Okay, let’s go to work separately. When I find my old friend, you and I will contact me.” The Emperor Underworld was rather helpless, but he didn’t ask too much. After all, everyone has Own

“Well… by the way, your old friend should be in that direction.”

Chen Chen pointed to the west.

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the Immortal Emperor was stunned for a moment, and then moved suspiciously towards the west.

Waiting for the emperor’s body to disappear completely, Chen Chen took a deep breath and asked the system: “system, where is Earth?”

“The direction of the host east… Five hundred three billion light years.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen was first overjoyed. The stone in his heart fell to the ground instantly, and then his cheeks twitched slightly.

Five hundred three billion light-years, this distance is really far.

But before that, he learned from the battleship database of the battleship that there are really some wormholes in the universe.

Through these wormholes, you can achieve instant movement.

So as long as you find the wormhole, it will not take long for such a long distance.

With a destination, Chen Chen didn’t delay anymore, and directly searched for the wormhole through the system. The little by little moved towards Earth was approaching.

And the closer he gets to Earth, the more nervous he is.

What does it mean to be more cowardly about hometown? Probably this is the mood.

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