I Can Track Everything Chapter 871

This flight took more than half a month.

I have to say that the universe is much larger than the Three Realms, but there are very few planets that actually have life.

On this day, Chen Chen walked out of the wormhole and saw a hot star in the distance at a glance.

“The sun…”

Although he had never seen the sun from this perspective, he still recognized the sun that he had looked up every day.

Looked towards all around in the direction where the sun is, the eight planets are revolving around the sun.

Among them is a blue planet, which is exceptionally beautiful.


Chen Chen whispered, then quickly moved towards Earth and flew away.

Half of the flight, he slowed down subconsciously and condensed his breath.

No way, he is now the Immortal Emperor, and planets like Earth are much smaller than his real world.

If someone accidentally bumps into Earth, I am afraid that many people will die.

A few minutes after cautiously flying, Chen Chen entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

After that, the entire Earth was included in his Divine Consciousness range.


Chen Chen was dumbfounded when he sensed the current global situation.

At this time, Earth is still in the state of his previous life.

In other words, he has been in the Three Realms for fifty-sixty years, but in fact, not much time has passed on Earth.

Chen Chen’s throat moved, and then his body gradually turned into a phantom.

The next second, he came to the city where he was in the previous life.

There is a lot of traffic in the city, people coming, people going on the streets.

Chen Chen stayed on a building and looked towards a certain office on a certain floor.

Fortunately, I didn’t see himself.

He was replaced by a former subordinate, and it seems that he is really dead in this World.

There are many other acquaintances in the company. Chen Chen glanced roughly, smiling at the corners of his mouth.

He didn’t suddenly go in and show his true body, scaring these people, but silently turned and left.

It is not easy for these people to establish their three views. If he appears as an Immortal Emperor, he is afraid it will destroy these people’s views of the world.


If you really go back to Earth, you don’t do anything, and there is something unreasonable. After all, this is a place that carries his important memories.

“Forget it, let’s slightly improve the level of technology here.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, and then communicated the battleship battleship.

Soon, the battleship battleship appeared outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Zhengtu battleship is a bit larger than Earth in terms of volume, but it appears so abruptly that there is nothing to discover on Earth.

“Guangbrain, you arrange arrangements.”

Chen Chen gave instructions to the battleship battleship.

As soon as the command came out, a rays of light shot out from the battleship battleship and landed on a certain signal tower.

The signal tower instantly shined, and at the same time, the entire Huaxia screen flickered at the same time.

Some people look at their mobile phones, some look at TV, and some look at the billboards on the building, and everyone’s expressions are dumbfounded.

Not long after, the image of a beautiful woman appeared on all screens.

“Hello everyone, I am on the order of the master to improve the level of technology for everyone.”


“Fuck! Who is this?”< /p>

“What new show is this?”

“Don’t delay me from playing games, this…how to cut it out?”

Countless people discuss spiritedly, No one takes the words of Light Brain seriously.

In several important scientific research institutions, a group of Peak scientists are like ants on a hot pot, unable to calm down.

“It’s not a signal from Earth! It seems that an alien has invaded our network!”

“There are really aliens! Then is what she said is true?”


Without waiting for a group of scientists to figure out the situation, a large amount of scientific data gradually began to be transferred to the supercomputer’s repository.

From planetary civilization, to stellar civilization, to cosmic science and technology civilization.

At first, a group of scientists could still understand it, but later it was like reading the Heavenly Book.

Although I can’t understand at all, a group of people are extremely happy, dancing in a closed laboratory one by one.

These shocking changes naturally attracted the attention of other countries on Earth, and many Internet hackers tried to invade to see what happened.

As you can imagine, the computer exploded on the spot, almost not scaring people to death.

Chen Chen was in the void, quietly looking down below. Seeing that many people were rioting, he said lightly: “Don’t panic, it’s going to pass soon, what should everyone do? What are you doing.”

This voice is like the sound of nature, it has a kind of calming power.

Some crowded places are about to become chaotic due to accidents. After hearing this sound, everyone is quiet, and then unanimously raised their heads and looked towards the sky.

“Master, this planet’s computer is too bad to store that many data.”

This kind of information came from the light brain.

Chen Chen hearing this closed his eyes, and the cultivation technique of the Taiqing Xuantian Dao urged him with all his strength.

In an instant, outside of the atmosphere above China, a huge satellite suddenly appeared.

This satellite is extremely powerful, and instantly covered the entire China with 100g signal.

At the same time, some supercomputers are undergoing rapid changes.

Seeing the supercomputer that I am familiar with in front of me was deformed, a group of mortals were dumbfounded and fell to the spot.

The transmission of information is that’s all. This is still within the scope of science, but what is this?

Gods Vestige?

“Forget it, accompanies Buddha all the way to the west.”

Chen Chen said to himself, and then a finger pointed at the void.

In an instant, all the smog over China has disappeared, or some ozone loopholes, all the mess disappeared.

“The water is too dirty…”

It is another finger pointed, ocean pollution, river sewage disappears instantly.


“There are too few trees.”

Chen Chen looked towards a desert, and in the next second, half of the desert became an oasis .


“What is that again?”

Chen Chen looked towards out of space.

I don’t know how far away a huge meteorite is moving towards Earth, flying fast.

According to that speed, I am afraid that it will hit Earth within one hundred and eighty years.



A meteorite in the universe is silently turned into dust.

In the Pacific, a fishing boat encountered a storm and was about to capsize.

Chen Chen a finger pointed, calm and tranquil.


Hua this Xia mine is about to collapse, Chen Chen a finger pointed, the earth rolled over, and a group of people broke out of the ground unscathed.


On a certain sidewalk, an old grandmother fell down and no one dared to help. A flash of light suddenly flashed. The old grandmother suddenly gained tremendous strength and jumped up. He rose three meters high, and everyone was stunned.

In the hospital, in the park…

Even an injured and dying wild dog on the side of the road suddenly became energetic.

Chen Chen hangs high in the void. Although he hasn’t moved, he changes this World like a god.

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