I Can Track Everything Chapter 872

“Leave the rest to yourself.”

One hour later, Chen Chen opened his eyes, and the whole Earth gradually returned to calm.

However, the uproar and public opinion craze caused by this incident has just begun, but Chen Chen has no interest in continuing to pay attention.

“Wait one day, I will reach the end of cultivation, and I will come back again.”

Looking at Earth below, Chen Chen murmured.

I have to say that in terms of humanistic environment and comfort level, in some respects, cultivation civilization is inferior to technological civilization.

Even more how, his values ​​are more in line with this World.

The knot is over, Chen Chen’s heart is very relaxed, after another glance at some familiar scenery on Earth, some familiar people, he boarded the battleship battleship and left the solar system directly .


After half a month.

Chen Chen came to a huge life planet at the edge of the universe.

This life planet is called Lian Shenxing, and it is full of underworld energy, which has been completely transformed into underworld.

This refining star is the site of refining the god Ming Emperor.

Lian Shen Mingdi is the old friend of the immortal Mingdi, and the powerhouse of the Mingdi who completely controls the proverb of “Lian”.

“Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, you finally came.”

The Emperor of Immortal Ming was very eager to see Chen Chen. Chen Chen saw that his expression was not fake, and he also revealed A kind smile.

Beside the Indestructible Underworld Emperor, there is a black robed old man with red hair. His skin is red, his face is cold, and his body exudes a volcano-like breath.

Perceiving Chen Chen’s gaze, the Immortal Emperor hurriedly introduced: “Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, this is the Emperor Daoist, hehe, didn’t expect really as you said, he’s in In this direction, if it weren’t for your guidance, I wouldn’t be able to find him now!”

Chen Chen hearing this cupped the hands to Lian Shen Mingdi.

The Emperor Lian Shen Ming returned a bow and squeezed a rather unnatural smile.

Chen Chen didn’t care too much about this.

After fully controlling a certain motto, your temperament will change dramatically.

For example, the Emperor Divine Immortal, you can feel his bloodline stagnant at a glance, such as the Emperor Immortal, the breath of life exudes from his body.

And this refining god Mingdi should also be affected by the proverbs, only then showed such a weird image.

“Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, you take out the pot of god and devil and show it to brother Lian Shen, he has a Divine Furnace, and may be able to deal with that Divine Immortal Emperor.”

< p>After introducing Chen Chen to Chen Chen, Emperor Immortal Ming said to impatient.

Chen Chen did not hesitate and took out the Conferred God Demon Jar.

Seeing the Conferred God Demon Pot, the Emperor Lian Shen Ming narrowed his eyes, and then stretched out his hand. The next second, a huge red stove appeared in front of the three of them.

This red stove is not like an alchemic furnace. The heart of the furnace body is engraved with a word of motto, which means “refining” if you want.

Take out the Divine Furnace, the Emperor Mingdi beckoned, and the Conferred Demon Jar flew into the Divine Furnace.

Next to him, the Immortal Emperor Underworld introduced: “Brother Refining God can refining everything. Whether in building magic weapons or refining Pill Recipe, it is our underworld first!”

“refining Everything is over-famous. I can’t refining the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, but I have several points of refining the seal.”

The god and goddess said solemnly, and then he points to the Divine Furnace After a while, the motto on Divine Furnace gleamed instantly, and at the same time, a fiery red light in Divine Furnace quickly enveloped the entire Conferred Demon Pot.

The temperature of the red light is not at all, but there is a peculiar power.

Under the red light, the seal of the Conferred God and Demon Pot has a faint tendency to melt.

At this moment, an angry voice suddenly echoed in the void of all around.

“Don’t be bully intolerably!”

This voice obviously comes from the Divine Immortal Emperor Feng in the Conferred God Demon Jar. Although the tone is harsh, Chen Chen can hear the stern and stubbornness. taste.

The voice fell, and the melted seal flickered abruptly, and it was restored to its original state again. It seemed that Emperor Divine Immortal had restored the seal again.

“old thief, originally I didn’t think I would really kill you, but since you are a running dog of the Lord of Immortal World, then we have to fight hard!”

The Immortal Emperor Shouted sternly.

Chen Chen is a little unclear at this, the Emperor of Immortal Underworld explained at this moment: “Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, you don’t know, then Lord of Immortal World is the creator of the Three Realms, seeing us as pigs. Now that he wakes up, the first thing he wants to do is to destroy us, Immortal Emperor, and control all the power of proverbs.”

“Uh…is that arrogant?”

Chen Chen was shocked.

If you want to destroy all Immortal Emperors with the power of one person, what kind of strength is necessary to have such confidence.

And mastering all the maxims, can this really be done?

“Ai, don’t believe it, he really has this strength. Now Lord Underworld and your Immortal World’s Immortal Emperor have joined forces. Two Great Powerhouses have teamed up with more than a dozen Immortal Emperors. Very reluctantly able to withstand the attack of the Lord of Immortal World.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the Pluto and Immortal Emperor, the Lord of Immortal World had already come to the door and killed me.”< /p>

After the explanation, Emperor Immortal gave Chen Chen a deep look, and added meaningfully: “What he really wants is the power of proverbs that has never appeared in the Three Realms, Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, you have to be careful. I can guarantee that if he vacates his hands, he will definitely find trouble with Immortal Emperors like you first.”

Chen Chen was speechless.

This is really a person sitting at home, the pot comes from the sky.

But soon he was relieved.

The road to the strongest is bound to be narrower and narrower. To reach the ultimate cultivation, such troubles are inevitable.

With a sense of crisis in his heart, Chen Chen’s heart gradually became harder.

Since there is no dispute, it will become a stepping stone for others, so fight.

And the 1st Step of this struggle……

Chen Chen subconsciously looked towards Divine Furnace, this 1st Step is to kill the Divine Immortal Emperor.

As soon as the Emperor Divine Immortal dies, the Immortal Demon Jar will lose its owner. If the Immortal Demon Jar can be obtained, there will be one more sacrifice at the Hongmeng Altar, and he will be far from the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos. It can also be one step closer.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen indifferently said: “I’ll work harder.”

After that, he stretched out his hand to Lian Divine Furnace, followed by the word “Bing” proverb Melted directly into the Divine Furnace.

In an instant, the light of Divine Furnace is soaring, and the red light even rushes out of the furnace. The situation is like pouring a bucket of boiling oil in the fire!

As for the seal in the pot of gods and demons, it began to melt quickly, more than twice as fast as before!

In the pot of Conferred Gods and Demon, although Emperor Feng Divine Immortal did not speak, he could see that he was trying his best to repair the seal.

Can he strength of oneself, how can he resist the Divine Furnace strengthened by Chen Chen? How to resist the power of the two maxims?

So within a quarter of an hour, most of the seal outside the Conferred God and Demon’s jar was melted away.

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