I Can Track Everything Chapter 873

“If you have something to say!”

Facts have proved that even the Immortal Emperor could not behave very calmly at the critical moment.

It didn’t take long for Divine Furnace to hear the soft voice of Divine Immortal.

Lian Shen Mingdi listened to this looked towards the immortal Mingdi, the immortal Mingdi shook the head, and then looked towards Chen Chen.

Chen Chen didn’t say a word, but the intensity of urging the word “Bing” was not reduced at all, and that was self-evident.

Seeing this, Emperor Lian Shen Ming simply closed his eyes, ignored the words of Emperor Feng Divine Immortal, and fully urged the Divine Furnace.

After a while, all the seals of the Conferred God Demon Jar were broken, and all the strange red light in the Divine Furnace poured into the Conferred God Demon Jar.


A mournful scream came out, shaking the earth.

But no matter who it is, there is no slightest movement.

“ha ha ha! Lord of Immortal World will not let you go! You will follow in my footsteps sooner or later!”


“I am Waiting for you now!”


“Ah! I beg you…I am willing to help you against the Lord of Immortal World……”

After half an hour.

There is no sound in Divine Furnace, and the Conferred Demon Jar has been completely refined into crimson.

Lian Shen Ming Di slightly sensed, and whispered: “Divine Immortal Emperor has fallen.”

The Immortal Emperor is nodded.

Neither of them showed a rejoicing expression, but instead had several points of sadness.

The voice fell, and a colorful light shot out from the Divine Furnace. This colorful light condensed without dispersing, and gradually turned into a colorful sphere, hovering in the void.

“This is…”

Lian Shen Mingdi’s pupils shrink slightly, his face is quite shocked.

The Immortal Emperor next to him jumped directly, crying out in surprise: “The spirit of the Immortal Emperor!”

“The spirit of the Immortal Emperor, what is that?”< /p>

Chen Chen did not use system, but asked directly.

Lian Shen Mingdi subconsciously explained: “This is the rare treasure that can be born after the Immortal Emperor falls. It can instantly raise a person’s comprehension to the same realm as the Immortal Emperor.

At the same time, this is also the necessary material for the eighth rank Golden Core to advance to the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill. Unfortunately, at this time I am not at all the eighth rank Golden Core.”

“What? The necessary material for the eighth turn Golden Core to advance to the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill?”

Chen Chen said with a shocked look.

“Not bad.” Lian Shen Mingdi was slightly nodded.

In the next second, he saw that Chen Chen had an eighth rank Golden Core in his hand.

Lian Shen Mingdi was overjoyed when he saw the Eighth Rank Golden Core.

“The Eighth Rank Golden Core, didn’t expect you to have it!”

Chen Chen saw that the Emperor Pluto had a tendency to take the Eighth Rank Golden Core away, so he should Turn Eight Golden Core away.

“Fellow Daoist, then what is the role of Nine Revolutions Golden Pill?”

Only at this time did the Emperor Pluto realize his lost self-control and quickly converged Emotionally said: “Nine Revolutions Golden Pill is the number one medicine pill in the Three Realms. It needs to be led by the Immortal Emperor or the spirit of the Hades. If swallowed, it will gain all the power of the Immortal Emperor except the Proverbs.

Of course, the most important thing is the ability to perceive Proverbs.

If an Immortal King or Hades swallowed by the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, it will not take long to fully control Proverbs.

However, for people like you and me who have become the Immortal Emperor, their usefulness is very limited.”

Chen Chen was surprised at this.

Swallowing this Nine Revolutions Golden Pill can save the Immortal King from stepping into the most difficult part of the Immortal Emperor.

This kind of function against the sky is indeed the best medicine pill in the Three Realms.

This thing is useless to him, but it is useful to mung beans.

Thinking of this, he was not polite and said directly: “I wonder if Fellow Daoist can refine a Nine Revolutions Golden Pill for me?”

As soon as this word came out, around Quiet down.

Refining the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill is not a trivial matter.

Lian Shen Ming Emperor was silent for a moment, looked towards the Immortal Ming Emperor.

The reason why the trio were able to kill the Emperor Divine Immortal, Chen Chen is of course the first in terms of credit.

But anyway, this broke something, and it depends on the opinions of other teammates.

Seeing this, Emperor Immortal Ming waved his hand and said: “That’s all, if it weren’t for him, I’m still trapped, I owe him too much, let him give him the spirit of Immortal Emperor.” /p>

As for the reward for refining the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, you can ask for it.”

After all, the Immortal Emperor Crafty glanced at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen quickly said: “What Fellow Daoist wants or wants to do, even if I can do it, I will not refuse.”

The emperor smiled and said: “I owe it first, I don’t know what I want now.”

As he said, he stretched out his hand.

Chen Chen did not hesitate, and directly delivered the Rank 8 Golden Core to the hands of Emperor Lian Shen.

After Lian Shen Ming Emperor put away the spirits of the eighth-turn Golden Core and Immortal Emperor, he looked towards the Conferred God Demon Jar.

The spirit of the Immortal Emperor is not important to those who have become the Immortal Emperor… But this treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos is different.

Although it is difficult to comprehend the power of the two proverbs as heavenly ascension, after all, there are two Immortal Emperors and Hades who have done it in the entire Hongmeng space.

At this thought, he subconsciously looked towards the Immortal Emperor.

Compared to him, Emperor Immortal Ming is close to a complete comprehension of the proverb with the word “Feng”. If he can get the pot of confiscated gods, it may be possible to comprehend the 2nd proverb.

The Immortal Ming Emperor was also a little moved, but he still looked towards Chen Chen.

Others don’t know, but he does.

This kid’s comprehension of “Feng” is not weak, and he doesn’t know how he came to understand later.

Moreover, this kid is very demon, and can often do things that people can’t imagine.

To tell the truth, he faintly felt that he gave this kid the Conferred God Demon Pot, and this kid could fully understand the word “Feng” proverb.

This feeling is very strange, but compared to himself, he is indeed more confident in Chen Chen.


It is impossible to say to give up this great opportunity. The relationship between him and Chen Chen is not so good.

Thinking of this, he opened his mouth and said: “That said, I was originally a trapped person. If it weren’t for Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, I am still in the pot of Conferred Gods.

However, without me, Chen Chen Fellow Daoist might not have won the Divine Immortal emperor.

Apart from this, if it weren’t for the Divine Immortal emperor, the Divine Immortal emperor would not have died.< /p>

How about that? To be fair, the three of us will take turns using this magic pot comprehend “Feng” proverbs, which will be changed every month. In the future, no matter who is fully aware of the “Feng” proverbs, others Neither of them must have complaints, how?”

“I have no opinion.”

Chen Chen first expressed his opinion.

Of course, he is not willing to give up the Conferred God Demon Pot, but if there is a conflict with these two, it will not be worth the loss.

I have to admit that for the present, the method proposed by Emperor Immortal Ming is the most secure.

The Emperor Mingming beside him smiled bitterly.

“You Old Guy, isn’t this plot against me? No, you have to owe me a favor.”

“Haha, no problem.”

The Immortal Underworld Emperor is also generous and directly agreed.

After all, after all, the Emperor Pluto is indeed the most disadvantaged.

So far, the three of them have divided the “legacy” of Emperor Divine Immortal.

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