I Can Track Everything Chapter 874

Two months later.

The Conferred God Demon Jar was comprehend by the Immortal Emperor and the Refining God Emperor for a month, and then fell into the hands of Chen Chen.

Looking at the demon pot in front of him, Chen Chen did not directly sacrifice to the Hongmeng Altar, but silently studied comprehend.

After all, this thing is not his now, if it is a sacrifice, it is not easy to explain.

Comprehend half a month, Lian Shen Mingdi came to interrupt his comprehend.

“Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, Nine Revolutions Golden Pill is refined, look!”

Lian Shen Mingdi took out a medicine pill bottle as he spoke and delivered it Chen Chen in front of him.

Chen Chen opened it and saw that there was a group of aura shining in it, as if it would break the bottle at any time.

I used the system to identify it, and it is indeed the precious Nine Revolutions Golden Pill.

“Many thanks to the Fellow Daoist!”

Put away the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, Chen Chen said with a smile.

Lian Shen Mingdi said: “Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, I have not seen the real reaction of others after taking Nine Revolutions Golden Pill. I don’t know who you want to give this Nine Revolutions Golden Pill to. ?

If it is possible, can I take a look at the process?”

Chen Chen hesitated for a moment, and then shouted the mung bean.

The cultivation base of Mung Bean at this time is already Immortal King, and the perception of the word “solution” has reached a very Profound Realm.

In the general Immortal King, it is definitely considered an expert, but when it comes to the Immortal Emperor, it is not enough.

“Xian…immortal spirit? Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, do you want to give the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill to an immortal spirit?”

The Emperor Lian Shen was very surprised and blurted out.

Chen Chen was slightly nodded, and then directly delivered Nine Revolutions Golden Pill to Mung Bean’s mouth.

Mung beans are also welcome, and swallow Nine Revolutions Golden Pill after rolling his throat.

In a few seconds, a cloud of aura appeared on the top of the mung bean’s head, and the mung bean froze in place, his expression a little stiff.

Seeing this, the Emperor Ming Ming leaned close next to him, wanting to see how this immortal spirit would react after swallowing the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill.

Chen Chen was also quite nervous, standing beside him staring at the mung bean.

About a few minutes later, the aura on the top of the mung bean’s head suddenly soared, and finally a lotus flower was formed.

In an instant, the look in the small eyes of Mung Bean changed.

Become quite wise, as if it can penetrate people’s hearts.

Chen Chen lowered his voice beside him and said: “Mung bean, feel your admonition!”

Mung bean is slightly nodded, and then a “solution” admonition appeared on its back.

The motto was still very vague at first, but it became clearer over time.

Seeing this, Emperor Lian Shen Ming couldn’t help but ask: “Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, what is this motto?”

“Solution…if this Little Brat can fully grasp it before This motto, to deal with Emperor Divine Immortal, there is no need to waste that many strength.”

Chen Chen answered truthfully.

“…Solution, it is another new motto.”

Lian Shen Ming Di muttered, but his eyes from start to finish did not leave the mung bean.

Half an hour later, the aura on top of mung bean’s head was dazzling to the extreme, and mung bean’s eyes became extremely solemn.

At this time, the word “solution” on its back has been 99% formed, and it can become an Immortal Emperor in just one step.

If you miss this opportunity, it will take a lot of effort to become an Immortal Emperor in the future.

“I will help it!”

In the sky, the voice of the emperor of the emperor rang out, accompanied by a burst of green light.

The green light shone on the mung bean, and the mung bean’s spirits suddenly lifted, and his small eyes widened a lot.

Chen Chen saw this and turned his head and looked towards the void. I don’t know when, the Immortal Emperor had already arrived nearby with the scepter of life.

“Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, didn’t expect you to have such a powerful immortal spirit!”

Emperor Immortal, while controlling the scepter of life, instilled green light in Mung bean within the body, said with a smile on one side.

Chen Chen faintly smiled, thanked him, and then continued to look towards the mung bean.

With the blessing of the green light, the mung bean has become a lot easier, and the proverb with the word “solution” on the back has a faint tendency to fully take shape.

Seeing this, Chen Chen stretched out his hand, and the proverb “Bing” fell on the scepter of life.

The scepter of life flickered suddenly, and the green light it emitted surged several times.

Mung bean’s head rose up, and he let out a low growl at the void.

At the same time, a “solution” completely appeared on its tortoise shell.

As soon as the word “solution” came out, the green light emitted by the scepter of life dissipated immediately, and even the word “soldier” proverb disappeared instantly.

Whether it is Chen Chen or the emperor of the emperor, they have taken two steps back subconsciously.

Looking at the mung bean again, there is already a faint coercion between the claws, and there is a majesty that has never been seen before in his eyes.

But this majesty disappeared without a trace after it looked towards Chen Chen.

“Father, I have completely mastered the proverbs, right?”

Mung bean speak human’s words, Chen Chen was shocked.

But Chen Chen was relieved quickly.

Mung beans reach this kind of realm, it is not difficult to speak and so on at all.

If it is willing, I am afraid it can transform into a human form in minutes.

“Forget it, from now on, you will be an Immortal Emperor-level creature.”

Chen Chen replied with a smile.

Mung bean made Immortal Emperor, he is considered to be an extra big helper.

Although the Emperor Underworld and himself have several points of friendship, how can the closeness of Mung Bean come from?

“Congratulations to this…er…”

The Immortal Emperor cupped the hands to mung bean, but didn’t know how to call it, so subconsciously looked towards Chen Chen.

“Mung bean.”

Chen Chen replied and then looked towards the mung bean.

Mung bean is nodded. I don’t have any comments on this title. Chen Chen felt relaxed after seeing this scene.

Although Mung Bean’s wisdom has increased a lot, it is not at all and therefore alienates itself.

“Congratulations…Mung Bean Immortal Emperor!”

“Congratulations Mung Bean Immortal Emperor!” Next to him, Lian Shen Mingdi followed along.

To witness the birth of an Immortal Emperor. This is a major event. The Emperor Plutoon continued: “Would you like to hold a celebration on my Immortal Emperor?”

Chen Chen naturally had no objection, and quickly thanked Mung Bean.

But at this moment, Emperor Lian Shen Ming’s face suddenly changed, and his eyes became more disturbed.

Seeing this, Emperor Immortal Ming hurriedly asked: “Brother Refining God, what’s wrong?”

The Emperor Refining God took out a token from his arms, muttered: “Just now There was a message from Lord Underworld, asking me to rush back to the Three Realms, and he couldn’t stand it anymore.”

The Emperor Underworld is hearing this complexion stiffened.

Be aware that Immortal World and Underworld in this universe now only have one Peak powerhouse guarded by each.

Now that the Lord Underworld recalls the Emperor Underworld, it is equivalent to giving up all the layout in the universe for tens of millions of years.

If the situation were not extremely bad, he would definitely not give this order.

“Ai, immortal brother, Master Pluto does not know that you have returned, or else, you will guard the Lian Shen star for me first, and I will go back to help Master Pluto.”


Lian Shen Ming Emperor hesitated for a while, with a helpless expression on the Immortal Emperor Tao.

Is there any way the Emperor Underworld can do nothing but nodded promise.

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