I Can Track Everything Chapter 877

After all, Chen Chen immediately started using the system to track down what kind of creature it was.

System quickly gave the answer.

“One of the ten evils, the devouring wolf, the Innate Primordial Chaos creature, controls the proverbial evil.”


It seems to be confirming the answer of the system, The wolf swallowing made a roar up to the sky, and under the terrifying pressure, the entire moon vibrated violently, and there was a vague tendency to collapse.

When Chen Chen saw this, he quickly fixed the moon with the immovable divine emperor clock, then his body flashed and fell in front of the devouring wolf, asking loudly: “Can you understand me?”

< p>The wolf stopped roaring, and a pair of blood-red eyes looked towards Chen Chen.

After a while, a hoarse voice came from its throat.

“You took the Splitting Heaven Ax and let me out? Who you are?”

Seeing that it can speak human’s words, Chen Chen relaxed.

“It’s me, I’m who, I don’t even know you after I said it, but you, why are you landed on the moon.”

“The moon…”


The wolf swallowed a circle, and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, as if he was very strange to the surrounding environment.

“I am the South City Paragon, the general of the gorge!”


Hearing this word, Chen Chen’s eyes narrowed.

It was the first time he heard this kind of title, but obviously, the person who could make Immortal Emperor-level creatures be his generals would definitely be better than Immortal Emperor.

“Could it be a powerhouse that has mastered the power of several proverbs?”

Before Chen Chen could understand, the devouring wolf roared and turned around and flew, not long after It flew out of the solar system.

Chen Chen saw this subconsciously and wanted to stop, but after extending the hand, he took it back.

This devouring wolf did not show any malice, let alone attacked anyone, and at the same time did not have the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, he really didn’t need to attack others.

But for insurance period, he left a wisp of Divine Sense on the moon.

No matter where you go in the future, as long as you move through thoughts, you can condense a real body here.

After leaving Divine Consciousness, Chen Chen continued to communicate with the Hongmeng Altar.

After confirming to sacrifice Splitting Heaven Ax, the Hongmeng Altar shot a rays of light, shining on Splitting Heaven Ax.

Splitting Heaven Ax quickly merged into the Hongmeng Altar like Fa Tianyi, and at the same time, a proverb with the word “open” appeared above the altar.

Apart from this, there is also a fuzzy road directly above the altar, and there is a fuzzy illusory shadow where the road leads.

“Congratulations to the host for opening the one third of Hongmeng Altar, and system enabling real-time tracking.”

“Real-time tracking…”

Chen Chen muttered to himself .

Then he tried to track down the wolf, and the trajectory of the wolf suddenly appeared in his mind.

This is probably the so-called real-time tracking.

Compared with ordinary tracking, this tracking function is more suitable for tracking living things.

“The host can master the proverbs by sacrificing his own life force.”

The voice of system sounded in his mind, but Chen Chen was stunned.

Previously let him sacrifice magic weapons and sacrifice cultivation techniques, all of which are okay, after all, they are all things outside the body.

But the sacrifice of life force is not justified.

And he doesn’t even know what the “open” proverb actually does.

“That’s all, just sacrifice a few things…”

After a while, Chen Chen was itchy and sacrificed a little life force.

Soon, a very small part of the “kai” proverb appeared in his palm.

The degree of formation is not much different from the proportion of his sacrifice of life force.

In other words, he has sacrificed all his life force now, and he has complete control of the “open” proverb.

But there is no life force anymore, what is the use of proverbs?

Chen Chen stood in place, pondered and studied for a long time, and finally realized the true meaning of the word “open”.

Compared to other proverbs that can be used all the time, this “open” proverb is a one-time consumable.

Its “open” means opening the door to its own potential.

So it can be blessed to every attack or defense, or blessed to magic weapons, but every time it has to pay the price of life force.

Therefore, once the proverb of “open” is truly and completely described, of course, you will instantly gain a powerful force, but life will basically come to an end

To be honest, such a strange proverb This is the first time he has seen him, no wonder Splitting Heaven Ax has no owner.

Understanding the effect of “on”, Chen Chen erased the traces of his visit to the moon, and then turned his gaze to the blue Earth.

After his last transformation, Earth’s current technology can be said to be one level a day.

Looking at all this, Chen Chen laughed and turned away silently.


At the same time, a great battle is taking place in the empty space outside Immortal World.

Lord of Immortal World relied on the Source Power of the entire Immortal World, plus three or four proverbs, to directly suppress the two Immortal World Immortal Emperors who were alone.

Just as he was about to kill the two Immortal Emperors, a faintly discernable wave came from a distance.

Feeling this wave of fluctuations, Lord of Immortal World raised his head, a flash of light flashed in his eyes, and looked towards the direction of the waves with excitement, and whispered softly: “Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos The treasure has appeared…”

The two Immortal Emperors who were captured by him also looked towards the distance subconsciously.

At this moment, the Lord of Immortal World swallowed one of the Immortal Emperor directly, and then said to the other: “Submit to me, or die.”

That survived When the Immortal Emperor saw the tragic end of his companions, where would he refute, Dang even agreed.

Lord of Immortal World loosened the shackles of the Immortal Emperor, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He doesn’t want to control all proverbs by the strength of oneself, but he can’t do it.

In the empty space of Hongmeng, the powerhouse that controls the power of proverbs has a unified name called Paragon.

According to the number of control proverbs, Paragon is divided into Paragon, Two Dao Paragon, Three Dao Paragon, and Nine Dao Paragon.

If you want to become a stronger Paragon, the most important thing is to master a Life Source motto that is compatible with other mottos.

For example, he controls “Demon”.

The upper limit of the word “Demon” is extremely high. Once incarnation is a demon, there is nothing to swallow, and it can be compatible with the power of the seven proverbs at most and become Seven Dao Paragon.

Another example is the Immortal Emperor of Immortal World. The Life Source motto is “sense”, and its comprehension ability is extremely powerful.

Although I have only realized the 2nd proverb now, after a long time, the Immortal Emperor has the potential to become three or even four Paragon.

And he has already become Seven Dao Paragon a long time ago, but because of the different combinations of proverbs, the strengths of Seven Dao Paragon are different.

Since ancient times, he tried a lot of combinations, how to match the strongest battle strength, he knew something about it.

This is also the reason why he let go of the Immortal Emperor in front of him and also named Divine Immortal Emperor.

As for the treasure of the strongest Innate Primordial Chaos, the proverbs engraved on it are the source of all proverbs.

If you can control the proverbs, you can be compatible with all the proverbs and become the ultimate existence in the empty space of Hongmeng.

“This volatility is so violent…I am afraid it will not disappear again.”

Lord of Immortal World whispered a few words softly, then discarded all other thoughts, with The Immortal Emperor moved towards the fluctuating direction.

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