I Can Track Everything Chapter 878

At the same time, in a very secluded place in the empty space of Hongmeng, the Immortal Emperor got out of a very ordinary flying boat with a look of vicissitudes.

“Finally, I didn’t expect to return to the universe. It really made the old man a lot of trouble.”

After he finished speaking, a dark shadow gradually began to appear next to him. It appeared, coldly said: “The size of Hongmeng space, like the Great World of the Three Realms and the universe, is unknown. This time, some Old Guys will come out.”

Immortal Emperor self-deprecating one said with a smile: “Who would have thought that you and I would one day fall into a situation where we would not be able to protect ourselves if we did not unite?

Ah Paragon…this time, such a strong wave of Innate Primordial Chaos treasure , I’m afraid that many Paragons can’t be restrained anymore.”

“They are all guys who have hidden and don’t know how many epochs. With your strength, if you mix into them, I’m afraid they will become cannon fodder.”


The black shadow voice said solemnly.

“I have come to this step, is there any way to turn back? Go.”

Immortal Emperor lightly sighed, got into the flying boat, and then the flying boat moved towards Fly away in the direction of the universe.


In the universe.

It has been half a day since the return of the ultimate fleet in the Star Domain of the Tianyao Empire.

Due to this period of time, the overwhelming majority Immortal Emperor, the Imperial Capital, left the universe, so the Tianyao Empire recovered a large amount of lost ground, leaving only the two or three planets that have not been recovered.

Now that the ultimate fleet returns, it is a good time to take back the last few planets.

On the Ultimate Fleet, Udis is full of pride, and there is a big change in Immortal World, which is great news for them.

“Go to refine the god star first, this should be the last base camp for those meditations.”

Udis looked at the huge star map in front of him, while giving orders.

Although there is still the Emperor Underworld guarding on Lian Shenxing, the ultimate fleet is not to be trifled with.

There is only one Underworld Emperor, and the Ultimate Fleet is enough to deal with.

He gave this order, and countless battleships began to turn at the same time, and it didn’t take long for them to all aim at the direction of the Lian Shenxing.


A command was issued, the fleet that covered the sky and the sun moved together, and the grandiose moved towards the direction where the god of refining star was located, the imposing manner was called if Gods block, kill the Gods, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas.


After half a day.

The ultimate fleet distance to Refining Spirit star is less than a quarter of an hour away.

Udisan was sitting in the cabin of the main ship, thinking of various scenes of the battle later and the measures to deal with after the accident.

But at this moment, an artificial man covered in metal soft armor walked in.

“Master Udis, there is a mutation happening in the secluded Star Domain 50 million light-years away!”

Udis frowned and asked: “What mutation?”

Hearing nothing, the man-made man turned on a certain switch on his body, and in the next second, a strong light shot in his eyes, casting a scene of light and shadow in the sky.

There are countless stars in the light and shadow, like the sea, it is the secluded Star Domain.

“No problem…er.”

Before Udis finished speaking, a huge hole suddenly appeared somewhere in the sea of ​​stars.

From the picture at this time, although the loophole is not big, Udis knows that in reality, the loophole covers at least one star system.

How big a loophole is that?

Hundreds of millions of stars add up just this.

This surprised him all at once.

However, in the next second, something more terrifying happened. A huge shadow slowly floated out of the loophole, and it squeezed out of the loophole after a while.

As soon as the shadow came out, the surrounding stars exploded one after another. From the screen, the entire ghost star system seemed to be affected by this shadow, and the revolution and autobiographical orbits of many stars and planets shifted.

“Zoom in! Let me see what it is!”

Udis said solemnly.

The artificial human hearing this eye changes in light, and it didn’t take long for the shadow to be enlarged a hundred times.


After seeing the specific form of the shadow, Udis only felt his scalp numb.

That is an unimaginable huge insect nest. The black shadows on the surface are all densely packed insects.

“Insect race brood…”

Udis’s voice trembled slightly.

This thing is not absent in the universe, but the largest is just the size of a planet.

Where is it like this, it is the size of a Star Domain, and the insect nest in the universe can only be put in it, I am afraid it can only be a small insect in others.

“There is never such a powerful insect race in the universe. This is an invasion from the other world…”

Udis murmured.

The man next to it added: “Every world undergoes a long evolutionary evolution, and a dominant species will emerge. This powerful insect nest is probably the dominant species of the other world.”

Udis rolled down his throat.

The foreign enemy of Cultivation World hasn’t been driven out yet, and this monster is here again.

Insect race is extremely predatory. He can’t imagine how powerful the monster will eventually evolve if the insect race occupies the entire world.

But now such a monster has come into the universe.

“It’s too difficult…No matter what, kill the god star first!”

Udis bit clenching one’s teeth and said.

tone barely fell, another artificial man walked in.

“Master Udis, a mutation has taken place in the Glory Immortal Realm!”

After that, the eyes of the man-made person lit up, and another scene of light and shadow was projected into the void.

In the screen, a hole appeared on the edge of the shining Star Domain, and the hole was the size of a Star Domain.

It didn’t take long for the giants to be terrifyingly large to line up from inside.

“This is…”

Udis’s mouth grew.

There are also creatures like giants in the universe, but the largest is just the size of a planet, slow to move, and low in intelligence. It is not a powerful species.

But the giants in the picture are hundreds of times larger than the stars, and the stars next to them are about the same size as the giant’s eyes.

Is there such a creature in the empty space of Hongmeng?

However, before he continued to be shocked, a hand suddenly appeared from within the huge hole.

This hand is dozens of times larger than those giants before, and the loophole can only accommodate this hand.

After this hand stretched out, it was like tearing paper, tearing the hole bigger and bigger.

Then he waved his hand and swept away hundreds of stars next to the hole like a mosquito.

Udis narrowed his eyes, some dare not look any further.

He couldn’t imagine how terrifying the silhouette after the loophole was fully revealed.

Even if he hasn’t seen it yet, as long as he thinks about it, his heart trembles faintly.

Seeing that the giant behind him was about to appear, just at this moment, a communicator on his body suddenly rang.

“Commanded by Udis, the empire orders you to quickly lead the fleet to return and guard the Star Domain. As for the Refining Star, don’t worry about it anymore, remember, return quickly!”

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