I Can Track Everything Chapter 880


The illusory shadow also seemed to be extremely surprised, and quickly retreated.

But I have to say that the speed of the hidden blade is extremely fast, and it only takes a breath time to hit the illusory shadow.

With a groan, the illusory shadow was backlashed all at once, and it became a lot dim.

No matter what the situation is, Chen Chen kept drawing his hands together. In a blink of an eye, dozens of seals moved towards that illusory shadow shrouded in the past.

After the seal, there were countless Supreme Treasure attacks.

The Supreme Treasure, which had no effect before, has been transformed into a treasure that can attack the illusory shadow by Chen Chen through the Taiqing Xuantian Taoist cultivation technique, and all that is issued are some Primordial Spirit attacks.

The two waves of attacks continue, and Chen Chen feels weak in his current state.

Looking at the illusory shadow again, facing so many attacks is also a while at a loss.

It didn’t take long for him to be hit by one of the seals, and his imposing manner was greatly reduced, and the speed was suddenly much slower.

After that, more and more seals blasted on him, so that with him as the center, the void of ten thousand li was stagnated.

bang bang bang!

Hundreds of thousands of streamers burst, directly covering the place where the illusory shadow is, Chen Chen quickly backed away.

Wait for everything calm and tranquil, a huge loophole with a radius of several million li has appeared in the universe, which leads directly to the empty space of Hongmeng.

As for the illusory shadow, it has completely disappeared without a trace.

Chen Chen let go of Divine Consciousness and searched carefully, only to find the hidden blade in the corner of the edge.

Hooked the hook, Hidden Blade fell into his hand, feeling the state of Hidden Blade, Chen Chen frowned.

“No owner? That thing is dead? That’s it? No way……”

shook the head, Chen Chen was skeptical, but still put away the hidden blade.

Then his face changed suddenly, and he almost couldn’t lift it up in one breath.

Don’t dare to wait any longer, so I quickly urged the Taiqing Xuantian Dao to turn those Avenue Supreme Treasures into battleship battleships again.

Then board the battleship battleship, moved towards the location where the Lian Shenxing is.


After half a day.

Chen Chen returned to Lian Shenxing quite embarrassedly. At this time, he felt extremely weak.

Needless to say, this must be the repercussions brought by the word “open” proverb.

“Brother, what’s the matter with you?”

Seeing that Chen Chen’s state is not right, the Emperor Immortal Ming rushed over immediately.

“I feel a special motto, once used it will consume a lot of life force, Old Brother, see if you can help me regain my blood.”

Chen Chen depresses Said the voice.

To be honest, the reason why he dared to sacrifice half of his life before was thinking that the immortal Hades mastered the “Life” character motto, which might make him return to blood.

Otherwise, he would not dare to be so headstrong.

The Immortal Emperor Hearing this grabbed Chen Chen’s wrist and felt it carefully. After a while, his cheeks began to twitch.

“Brother…you are consuming the power of fate. What kind of proverb is it that you need to borrow this power?”

“How about the proverb of opening words, is there any help?” “

Chen Chen didn’t hide it either, he said directly.

Patted Chen Chen’s shoulder.

“There is help, the entire empty space of Hongmeng, except for the treasure of the Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos, I am afraid that the scepter of life can save you.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen relaxed.

The emperor of the Immortal Underworld is at a different time.

“Salvation can be saved, but the power of fate is not so easy to repair. Even if you bless this scepter of life with the word “soldier”, I am afraid it will take a month.”

“So long?”

Chen Chen was a little surprised.

He has seen the power of the scepter of life, even if most people die, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, the scepter of life can reshape your body and rebirth in an instant.

But now it takes a month to repair the power of one’s fate, still under the blessing of the word “Bing”.

“This proverb cannot be used casually.”

Chen Chen reminded himself secretly.

But I have to say that the formidable power of this “open” proverb is extremely amazing.

Once you use it, all the proverbs are blessed, and you equivalent to become an Immortal Emperor who masters three or four proverbs at the same time.

And the proverbs like “Bing” proverbs, which are originally completely controlled, are the treasures of Innate Primordial Chaos, and explode formidable power far more powerful than ordinary proverbs.

This strength is far beyond the ordinary Immortal Emperor.

With the addition of mung beans, I don’t know if it can be compared with the Lord of Immortal World.

“Brother, what kind of enemy did you meet that hurt yourself so much?”

The Emperor Immortal Ming asked and urged the green light to instill in Chen Chen within the body.

Chen Chen blessed the scepter of life in his hand, and then said: “An invisible life whose strength is at least the Immortal Emperor. It was destroyed by me.”

“The life of the other world “The Immortal Emperor Surprisedly said.

“It should be.”

Chen Chen replied.

After hearing this browse slightly wrinkle, the Emperor Immortal Ming seemed to think of something.

After a long time, he whispered: “This is not simple, do you know that some time ago, the ultimate team of the Yao Empire was preparing to attack my god refiner.

They are all ready to evacuate this planet. Who would have thought that seeing them about to reach the planet of refining, they finally withdrew back.

I think it may be that the Tianyao Empire has encountered a powerful enemy, and the ultimate fleet will So.

And now, brother, you have also encountered a strong enemy…I always feel that there is a connection in the middle.”

“Is there a connection?”

Chen Chen showed a thoughtful expression.

Since a long time, he decided to use the system to see how many Immortal Emperor Levels exist in this universe.

If there is any mutation, he would be a little bit mentally prepared.

“System, in the universe, how many powerhouses are in full control of Proverbs?”

System was quiet for a moment, seeming to be tracking it. Ten seconds passed before Gave the answer.

Moreover, Chen Chen was shocked by this answer.

“78 in total.”

“78! Where did so many come from?”

Chen Chen exclaimed directly.

We must know that even if the Immortal World Immortal Emperor plus the Underworld Emperor are gathered together, there are no more than thirty people, let alone the overwhelming majority Immortal Emperor nowadays, which is not in the universe at all.

Don’t dare to neglect, Chen Chen started to track the most powerhouse again.

“system, who is the most powerful powerhouse in the universe today?”

“The giant Divine Race patriarch, which is 58 million billion light-years away in the east of the host, has the strength of Seven Dao Paragon.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s pupils shrank slightly, and then he continued to ask: “Where is the second powerhouse in the universe?”

“The host Southwest is 430 million light-years away. The insect race female emperor, the strength Six Dao Paragon.”

“What about the third powerhouse……”

“The light of 72 trillion light-years north of the host is dominated by Spirit Race , The strength of Five Dao Paragon.”


Chen Chen one after another ask.

I finally found myself in the seventh powerhouse.

System calls its own realm Supreme Realm, nothing much, but under it, there are Two Dao Paragon and Three Dao Paragon.

“Where did so many powerhouses come from?”

Chen Chen was puzzled.

After a while, he suddenly thought of something. When the ghost that he killed before saw him, it seemed to say “The treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos, is it on you?” “


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