I Can Track Everything Chapter 881

“Aren’t they all looking for me?”

After such a single thought flashed through Chen Chen’s mind, he was shocked.

If so many so-called Paragon came to him, he could not resist.

Also, where is the treasure of the Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos, I haven’t counted it yet, is it possible that it was attracted by the Hongmeng Altar?

That’s possible.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s heart pressure is increasing.

The reason why I am ranked seventh is most likely because of the word “open” proverb.

If you can work hard without the word “open”, the proverb you can fully grasp is only a “soldier”. How can you compare with the real two-way Three Dao Paragon?

After all, I have a small life, and at most I can fight it once or twice.

“78? Brother, what are you talking about?”

The Emperor Immortal Ming asked curiously.

Chen Chen twitched from the corner of his eyes: “Nothing, suddenly thought of some bad past.”

After that, his expression returned to calm.

He can’t say that there might be many Paragon hunting him down.

I really want to say that, I am afraid that the Emperor Underworld will abandon himself and run away every minute.


Time flies quickly, half a month passed in a blink of an eye.

After half a month of recovery, Chen Chen’s life force has recovered almost.

Emperor Immortal Ming is also righteous. He hasn’t slackened at all for so long, and he used the scepter of life to rule Chen Chen wholeheartedly.

On this day, Chen Chen took the initiative to avoid the green light of the scepter of life.

“Old Brother, this refining star can’t stay.”

“Uh, what’s the matter?” The Immortal Emperor was puzzled.

“There is a terrifying powerhouse coming here, it should be coming soon.”

Chen Chen explained.

What he said was not alarmist.

This half a month, he used the system’s real-time tracking function to track the six powerhouses ahead of him.

He is particularly concerned about the strongest Djinn Race patriarch.

According to the tracking during this period, he estimated that Djinn Race patriarch would be here in the next three days.

He can’t get stuck at that point and leave, so it’s very necessary to run early at this moment.

“Horror powerhouse? How strong is it?”

The Immortal Emperor was shocked.

Chen Chen’s strength is already very powerful in his eyes, even if it is too Immortal Emperor or Pluto, it is only this that can make Chen Chen call it a terrifying powerhouse……

< p>Is it Lord of Immortal World?

“Lord of Immortal World is catching up?”

“No, but it is probably on the same level as Lord of Immortal World.”

Chen Chen admitted frankly .

When he heard this, Emperor Immortal Ming began to send orders without saying a word.

After half a quarter of an hour, all the cultivators on the Lian Shenxing star were on the battleship of Chen Chen’s journey.

The good news now is that those outside powerhouses do not seem to know this thing about Dao Insect hole, Chen Chen can use the wormhole to buy as much time as possible.

Before leaving, Chen Chen thought for a while, arranged a few Formations near the Lian Shenxing, and set up some technological and civilized monitoring devices, and then he drove the battleship to a remote place. Fly away.


Three days later.

Chen Chen chose a planet relatively far away from all powerhouses and settled down.

Subsequently, those monitoring devices were connected.

Soon, he saw the situation near Lian Shenxing through the imaging system of the battleship battleship.


Looking at the scene in the screen, Chen Chen spit out these two words subconsciously.

On the screen, there is only one person.

A giant that is too big to imagine, this giant crossed the Star Domain in one step, and stepped across the Star River.

Compared with this giant, the stars and planets near the star are like dust.

Chen Chen had previously obtained a giant corpse with suspected Immortal Emperor level strength in the empty space of Hongmeng.

The giant corpse is dozens of ten thousand li tall. Compared with the terrifying existence that straddles the Star River at this step, I am afraid that it is not as good as a piece of hair on the body.

This made Chen Chen couldn’t help wondering, how could there be such a huge life in this world?

It seemed that someone was peeping, the giant suddenly turned his head and looked towards the direction of Lian Shenxing.

The pair of eyes gleamed with orange light, much larger than the stars next to them.

Then Chen Chen saw a palm of his hand zooming in on the screen, and gradually, he could only see the lines of the huge palm.

But the lines are also huge, probably thousands of ten thousand li wide.

Zooming in again, Chen Chen actually saw stars in the lines. Above the stars, there are various kinds of lives, doing their own things as if nothing had happened.


The picture flickered crazily and finally turned into a blur.

Don’t even think about it, including Lian Shenxing, were all slapped into powder by this slap.

Although I can’t see anything in front of him, Chen Chen is still in shock.

In his previous life, he imagined whether the universe could actually be just a creature.

The planet they live in is just bacteria within the body of that huge creature.

Now the terrifying existence in the projection turns his fantasy into reality.

People are really transformed into an incomparable gigantic world, and this world is not the Mt. Sumeru inside the mustard seed of mung bean within the body space, but a real walking, incomparable gigantic world.

“Seven Dao Paragon…horrible!”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart, and then thoughts move, a certain distance away from the Lian Shenxing array was urged again.

Soon, the image of the giant appeared in front of him again.

This time the giant turned his back to him and followed the giant’s gaze into the distance. Chen Chen saw the billowing black river, which covered half of the Star Domain, moved towards the star The direction is surging.

Until in front of the giant, the black river just stopped.

“Who are you?”

There were cold words in the black river.

The giant looked down at the black river, his voice shook the stars nearby.

“This giant Spirit Realm lord, are you also here for the treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos?”

Black River is also a ruthless character, and I heard this. Without any further communication, he moved towards the giant and jumped on it.

hong long long!

For a time, there was a big wave shaking the sky, and Star River trembled!

“This should be the ranked fourth Paragon of the river world, right?”

Looking at this scene, Chen Chen thought about it for a while, and quickly guessed the identity of the black river.

To tell the truth, He can also become a creature. This is the first time he has seen this situation.

This Youhe Realm Paragon is ruthless, but after all, it is only Five Dao Paragon, and it is impossible to beat that giant.

The fact that Chen Chen thought he was the same, the giant Spirit Realm lord looked at the river moved towards and threw himself, sneered, and punched fiercely down!

What kind of power is this fist? So that the surrounding stars swayed with the wind like fluttering in the wind!

hong long long!

Several unknown aphorisms come out, shining dim stars with countless stars!

The next second, the simple ordinary punch blasted on the black river.

The black river is like a big bomb suddenly exploded in a small mud puddle, directly exploding a huge wave far beyond the scale of the river!

Before Chen Chen could continue watching, the giant Spirit Realm master suddenly turned around, and orange’s eyes shot two streams of light.

“Don’t peek at me anymore!”

As soon as these words came out, the world was shocked, and the Formations arranged by Chen Chen also disappeared in an instant.

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