I Can Track Everything Chapter 882

“cannot afford to offend…”

Chen Chen whispered softly.

However, he also confirmed another thing, that is, these so-called Paragons did not go all the way, and they did not even understand each other’s strengths.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen tapped his finger and drew a picture in the void, marking the position of all powerful Paragon.

If these Paragon’s goals are all self, as long as you move your position, you can control some of Paragon’s encounters.

If they fight with each other and consume some internally, that would be great.

“system, how many powerhouses in the universe have mastered the Proverbs?”

“128 bits.”

Hearing this number, Chen Chen took a deep breath.

Compared to before half a month, there is a lot more. Obviously, this number will increase over time.

There are so many powerhouses who have mastered the proverbs, it is not difficult to find the nine treasures of Innate Primordial Chaos as sacrifices.

I just don’t know if nine treasures of Innate Primordial Chaos were sacrificed, what would the Hongmeng altar look like?

Thinking about this, Chen Chen took out the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, Hidden Blade from the storage ring.


With a whisper, the Hongmeng Altar reappears in my mind and absorbed the hidden blade.

It didn’t take long for the hidden blade to completely disappear, and a “hidden” word motto appeared. Apart from this, the path leading to the altar became clear.

“Five pieces are still missing, and sooner or later the Conferred Demon Jar will have to be sacrificed, that is, four pieces are still missing.”

Chen Chen secretly calculated.

The remaining four pieces must be robbed.

Although it has not fully recovered yet, it cannot be delayed any longer.

Because I don’t know how many Paragons will come to the universe in the future, and will one day be in hiding.

At this moment of thought, Chen Chen began to track down those Paragon who only mastered one word of proverbs.

Everyone understands the principle of picking up persimmons softly.

After a while, he locked on a dozen targets.

These dozen targets are far away from those super powerhouses, he went to kill them, there is still time to escape, and he can even control a few super powerhouses to meet.


“The immortal Old Brother, do you know how many powerhouses there are in the universe today?”

Seeing the immortal Emperor is still far away Healed himself, Chen Chen leaned forward and asked softly.

No matter what, this nanny has to follow him all the time.

With a nanny and mung bean, he can deal with it even if he meets Paragon who is better than him.

“Uh, how many are there?” Emperor Immortal Ming was surprised, he didn’t know why Chen Chen asked this question.

“More than three hundred.” Chen Chen calmly said a rather exaggerated number.

Emperor Immortal Ming was really taken aback when he heard it.

“This…impossible, right? In the empty space of Hongmeng, there are that many proverbs? Can so many Paragon be accomplished?”

The immortal Emperor came back to his senses, and he will be suspicious. Tao.

Chen Chen didn’t explain, and with a wave of his hand, the scene of the fight between the giant Spirit Realm Lord and Paragon of the Youhe Realm appeared in the void.

Seeing the giant Spirit Realm lord across the Star River, the Immortal Emperor’s complexion changed.

This kind of terrifying existence far surpasses the god that he admires in mind.

At this time, Chen Chen said again: “This giant is the Lord of the Giant Spirit Realm, and one person has mastered the seven proverbs.”

The pupils of the emperor of the emperor shrank slightly.

The power of the seven proverbs, I dare not even think about it.

“According to my perception, the treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos should have been born, and it is in this universe.

This time it is not the kind of fleeting The birth, but the real birth, the immortal Old Brother, do you know what I mean?”

“Understand…These powerhouses are all from other worlds and come to compete for the strongest Innate Primordial Chaos. Treasure, if it is not for the well-known figure of every world, how can one master so much power of proverbs.”

The emperor of the emperor muttered to himself, and there was a faint emotion of high mountains in his eyes.

Obviously I realized my insignificance and realized what is called there is Heaven beyond the Heaven.

Chen Chen hit the railroad while it was hot at this time: “So many Paragon gathered together, you and I can only survive by reporting to the group.

The immortal Old Brother, do you believe me? I use” “Bing” can sense the existence of the treasure of overwhelming majority Innate Primordial Chaos.

You can also use this to infer where those true powerhouses are. In the future, you will follow me to act, and you and I will cooperate, and you will be safe. “

When he heard following me, a vigilance flashed in his eyes, and he began to look up and down Chen Chen.

Chen Chen has a sincere face and sincere eyes.

The two looked at each other for a long time, and the Immortal Emperor suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Brother, you may not know that I am the Undying Body, even if I am refining the God Emperor, I will never die. So I don’t have any survival ideas.”

Chen Chen’s expression stagnated at hearing this, and after a while, his expression became extremely solemn.

“Old Brother, this kind of mentality is bad, do you know why the Paragon I encountered before died?

Because he thinks he has mastered the word “hidden” Proverbs, no one can find him.

Who would have thought that there was such a wonderful thing as me in this world, and in the end he would have to die.

There are so many Paragons in the universe now, who master that many proverbs, If Old Brother holds this kind of mentality, there will be catastrophe sooner or later!”

When the Emperor Immortal Ming heard this, he suddenly laughed heartily, pointed at Chen Chen and said with a smile: “You kid doesn’t just want to Let me always follow you and heal your injuries? You can just say no, why bother and curse me like this?”

Chen Chen smiled awkwardly.

Indestructible Mingdi suddenly became serious again, and said: “Brother, I know you must have some unknown secrets, let me ask you, do you want to fight the strong Innate too? The treasure of Primordial Chaos?”

“Yes.” Chen Chen admitted without hesitation.

“Then I will help you, not to mention that I owe you a love. I just want to help you and see where you will go in the future. “Indestructible Mingdi said softly.

When these words came out, both of them fell silent.

Half a minute passed before Chen Chen and the Immortal Emperor looked at each other and smiled, revealing the look of wily old fox.

But the good times didn’t last long. Before Chen Chen could tell who he was going to deal with, he vaguely sensed that one of the targets had strayed into the wormhole and reached a place he knew very well.

“The Paragon under the command of the insect race empress entered the Milky Way…”

After sensing it, Chen Chen stood up immediately.

Although it is not the insect race empress who entered the galaxy, it is Paragon after all.

He knows what the strength of Paragon is, but it really needs to toss, not to mention Earth, even the solar system can’t stand the toss.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen stood up and said eagerly:

“Old Brother, how about going to destroy Paragon with me?”

Emperor Ming followed and stood up, a little surprised.

“In such a hurry, your injury is not completely healed…”

“It’s okay, we can easily deal with Paragon, who only has the power of proverbs.”

After all, Chen Chen summoned directly out of the battleship battleship and boarded it.

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