I Can Track Everything Chapter 883

Zhengtu battleship is extremely fast, and after several wormhole jumps, it reached the Milky Way.

Entering the Milky Way, Chen Chen quickly locked the target.

It is a huge insect nest, which may be the size of the solar system in terms of volume. Although it is not comparable to the insect race female emperor, it is quite scary.

The insect nest hovered quietly in a corner of the Milky Way, and a large number of planet-sized insects spread all around like a locust swarm.

Whenever the surrounding planet encounters an insect, it will be eaten up instantly.

And like this kind of insect that can destroy the planet casually, Chen Chen took a cursory look, and it was nearly 100 million!

Before I felt that the solar system could not withstand the toss, but now it seems that let alone the solar system, the Milky Way cannot withstand the toss.

What’s more terrifying is that the planet-large insects are still arranging insect eggs while flying, and those one-person-sized insect eggs can grow to the size of a mountain in just a few breaths.

It takes less than five minutes to grow from the size of a mountain to the size of several tens of thousands of li.

After that, these huge monsters continued to row insect eggs. After so many weeks, Chen Chen’s scalp was numb.

It’s no wonder that this kind of creature can occupy a world, and the reproduction efficiency is too terrifying.

“This is the Paragon we are going to deal with?”

Naturally, the Emperor Underworld also noticed the insect nest, and the corners of his eyes twitched uncontrollably.

“en. ”

Chen Chen is nodded with solemn expression.

The next second, he suddenly thought of something, turned his head and said to the emperor indestructible: “Old Brother, you hold him, I will go back.”

Chen Chen also released the mung beans to eliminate the worries of the immortal Emperor.

Indestructible Mingdi originally wanted to say something, but when he saw Mung Bean, he swallowed those words.

No matter how powerful the insect nest is, it can only master a motto.

He and Tudou do not say that they can kill each other 100%, but it is absolutely no problem to drag them.

As for other insects, he is not in my eyes yet.

“Go ahead, just leave this to us.” The Emperor Underworld waved his hand.

Chen Chen was not polite, turned around and moved towards the solar system and flew away.

The place he is going to is naturally Earth. At the breeding speed of the insect nest and the flying speed of the insects, maybe an insect has already arrived near Earth.

So he dared not delay anything.

As for leaving it to other people to deal with this matter, he even dare not. Other people weren’t born in Earth. If the fight is not serious or serious, Earth is probably gone.


At the same time, above Earth, numerous alarms are sounding.

Various radars simultaneously detected a giant creature moving towards Earth and flying at extremely fast speed.

But because this incident happened so suddenly, every country on Earth was not prepared.

When a group of high-level officials began to communicate countermeasures, the giant creature had already passed through the atmosphere and hit a continent.


In the northern hemisphere, an international metropolis with a dense flow of people, it was the morning when everyone had just arrived at work.

In the city, tall buildings stand in great numbers, and various vehicles to-and-fro.

At this moment, everyone received a message at the same time.

In the city, busy people looked towards their mobile phones at the same time.

There is only one warning on the phone.

“There is an alien creature coming! Escape!”

Most people think this is a joke, not at all seriously, put down the phone and continue working.

But less than ten seconds later, it got dark.

Many people walked to the window curiously and moved towards the sky to look.

I saw a huge black monster with a height of a kilometer slowly falling down and covering the sky.

Seeing this scene, the whole city panicked. In just half a minute, the city became a mess.

Countless private cars rushed out of the garage and drove crazily on the street, with traffic lights in vain.

Everyone has only a single thought in their minds, that is to leave this ghost place.

However, due to the fact that too many vehicles were on the road at the same time, all the roads were soon blocked, and even some large vehicles ran into the road completely regardless of the life or death of others.

Many people gave up their vehicles and ran wildly on the road.

For a time, screams and the cracking of various things filled the whole city.

Of course, he took out his mobile phone and patted the huge monster in the sky.

Aites looked at the countless creatures sprinting around like trivial ant, without the slightest fluctuation in his heart.

It is the tenth generation descendant of the insect race Paragon. It was born five minutes ago. There is only one instruction in its mind to destroy everything it encounters and slaughter all the creatures it can see.

hong long long!

With a violent roar, Aites stood on the ground.

It is covered with shiny black armor, two horns growing on the head, like a huge, standing cockroach, and the tall buildings all around can only reach its waist.

Seeing the obtrusive buildings around, Aites waved a huge pliers casually, and a four or five hundred-storey high-rise building collapsed after pushing the golden mountain and falling down on the jade pillar.

In an instant, countless trivial ant-like lives are buried in the ruins.

In its eyes, there is nothing high or low, some are just destruction.

Not far away, on the wide street, there are many beautiful cars passing through the street at high speed, trying to escape, the roar of their engines can be heard as far away as several li.

Aites noticed the small and fast things, so he stretched out a leg and stepped on it.


A shocking sound!

The ground of several li around the radius directly collapsed, and some vehicles were even crushed to pieces.

There are also vehicles that are so fast that they can escape this step.

But with this foot falling is a terrifying shock wave, the next second, the shock wave swept all around, whether it is a moving or stationary vehicle, or a surviving crowd, all in one It flew out like a cannonball in an instant, and in the blink of an eye, it hit various obstacles and turned into a pile of scum.

As for those tall buildings, they were also slowly collapsed under this foot.

Aites is reaping his life mercilessly, and the city center of a city is in ruins within one minute of its random manipulation.

Just as it was preparing to continue to expand its scope of destruction, dozens of streams of light in the distant sky came towards it at great speed.

bang bang bang!

When it reacted, dozens of missiles had exploded on its body!

For a time, the fire blazed into the sky, and the mushroom cloud steamed up. In this brief moment, the temperature around Aites reached a million degrees Celsius!


A neighing sound shook the sky, and terrifying sound waves instantly shook the several dozen li high-rise buildings into lime powder, leaving only the steel bars standing in the dusty city. Shao’s corpse, which had lost his life, turned into blood mist in the sound waves.

In the mushroom cloud, the black armor on Aites just turned red.

These attacks failed to hurt it, but it made it completely angry!

There was another neigh, and Aites jumped ten thousand meters! Then it fell from the air at an extreme speed, and finally hit the ground like a cannonball!


The whole city was like a Level 12 earthquake. All buildings were shaken to the sky, and the ground was shaken like broken glass, everywhere It’s a crack.

Then the earth’s crust began to collapse, and lava groundwater spewed out. In only half a minute, the altitude of the entire city dropped by 100 meters, and within the city, it became a mass of paste.

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