I Can Track Everything Chapter 884

“Use nuclear weapons!”

In a secret military base, an Elderly with gray hair roared.

The tragedy of the city and the entire military base can be seen clearly through satellite images. It has become that way, naturally there are no other worries.

“But the use of nuclear weapons requires…Do you want to contact…”

Someone next to him retorted softly.

“Immediately, launch now!”

The gray-haired old man snarled, while speaking, he had already posted it before the screen.

On the screen, the huge monster is growing up quickly. It was just as big as a kilometer, but now it has reached two kilometers.

You know, only a few minutes have passed.

What’s more terrifying is that it is still multiplying at an extremely alarming rate, and dozens of truck-sized insects have appeared in the ruins.

Seeing this scene, his pupils kept shrinking, and his hairs were standing up.

After that, regardless of what other people thought, he rushed to the launch pad and pressed the launch.

in an instant, a huge nuclear bomb soared into the sky and blasted away.

But nuclear weapons military bases are not as dense as other bases. The nuclear bomb flew for a full five minutes before reaching the vicinity of the monster.

At this time, the huge insect has grown to a height of three kilometers, and it is huge like a mountain!

Seeing the nuclear bomb hit, Giant Insect suddenly let out a scream, and the extremely powerful sound wave instantly diffused all around, wherever it passed, everything turned into dust.

Even the outer shell of the nuclear bomb was twisted instantly.

hong long!

A huge cloud of mushrooms steamed up, and the nuclear bomb exploded thousands of meters away from the Giant Insect. The terrifying impact shook the Giant Insect back several steps, and then fell down. On the ground.

What followed was terrifying heat and deadly radiation.

However, these do not seem to have much impact on Giant Insect, but those small insects melted under the high temperature.


The Giant Insect who stood up let out another neigh, and then moved towards another city and ran.


This scene was clearly seen by the leaders of every country in the world.

However, in one minute, leaders of various countries held a video conference.

“What to do? At this time you big countries should stand up!” A leader of a small country panicked.

“According to computer modeling, this monster can grow to the point where it can destroy Earth in an hour.”

“What? One hour? One hour all the planes in our country fly Not there!”

“In fact, the time given to us is only twenty minutes, because after twenty minutes, it will grow to a stage where it is completely fearless of nuclear weapons.”

As soon as this word came out, all the leaders were silent.

But after only a few seconds, someone opened the mouth and said: “Don’t think about it, now, immediately, with monsters as the center, within a radius of 500,000 kilometers, all nuclear weapons at nuclear weapons bases Launch at the same time and blast towards the monster. If you don’t succeed, you will become benevolent.”

“But doing so…most of the continent will be destroyed…When the time comes, hundreds of millions of people will die…”


“Shut up! I have given the order!”

“As for… the residents of that land, let them know through various media and let them… In the last ten or twenty minutes of life, I will be able to return to my family…”

Speaking of this, the voice choked, and then one after another crying began to appear in the video conference.

But the order was passed on. At this moment, the world and the country reached a consensus.

That is to destroy the monster at all costs, and it is less than twenty minutes since the monster appeared.

After a while, a video suddenly appeared on a huge billboard of a landmark building in a city in northern China.

That was a video of Elderly in military uniform bending over and bowing with a solemn expression.

“Everyone must have known what happened in the monster through the news. Due to the urgent time, I will make a long story short.

You have less than twenty minutes in your life. Earth will not be destroyed and decided to use nuclear bomb coverage bombing.

The monster can grow to the point where a nuclear bomb cannot be destroyed in 20 minutes, so this is the only way, and when the time comes, you will be affected Spread, without exception.

This is not a joke, I’m sorry.

In addition, don’t panic, don’t riot, don’t waste the last twenty minutes of your life on unnecessary things.

If Earth can escape this catastrophe, history will remember you.”

Except for that huge screen, all other channels also broadcast this video.

People in hundreds of cities across most of the continent soon learned of the news.

Soon, hundreds of cities fell into panic.

But the panic disappeared before long, because all the screen images became the rapidly growing monster.

Looking at the hideous image and listening to the sharp neighing sound, most people quickly accepted the reality.

Some ordinary persons close to home put down their work and quickly moved towards home.

As for those who are far away, those who couldn’t make it back took out their mobile phones and computers to connect with their family members.


In the corner of the city, a dirty-clothed hobo lifts the head, looking at the huge monster on the skyscraper screen in the distance, lightly sighed, and then quietly Sitting on the side of the road, he picked up the stray dog ​​that had been with him.

The people coming, people going next to him, the traffic police still hasn’t left, and they are still directing the cars to come and go in a hurry.

Looking at the traffic and pedestrians, the homeless man’s eyes were blank.

Home this thing, he disappeared very early, what should he do in the last twenty minutes of his life?

wu wu wu ……

At this moment, the stray dog ​​in his arms stuck out his tongue and lightly licked his face.

The homeless man lowered his head and looked at the big black dog, which was about as thin as him, dirty, and kind-eyed, slightly startled, then suddenly laughed and hugged the big black dog tighter A bit.

At this moment, a somewhat urgent voice came from behind.

“I really have nothing to do, come in and eat a full meal! Eat whatever you want, damn! I rush home!”

On the other side, In a Peak villa in the city, an old man lies quietly on a chair, looking at the blue sky.

A middle age person with a straight suit next to him looked at such a laid-back old man and said eagerly: “Chairman, the helicopter is ready for you! You can board the plane!”


“Ai, Xiao Li, what’s the use? It’s too late.”

The old man shook his chair and glanced at the phone beside him.

Seeing this, the middle age person stomped his feet bitterly, turned around and moved towards the apron not far away.

He walked on his front foot, and the cell phone next to the old man rang.

Seeing the familiar number, the old man smiled and pressed the answer button.

“Dad, I heard that something happened to you! Taking advantage of these last few minutes, can you explain your will?”

When he heard this, the old man’s smile suddenly froze , The recliner stopped shaking.

The man in the phone is still talking to himself.

“Dad, speak up, this company has given me a lot of credit, should I allocate 50% of my shares?”


With a long sigh, the old man hung up his phone, his eyes a little confused, the incomparable gigantic villa was like a huge cage at the moment, making him a little breathless.

A few more seconds later, the phone rang again, and the old man saw it as a video invitation.

After choosing to accept, a boy and a girl two and a half-sized dolls were crying in the video with their noses and tears. This is his grandson and granddaughter who is traveling abroad.

And his daughter cried secretly behind the two dolls.

“Grandpa, don’t die!”

Although the child’s words were straightforward, there was a kind smile on the old man’s face.

“It’s okay. Grandpa is getting old, and this life is worth it. From now on, you must live well and listen to your mother.”

“no! Don’t!”

My grandson cried and turned into a painted face, with a toy of the transforming device in his hand, and no matter how he shakes it, the transforming device did not respond.

Seeing this scene, the corners of the old man’s eyes are faintly moist.

In this huge villa, he once thought he had everything, but at this time, he knew what he really had.

Fortunately, although I was a little embarrassed just now, I didn’t have everything when I left.

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