I Can Track Everything Chapter 885

In a blink of an eye, fifteen minutes passed.

Hundreds of cities on the mainland have gradually returned to quietness, and only some pitiful persons, who are at a loss, are still walking aimlessly on the streets.

At this moment, the picture on the huge screen of the building suddenly changed, turning into a picture of countless nuclear bombs.

whiz whiz whiz!

Nuclear bombs representing the destructive power of human cream of the crop rose into the sky, moved towards the same place and shot away.

Looking at this scene, the embracing couple became tighter.

The people who connected the video with their family in a foreign country hung up the video. They were too ugly for fear of death, leaving a psychological shadow on the family.

I also have a lot of heart, and I still play games in Internet cafes and hit the keyboard frantically.

“Damn it, I have five minutes left, hurry up and play a group!”

“Brother, where are you? Go and be with your family, you can’t even fight at this time. Games.” Teammates and enemies persuaded at the same time.

“I’m an orphan, and I have a hammer family. Don’t worry, my background is a proper protagonist template, and I will traverse it later. In the future, I have boundless prospects, and you still consider you. Do it yourself, play a group, hurry up…”

Of course, more people focused their attention on the nuclear bombs launched, they wanted to see Is their sacrifice worth it?

Five minutes is extremely short, but at this moment it has become extremely long.

In hundreds of cities, hundreds of millions of people held their breath, looking forward to the scene of earth shattering.

At this moment, Giant Insect Ates also faintly sensed the threat, stopped flying, and landed beside a mountain.

This mountain is more than a thousand meters above sea level, but today it is not as high as its knees.

After stopping, Aites continuously glanced around, trying to find where the dangerous thing was, but no matter how it looked, there was no abnormality.

The Giant Insects it gave birth also became restless at this moment, and began to dig into the ground frantically, trying to get into the ground.


Under this repression, Aites couldn’t help but scream up to the sky.

As soon as it raised its head, the corner of its eyes caught the streamer lasing from a distance.

The streamer is very familiar. It almost hurt it twenty minutes ago, but was destroyed by it.

It could be destroyed at that time, let alone now.

Just when it is ready to repeat its tricks and destroy the streamer again. A large number of trailing clouds suddenly appeared among the clouds in the distance.

Aites’s huge pupils began to shrink rapidly, and the number of trailing clouds was terrifying, there were thousands of them!

Seeing this scene, its eyes began to show instinctive panic.


A neighing sound came out, and the two recent nuclear bombs directly exploded!

The powerful shock wave made it stagger for a while, but also interrupted its neighing.

Thousands of nuclear bombs fell around it like rain!

hong long! hong long!

A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering explosion sounded! The thousand-meter-high mountains directly decomposed and disappeared!

Countless mushroom clouds rose up around Aites, and it didn’t take long for a terrifying storm to form, spreading rapidly all around, wherever it went, mountains bursting and ground splitting, nothing was not destroyed! Even the soil was bombarded into an atomic state!

In the beginning, people could still see some pictures, but in the end they could only see a dazzling white light, as if a sun fell there.

People in those hundreds of cities looked at the white light on the screen, felt the sudden strong wind around them and the natural phenomenon in the sky, and knew that their time limit was up.

The people who were quite calm at the beginning couldn’t bear the fear of death after all, and began to cry loudly while holding the closest person, while saying some parting words.

This death took more than two minutes, but the imaginary shock wave of destruction did not come, and even the surrounding wind stopped.

Looking at the sky far away, I don’t know when, all the natural phenomenon turns into a big sun and rises into the sky.

“This…this is…”

Everyone looked towards the big day, their eyes are full of surprise, even the leaders of the countries who are always paying attention to this matter is also like this.

Until they magnified the picture on the screen a hundred times, they did not notice…

Under the big day, there seemed to be a silhouette!

The man held up the sky with one hand, and the terrifying shock wave formed by the explosion of thousands of nuclear bombs could not break that hand, as if that hand was a moat!

Above the moat is endless destruction, and below the moat is a stable world!

Isolate Heaven and Earth with one hand!

Even the huge monster sat on the ground and looked towards the person above with a bewildered expression.

“…Is this a human?”

“Fak! This is God!”

“Spiritual God!”

“The power of nuclear bombs, only this.”

Chen Chen looked at the dazzling light above and lightly said with a smile.

In his palm, the thousand exploded nuclear bombs were forcibly compressed back by him.

For mortals, these thousands of nuclear bombs may be a devastating disaster.

But for him, it is almost the same as the bubble water a child blows.

What storms can the bubble water fall into his palm?

Don’t say it caused harm, even if it exploded, it couldn’t explode, and he could only slam into his palm.


With a whisper, Chen Chen increased his strength a little. Thousands of exploded nuclear bombs were compressed by him to the size of a football and fell on him. In the palm of the hand, the well-behaved can’t be better.

Then he looked towards the frightened big insect below.

Giant Insect Aites also noticed Chen Chen’s gaze, and the desire for destruction in his mind prompted him to make a scream, and then without the slightest hesitation waving the huge black armor pliers moved towards the upper part The tiny creature slashed away.

Chen Chen glanced at his mouth, with a burst of energy from his fingertips, he shook the scattered ashes and smoke dispersed with the black armor.

Suddenly, Aites suffered a severe blow, and immediately grew his mouth, looking up to the sky with a miserable neigh.

However, in the next second, it won’t be able to call it out, because the silhouette above has already reached its front, and the sphere that has just been compressed has been inserted into its mouth.


A weird voice came from its mouth, and Aites only felt his body burning extremely hot, as if it was about to explode.

After that, it really exploded, and blazing flames burst from it within the body, but within a few breaths, it turned into a pile of burnt and rotten meat, scattered on On the plains ravaged by shock waves.


Looking at the pile of rotten meat below, Chen Chen whispered.

The voice fell, and a breeze blew on the ground, wherever the breeze passed, whether it was rotten meat or a small insect that was not dead, there were scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

At the same time, the mountain that had just been flattened suddenly rose from the ground, and the one after another tree grew like bamboo shoots after a rain.

After half a minute, within the radius of several thousands li, the previous appearance was restored, as if nothing had happened.

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