I Can Track Everything Chapter 886

Satellite cameras monitored this scene, and then projections went to all parts of the world.

Those people who were originally in despair looked at the silhouette floating in the sky on the screen, and were stunned for a while, some of them couldn’t believe it.

The leaders of the countries reacted first, and hurriedly ordered: “Zoom in! Zoom in!”

Soon, the silhouettes on the screens began to zoom in. After a while, A figure wearing a white clothed and fluttering back appeared in everyone’s eyes.

“The fairy…legendary fairy!”

“The fairy really exists!”

Many people shouted, and then moved tears to their eyes. .

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded across the sky.

“Recently, the entire universe may not be peaceful, so please do it for yourself.”

The voice fell, and the white clothed back figure on the screen suddenly turned sideways slightly, looking back, and at the same time Exposed a picturesque handsome side face.


A soft laugh resounded between Heaven and Earth, and then looking at the screen, the white clothed person had disappeared without a trace.


Without the surveillance of satellites, Chen Chen found two reliable immortals from Small World to stay on Earth.

Earth is remote after all, and no too powerful Giant Insect has arrived.

Although the Giant Insect looked scary just now, in terms of strength, it is actually far from all immortals.

So leaving two fairies here is enough to protect Earth from danger.

Everything was arranged. Chen Chen used the system to track it first, and determined that there was no threat to the solar system far away, and then moved towards the direction where the insect race Paragon was located.

After a few breaths.

Chen Chen has come behind the Immortal Emperor and Mung Bean, and it has only been half an hour since he left.

At this time, the Indestructible Hades is fighting with the huge insect race Paragon.

But I have to say that the nanny of the Immortal Mingdi is really limited in attack power, and even now, she has not been able to hurt the insect race Paragon.

As for mung beans, there is nothing to do with soy sauce.

Detecting Chen Chen’s return, the old face of the Indestructible Mingdi couldn’t be pulled down, and he used four Attack Type proverbs that he could not fully control, and moved towards the insect race Paragon blasted past.

Chen Chen didn’t rush to take action. He also wanted to see what insect race is good at.

After the power of the Four Proverbs flew out, the insect race Paragon, entrenched like a black hole, did not move at all.

On the contrary, the hundreds of millions of small insects boiled, and the moved towards the four attacks ran into it.

At the same time, a motto suddenly appeared in the eyes of the insect race Paragon who was hiding behind countless insects.

As soon as this motto came out, a huge network suddenly appeared among hundreds of millions of small insects.

The next second, four attacks hit the worm net.

Hi! hiss! hiss!

Various kinds of strange Insect Cry voices one after another, and the four attacks spread to hundreds of millions of insect races through the worm net.

The attack of the Emperor Underworld is not a complete power of proverbs. Now that the damage is shared by hundreds of millions of insect races, the formidable power is really limited.

It didn’t take long for the four attacks to be wiped out in the worm net.

In this short period of time, the insect race Paragon has eliminated a large number of insect eggs.

Looking at this scene, the Immortal Emperor retreated behind Chen Chen, his face was ugly and said: “Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, I don’t like killing, let this thing be left to you.”


Chen Chen laughed did not say anything to lose the face of Emperor Ming Emperor, but moved towards the insect race Paragon and flew over.

Those insects along the way were about to net, Chen Chen body flashed and teleported directly to the insect race Paragon.

To be honest, the insect race Paragon is about the size of the solar system, and Chen Chen standing in front of it, no one is the size of a cell.

Insect race Paragon felt the crisis and quickly backed away.

“The proverb that can disperse attacks…”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, and then he waved his hand suddenly, and the battleship battleship turned into hundreds of thousands of pieces, Supreme Treasure, appeared Behind him, in an instant, behind him was flooded with Baoguang.

Then the word “Bing” flew out and blessed on the Supreme Treasure of hundreds of thousands of pieces.

The loose precious light instantly became dazzling, and combined into a star.

Heng starlight awn ten thousand zhang, each rays of light represents an attack, and moved towards insect race Paragon attacks away.

Seeing this, the insect race Paragon opened its mouth larger than the planet, and in an instant, countless Giant Insects finally spurted out of it.

Obviously, these Giant Insects are its reserves, and each one has the strength comparable to the fairy King level.

In just a few breaths, it sprayed hundreds of thousands of heads.

Hundreds of thousands of king-level creatures, if the Immortal Emperor does not come out, they can destroy the Three Realms in minutes.

Rao Chen Chen felt a little scalp tingling after seeing this scene.

It’s just an insect race and a Paragon. There are so many terrifying existence hidden in the belly. What is the strength of the insect race empress?

Hundreds of thousands of Giant Insect faced Chen Chen’s stream of light, and soon formed a giant net that blocked the insect race Paragon.

The countless avenues Supreme Treasure blessed by the word “Bing” are indeed powerful, but they cannot break this defense.

Seeing his subordinates blocked the attack, the insect race Paragon let out a loud scream, and hundreds of millions of slightly weaker insect race flew up and down again, and moved towards Chen Chen pounced.

These insect races turned into a big net in the air under the blessing of the bizarre motto.

After waiting a few seconds, Dawang has wrapped Chen Chen all directions up, down, left, and right.

Chen Chen wanted to teleport subconsciously, but under the urging of divine sense, he discovered that Divine Consciousness could not cross the giant net.

The principle of his teleportation is to condense a fleshy body elsewhere, and then the Primordial Spirit descends.

Now that Divine Consciousness cannot be reached, the Primordial Spirit naturally cannot be reached.

Seeing the giant net getting closer and closer, Chen Chen suddenly thought of a cultivation technique in his mind.

“Heavenly demon practice Dafa together.”

Shouted in a low voice, Chen Chen’s surroundings were instantly submerged by black light, and then countless demons shot out from the black light, blasting towards Those Giant Insect.

However, the number of Giant Insects is too amazing. Chen Chen’s efforts to promote the cultivation technique were able to blast several millions of demons.

Several millions The magic seed instantly controls the Giant Insect of the multiple millions.

Chen Chen is also welcome, and directly let the magic seed devour the Giant Insect’s cultivation base, trying to suck these Giant Insects to death, and then control the magic seed to swallow other Giant Insects after being replenished.

However, a strange scene happened at this time, and the huge “net” came into play again!

The cultivation base of hundreds of millions of Giant Insects actually instilled several millions Giant Insect within the body along the net and saved their lives!

Chen Chen’s gaze suddenly brightened when he saw this, and the power of the terrifying cultivation base returned to him within the body, making him unable to resist roar towards the sky!


In the next second, a huge “fa” word rose from behind him! Several millions of magic seeds burst into light, turning into several millions of black holes, exploding in those Giant Insect within the body!

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