I Can Track Everything Chapter 889

Just as Chen Chen was puzzled, his Divine Consciousness, the source of everything, suddenly sensed two very special fluctuations.

These two special waves do not buy in the universe, and they are far away from the universe.

But Chen Chen can feel that these two waves are extremely powerful, so powerful that they are far beyond the giant Spirit Realm master, so that he doesn’t need to sense them carefully. Those two waves are like bright lights in the night. Minutes to remind him of their existence,

“Could it be Badao, or Nine Dao Paragon?”

Chen Chen muttered to himself in his heart, and then felt it carefully, very Two nouns appeared in his mind soon.

“The evil of the beginning, the sin of the beginning.”

These should be two creatures, but the names are quite strange,

Chen Chen frowned, I did a good search for where the two Nine Dao Paragons are.

The result position coincides with those two strange creatures.

This does not mean that the two strange creatures are Nine Dao Paragon, but that Nine Dao Paragon and the original evil, the original sin are in the same place.

Perceiving this situation, Chen Chen faintly felt that there was a secret hidden in it.

Following four Eight Dao Paragons, only one was found. It was motionless in the remote place of Hong this Meng. As for the other three, I don’t know if it was born or what happened. Chen Chen didn’t feel it anyway. To.

The eight Seven Dao Paragons are quite complete. In addition to the giant Spirit Realm master, there are six others on the way to the universe…

As for the remaining one It seemed that it was also in the universe. Chen Chen carefully investigated and found that one on Lian Shenxing.

If nothing happens, it should be Lord of Immortal World.



After a long time of observation, Chen Chen lightly sighed, got the heart of the origin, and had the Divine Consciousness of the origin , This is certainly not a small promotion for him.

But how much does the real offensive defensive ability not at all improve?

Today, that many Paragons with more than five realms in the universe have set their goals on themselves, how should they respond?

You can’t always run away, right?

Just as he was at a loss, the Immortal Emperor suddenly came to him with a serious expression.

“Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, Lord Pluto has arrived at Lian Shen, he called me back, what should I do?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen does not have to think Everyone knows that the so-called Underworld should take refuge in the Lord of Immortal World.

Otherwise, the two are impossible to live together in peace.

Since a long time of silence, Chen Chen sincerely said: “Unbreakable man, you always think I have something special, I will not hide it from you today…”

The emperor suddenly became serious when he heard this expression.

“The treasure of the Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos is on me. The reason why the universe gathers so many Paragons now comes from the treasure of the Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos, including Lord of Immortal World and Hades.

You can go now, but after you leave, you and I will see you later, maybe we will be enemies.”

Chen Chen finished in one breath After that, there was a sense of relief in my heart.

Emperor Immortal Underworld was also bewildered when he heard this.

He knew that Chen Chen might have a great opportunity, but he didn’t expect it to be the treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos, and he told him directly.

This makes him feel mixed.

To be honest, if he had such treasures, he would definitely not tell anyone alone, just bury it in his heart.

“There are so many Paragons in the universe that are making trouble for you, don’t you surely die?”

After a long silence, the Emperor Underworld murmured.

Chen Chen shook the head.

“That’s not necessarily, I am not weak now, even more how those Paragon are also competitors with each other. During this period of time, they have been fighting each other and have already killed a lot of powerhouse.”

“After all, you are alone and alone.”

The Immortal Emperor interrupted Chen Chen.

Chen Chen slightly startled and did not say anything to refute.

Now he has the strength to help. I am afraid that only Mung Bean is the only one. Compared to the giant Spirit Realm lord, compared to the insect race female emperor, Lord of Immortal World, they are indeed single powers. solitary.

“Who said he was alone and lonely?”

At this moment, a hoarse voice suddenly came from the distant void.

Chen Chen and the Indestructible Underworld Emperor hearing this turned their heads at the same time, and saw a wolf head appearing in the void.

Then the wolf head became clearer and clearer, and gradually turned into a giant wolf and appeared in front of Chen Chen and the Immortal Emperor.

“It’s you…”

This giant wolf Chen Chen has seen it. It was the one that was sleeping on the moon at the beginning, and it seemed to be called the wolf swallowing.

At that time, after he got Splitting Heaven Ax, the Devourer was born. Since the opponent did not show any hostility, he didn’t embarrass the Devourer and let it leave.

didn’t expect Now Devouring Wolf came to him again.

“What do you mean?”

Chen Chen asked curiously.

The body of the devouring wolf flashed and turned into a tall robust man wearing a wolf mask, and then one-knee kneels fell in front of Chen Chen.

“The subordinates devour the wolf and have seen the god.”

Chen Chen was a little confused, and his body flashed to the side subconsciously.

Seeing this, Devouring Wolf calmly explained: “God, the original heart was born in this universe. In fact, the power of the original proverbs all came from the universe, but some changes happened later. Only the creatures in the cultivation.

In fact, at the beginning of the universe, there were many Paragons, even the two Nine Dao Paragons and the four Eight Dao Paragons all came from the universe. .

After all, this universe is Hongmeng’s first world.”

Speaking of this, the tone of Wolf-Eater was full of arrogance, and the Immortal Emperor next to him was shocked. I have to be confused, my eyes are full of suspicion.

Chen Chen saw that Wolf-Eater’s words did not seem to be false, and he was silent for a moment and said: “Get up, and tell me specifically about the two Nine Dao Paragons, the evil of the beginning and the sin of the beginning. What’s the matter, and why do you call me the deity?”

Wolf-Eat Hearing this stood up, looked subconsciously towards the distance, and there was a color of nostalgia in Green’s eyes.

It took a long time before he slowly said: “At the beginning of Hongmeng opened up, the original heart created the first proverb, and then these proverbs gradually divided, from one to two, from two to four…< /p>

Innate Lifeform, which was born among us, naturally took advantage and made Paragon one by one.

But with the passage of time, the universe gradually expanded and various worlds appeared, The two Nine Dao Paragons found an anomaly.

The later the life race was born, the more evil it became.

At the beginning, the two Nine Dao Paragons did not at all care too much. , Until one day, two of the four Eight Dao Paragons suddenly got into a dispute, leading the 10,000 tribes under their command to set off a protracted race war.

At this time, the two Nine Dao Paragons realized the matter. It’s not right.

So they searched hard in the cosmos, and finally found the two companions of the original heart, the sin of the original and the evil of the original.

These two things can be called Myriad Evil Origin, which constantly exudes evil aura. When living beings absorb this evil aura, they will have various negative emotions and even negative personalities…”

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