I Can Track Everything Chapter 890

“I said you may not believe it. When this Harmony was first opened, there were no emotions such as jealousy, greed, and hatred, but these emotions were born because of the original sin and the original evil.

Because of the birth of these emotions, there was a gap between Paragon and Paragon, and there was a contradiction between race and race.”

The wolf slowly said.

Chen Chen listens to Heavenly Book.

There was no such thing as jealousy and greed in this world. Is this a joke?

Although he thought so in his heart, he still asked: “What happened later?”

“Two Nine Dao Paragon deductions, if left alone, an unimaginable kind will eventually be born Destroy emotions, when the time comes, there will be no trust, no emotion, no order between creatures and creatures.

And then there will be endless battles, and then , It is destruction to welcome all the world of Hongmeng.

As the life of Hongmeng at the beginning, the two Nine Dao Paragons naturally do not want to see Hongmeng’s future as such a result.

Since then, they have been staying beside the evil of Yuanchu and the sin of Yuanchu, using their power to suppress these two Myriad Evil Origins. It is precisely because of this that Hongmeng has continued to this day.

But the two Nine Dao Paragons know that this is only a temporary solution, not the root cause, and one day they will not be able to withstand the erosion of Myriad Evil Origin.

The one who can end Myriad Evil Origin may only be the one who has completely grasped the heart of the origin.”

“You said that person is me?”

Chen Chen pointed to himself, Quite speechless in my heart.

Is feeling for yourself or Savior the destiny?

The wolf devouring lightly sighed said: “The original heart is very special, and Innate Lifeform cannot control it. When Hongmeng was opened, many Innate Lifeforms tried it, and no one succeeded.

Two Nine Dao Paragon deduced that only the born creatures have the opportunity to control the original heart.

It must be divided nine times and more than two thousand proverbs can be born before its power can be weakened to be controlled by the born creatures The point.

So this is countless billions of years. Seeing that more than two thousand proverbs have been born in Hongmeng, I hope that when it is approaching…

, The two Nine Dao Paragons discovered that all the acquired creatures have been eroded by Myriad Evil Origin, and in this cosmos, there is no longer a possibility for the born creatures to completely control the heart of the origin.”

” What to do then?”

Chen Chen frowned.

At this time, Devouring Wolf looked towards Chen Chen, his eyes full of admiration.

“In fact, aside from the two Nine Dao Paragons, the two fought against each other, and finally the Eight Dao Paragon was perish together, and there were two other Eight Dao Paragons.

One of them was Paragon Samsara, the other is Nancheng Paragon.

Seeing Hongmeng’s irretrievable hope, Paragon Samsara chose to surrender, abandon the body of Innate, and use the power of the powerful reincarnation proverbs to reincarnate and become an afterlife.

Such an infinite cycle, Paragon Samsara reincarnates 300 billion times, suffered the pain of reincarnation, and tasted all the ups and downs of the world.

This is where this life meets the source. The request of the first heart has successfully absorbed the original heart.

As for Nancheng Paragon, in order not to be affected by Myriad Evil Origin, he embarked on the same path as the other two Eight Dao Paragons, and also for him Ri was able to help Paragon Samsara and chose to self-seal.

There are eleven other Paragons, including me, who made the same choice as him.”

Heard here , Chen Chen figured it out.

I should be a certain life of Paragon Samsara.

It’s just reincarnation three hundred billion times, does he have anything to do with the Paragon Samsara back then?

Chen Chen is unknown.

But fortunately, he can’t remember his previous experience, otherwise the ups and downs of 300 billion rebirths may cause him to collapse in an instant.

Apart from this, I suddenly knew that he had such a major mission on his shoulders, and his inner pressure was still great.

“The reason why your subordinates call you the deity is because you are the only existence that has the opportunity to be in charge of all things in ancient times. It is right to call you the deity.”

The wolf devoured sincerely.

“Then why are they fighting with me again?”

Chen Chen lifts the head asked.

They are naturally the giant Spirit Realm master and other Paragons.

“Because the evil and sins of Yuanchu can feel threatened, they will naturally not let you grow.

Moreover, the heart of Yuanchu is affected by you. Transformed into a treasure that can be recognized by other creatures as the Master.”

The wolf replied.

“If that is robbed by others, what will be the consequences?”

Chen Chen asked again.

“Others will become gods of ten thousand ways, and their inner Evil Thought will rapidly enlarge, eventually leading Myriad Evil Origin to break through the blockade of the two Nine Dao Paragons, turning the entire cosmos into a paradise of “evil”. “

The mood grave is authentic.


“How can I fully grasp the original heart?”

“You have to realize it yourself.”

< p>“Where is my helper?” Chen Chen asked a key question.

“They are all self-sealed, and you need to unblock them one after another. This is the name of the other eleven Paragons.”

Wolf said while sending a piece of silk to Chen Chen’s hands.

Chen Chen looked at those names and cooperated with Divine Consciousness of Shangyuanchu, and quickly locked everyone’s position.

But without exception, none of them are in the universe.

But fortunately there is such a person, who is in the empty space not far from the universe. It will not take long to rush over now.

“Old Brother is immortal, now you know what you should know, and what you shouldn’t know, what are you going to do next?”

Chen Chen turn The head looked towards the Immortal Emperor Ming.

The Indestructible Underworld Emperor hehe said with a smile: “I naturally stand on your side. By the way, if I heard you right, there should be an Eight Dao Paragon on your side, right?”< /p>

Chen Chen hearing this play said with a smile: “You are a trending flame, I think you may be contaminated by the Myriad Evil Origin.”

Without refuting, he just closed his eyes and began to close his eyes to rest.

Chen Chen saw this laughed, and then said to the wolf, “Let’s go and release the one closest to us, Doom Paragon, right?”

“Yes That adult.”

The wolf-gorge seems to have thought of something, and his face is slightly ugly.

Chen Chen didn’t think too much when he saw this, he said directly: “Then we will go now.”

After that, he moved towards the direction guided by Divine Consciousness at the beginning. go with.


All the way through the wormhole, avoiding the Peak Paragon. Two days later, Chen Chen escaped from the universe and came to the empty space of Hongmeng.

At the same time, he also saw the place of system guidance.

It was a huge rotting monster corpse, floating quietly in the empty space of Hongmeng, no one cared.

Know that there are no microorganisms in Hongmeng empty space, so there is no decay phenomenon.

And the reason why this corpse is rancid, I am afraid there is a deeper reason.

Thinking about it, Chen Chen scanned the rotten corpse again with Yuanchu Divine Consciousness.

I finally sensed a treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos in the corpse within the body, called the Book of Decay.

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