I Can Track Everything Chapter 891

Recalling the process of taking out Splitting Heaven Ax and releasing the wolf devouring, Chen Chen tried to take out the decaying book from the corpse.

Because of his mastery of the word “Bing”, it is not difficult for him to take out a treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.

After several attempts, the Book of Decay flew out of the corpse.

In an instant, the decayed monster corpse began to turn into fly ashes, and at the same time, an egg-like illusory shadow appeared in the void.

Seeing that egg, Wolf-Gully was quite excited, and without a word, he smashed the egg into pieces with a paw.

As soon as the egg broke, a silhouette appeared in the empty space.

This person described withered, gray beard, and decay and decay in his eyes.

After seeing the wolf, there was a faint look in the pair of eyes.

“Wolf-eater, what do you mean by waking me up?”

The words of this doom Paragon smelled of rotten and moldy. Chen Chen felt quite uncomfortable.

As for Devouring Wolf, he has already hidden behind Chen Chen at this time, and he is righteous and resolute: “The god has been born, you should do your best.”

He still did not forget the sound transmission and said: “This person is the ancestor of bad luck. If he encounters bad luck, he will be blamed and he will never be wronged.”

Doom Paragon looked towards Chen at this time. Chen began to feel carefully.

After a while, two green lights shot out in his eyes, and finally there were faint tears rolling down.

“Lord, you have suffered!”

A hoarse voice came from Doom Paragon’s mouth. In the next second, Doom Paragon was already kneeling on Chen. In front of Chen, the old tears burst.

That attitude of humility and earnestness is far from the reach of a wolf.

Hearing this title of Lord, Chen Chen felt stunned.

The Wolf-Eater is a direct subordinate of Paragon in the South City, so he calls himself a god.

And this doom Paragon, most likely to be Paragon Samsara’s direct subordinates, so he called himself the master.

Strictly speaking, this talent is his direct line.

“Uh, get up.”

Chen Chen extend the hand tried to help Paragon of Doom, but he never thought Doom Paragon took the initiative to step back and stood up. .

“My lord, my body is special, you still don’t want to help.”

Chen Chen knew that this person had a taboo, so he had to withdraw his hand.

As for the strength of this doom Paragon, he has just used the Divine Consciousness to investigate, it is the real Six Dao Paragon.

This strength looks at the universe today, second only to the giant Spirit Realm master, and the insect race female emperor at the same level.

With this kind of support, he can go to a lot more places suddenly.


The entire group returned to the universe, Chen Chen felt a little bit, and found that a group of Peak Paragon not at all had been tracked because of the changes in his position.

It seems that they are determined to resolve internal conflicts first.

This is fine, it can save a lot of trouble.

“Lord, we had better hide our strength now, so that they can fight in peace at ease. If we show too strong strength, they will inevitably be afraid and eventually move towards unity.”

After Chen Chen talked about the current state of the universe, Doom Paragon suggested.

Chen Chen is slightly nodded, the current best strategy is indeed to go.


However, the sky does not fulfill everyone’s wish.

Three days later, Chen Chen is studying the original heart in the battleship battleship.

At this time, Zhengtu Guangnao suddenly appeared.

“The main optical brain returns, and the standby optical brain enters a dormant state.”

Hearing this voice, Chen Chen opened his eyes.

Not long after, a Dao Void shadow appeared in front of him.

“What are you doing here?”

Seeing the illusory shadow, Chen Chen asked.

This illusory shadow is not someone else, it is the corpse emperor who originally occupied the fleshy body of the Divine Immortal emperor, the one who used to be the master light brain of the battleship battleship and told him the position of the Void God soldier.

“Let me remind you that the Tianyao Empire was defeated by the leader of your Three Realms. For example, today the Yao clan has all been attached to his command.

The Tianyao clan For hundreds of millions of years, Yu Universe has been familiar with the location of most of the Star Domain and wormholes in the universe. It may not be long before the Paragons of the Three Realms will quickly find you through the wormhole.”

With this news, Chen Chen was silent for a while.

In fact, compared to the giant Spirit Realm lord and the insect race female emperor, the Lord of Immortal World is really difficult.

Because he is more familiar with the Three Realms and the universe, he chose to defeat the Tianyao Empire for the first time.

“Sooner or later, everyone knows about the Wormhole. It’s better to leak it out in advance and let others deal with the Lord of Immortal World.”

Chen Chen flashed in his mind. Pass this thought.

Then he stood up and thanked the illusory shadow: “I don’t know what life form you are now, and I don’t know what you are thinking in your heart. In short, this time, many thanks. “

“You’re welcome.”

illusory shadow said lightly, and then disappeared without a trace.

Chen Chen didn’t track it down when he saw this, but turned and left the battleship.


After half a day.

Among the vast galaxies in the universe, the giant Spirit Realm master is holding an incomparable gigantic octopus with one hand, and is constantly ravaged with proverbs.

This octopus is not an ordinary monster, but a Three Dao Paragon. It also exists as a Peak in a certain realm, but now in the hands of the giant Spirit Realm master, it has reached the point of dying.

At this moment, a powerful voice came from behind the giant Spirit Realm master.

“Lord of the Realm, I just got the news that there are a lot of passages in this universe that can cross over long distances.”

Hearing this voice, the giant Spirit Realm stopped his hands. The action turned his head.

“How do you say?”

He is also a giant standing behind him, but compared to the giant Spirit Realm master, he is too small to jump up, I am afraid only Can touch the knee of the giant Spirit Realm master.

“This kind of channel is called a wormhole. The universe knows wormholes best than the once rulers of the universe, the Tianyao clan.

The Tianyao clan is after our arrival. , Has always chosen to hide and hide, so we did not notice them.

But a day ago, they were found by another world lord, and now they have all been attached to the world lord.

I have to say that mastering the Tianyao clan is equivalent to completely mastering the wormhole, and mastering the wormhole is equivalent to mastering the absolute initiative in the universe.”

Hearing this, the main pupils of the giant Spirit Realm shrank slightly, and at the same time, the word “force” proverb surged in his palm.

As soon as this motto came out, the huge octopus suddenly screamed, and it didn’t take long for it to “peng”, turning it into pieces.

“It’s no wonder that the person with the treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos moves so fast, it turned out to be like this… By the way, is the Lord of the World such a Lord of the World?”< /p>

The giant Spirit Realm master said while looking towards the octopus fragments in the sky.

The giant behind him trembled slightly, and said in a serious tone: “Master, according to reliable information, the master of the world is also a Seven Dao Paragon.”

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