I Can Track Everything Chapter 893

“The insect race female emperor seems to be gone.”

On the Lian Shen star, the Immortal Emperor murmured after feeling a bit.

Lord of Immortal World hearing this A trace of cruelty flashed across his face.

“This is enough, and I didn’t expect them to let us leave so easily.”

Other Immortal Emperors hearing this look became solemn .

“Giant Spirit Realm Lord, Seven Dao Paragon, hehe, let me meet him. I still don’t believe him, he can destroy us with a bunch of trash fish.”

Lord of Immortal World stood up after saying that, the eyes of the magic shadow behind him were fierce, and his expression was extremely hideous.

Other Immortal Emperors shook their whole body when they heard this, and after a while, their eyes became resolute.


The other side.

Lian Shen Mingdi is very sad, the wormhole information he took is true, but in fact he does not know the content very well.

The storage method of this information is quite special. He can only see 0 and 1 when he uses Divine Consciousness to penetrate it.

So, now he is flying around like headless flies.

However, he flies extremely fast. After all, it’s a matter of life, so he can’t run without seriousness.

“There should be Paragon chasing me now, right?”

Lian Shen Mingdi secretly said in one’s heart.

“Maybe it is Paragon of Four Dao or stronger.”

Thinking of this, his heart is sad, and he only feels abandoned by everyone, and can only die while fleeing. .

As a famous existence within the realm, when did he suffer this kind of grievance?

After flying for a long time, he thought about it, but he took out a token.

He and the Emperor Underworld are close friends. At this juncture, although Emperor Underworld does not expect the Emperor to help himself, it is always good to say a few words, even if you vent some aggrieved emotions. also.

Motivated the token, and soon the illusory shadow of the immortal Emperor Ming appeared in front of him.

Seeing the immortal Emperor Ming, the bitter water in the stomach of Emperor Ming Ming is endless like a surging river.

“Brother, you smashed me this time! Did you know? I’m a bait now! Maybe how many Paragon chasing me behind!”

No Emperor Mingming heard this with a dumbfounded look: “What’s wrong?”

The Emperor Mingming said the strategy of Lord of Immortal World one after another, and then said: “I didn’t expect to be proud The Lord of Immortal will also choose to join the Lord of Immortal World. I knew that. I would not help you kill the Divine Immortal Emperor.

Now it’s good, you hide well, Old Brother, I was cold, and I was sent out by Lord of Immortal World to lure the enemy.”

The Emperor of Immortal also looked guilty.

He knows the Emperor Underworld very well, don’t look at the Emperor Underworld who is very regretful now, but when Time Reverse goes back, those who should help the Emperor Underworld will still help.

It’s just that the god summon later, this Old Brother It shouldn’t be responded.

“Sorry, Old Brother, I killed you.”

The Immortal Emperor is muttered.

Lianshen Mingdi saw this sighed: “that’s all that’s all, I just spit a few words before I die, and now I feel more comfortable when I say it.

That shit Lord of Immortal World, it’s really not a thing, it’s a jerk, and he doesn’t say a word for me. If I have a chance, I really want to practice these two things…”

One minute, Emperor Ming Ming listened quietly.

At the end, Lian Shen Mingdi suddenly said: “Brother, I still have some inheritance hidden on some planets in the universe. I am dying now, and leave it to you.”

With that, Lian Shen Mingdi began to talk about some coordinates.

Illusory shadow of the Immortal Emperor Underworld. Hearing this, my eyes were slightly red, and I didn’t know what to say for a while.

He is now following Chen Chen, and he naturally knows what level of existence Lian Shen Mingdi is using as bait.

I am afraid it is not the giant Spirit Realm lord, or the lady emperor of the insect race. Such a powerful enemy, with another race, he is really helpless.

Seeing that his old friend didn’t forget to entrust his wealth to him before he died, he was a little unbearable, and he wanted to go to Yellow Springs with his old friend.

When he was in a dilemma, Chen Chen came to his side.

“Old Brother, I just felt it. There are three people chasing you. They are the female emperor of the insect race and the Three Dao Paragon of the insect race, apart from this, and the Djinn Race A Four Paragon.

According to my calculation, there are about two hours to catch you.”

When I heard Chen Chen this remark, the Immortal Emperor’s cheeks twitch.

The words of refining the god Ming Emperor in the projection also stopped abruptly.

This Chen Chen has calculated his remaining lifespan. Should he be thankful or curse?

To be honest, he still had so much fantasies in his heart, imagining that no one would chase him, he could escape alive.

It’s good now, the fantasy was completely broken, and he couldn’t resist any of the three people who came to chase.

“You…little brother, I really thank you!”

Lian Shen Mingdi held back for a long time, and finally gnashing teeth said.

Chen Chen waved his hand and said: “You’re welcome, yes, Old Brother, I remember that I still owe you a favor.”

As soon as these words are spoken, he is refining The emperor was silent.

The Immortal Underworld Emperor looked towards Chen Chen in surprise, guessing something in his heart.

At this moment, Chen Chen laughed suddenly.

“I never owe favors, you fly in that direction, we try to save you.”

“Help…help me?”


Lian Shen Mingdi can’t believe it, but three powerful Paragons are chasing him, and among them there is even a terrifying existence like the insect race female emperor.

Can this little brother save himself?

Before he could understand, Chen Chen’s voice suddenly became serious.

“Quickly change direction, let’s set off now!”

Slap the illusory shadow directly into pieces with a slap?

Seeing this, Emperor Lian Shen Ming had no choice but to act as a living horse doctor, moved towards Chen Chen and flew away.


At this time, the Emperor of Immortal Ming just came back to his senses, and he said in a daze: “Are we really going to save?”

Chen Chen With a solemn expression, he said, “Why not go? The female emperor insect race finally took the place. If we don’t take this opportunity to destroy it, it will be difficult to find another chance in the future.

You know, this The second insect race female emperor and the giant Spirit Realm are united. If they really find a tacit understanding and increase mutual trust, then want to kill them in the future, I am afraid it will be as difficult as heavenly ascension.”

” However, if we show too much strength, it will arouse all Paragon’s vigilance.”

Frowns of the Immortal Emperor.

Now that many Paragons are fighting with each other in the universe, the most fundamental reason is naturally that they cannot catch Chen Chen.

The second reason is that in their opinion, Chen Chen has been on the run. His strength is definitely not strong and poses no threat to them, so they will feel relieved and boldly go to kill those potential enemies first.

But if the female emperor of the insect race is really defeated this time, then all Paragon will be vigilant, and may even unite…

Chen Chen sees this Patted Immortal Emperor Shoulder said: “They will unite someday, and we can’t just watch the Emperor Ping God die, are you right?”

The body of Emperor Ming Ming trembled slightly. Then heavily nodded.

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