I Can Track Everything Chapter 894

Two hours, this time is neither long nor short.

Lian Shen Mingdi set himself a life countdown in the heart, unconsciously, this countdown only left one minute.

“Isn’t it as accurate as the kid said?”

Looking at the time passing by little by little, the refining god Mingdi whispered.

To be honest, this is an extremely uncomfortable psychological torment for him.

As for the kid who said he would come to save himself, he did not dare to hold much hope, not because of distrust, but for fear of disappointment.

You must know that you are not terrifying, terrifying is not looking at your eyes, and terrifying is immersed in disappointment when you die.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven…three, two, one!”

The ten numbers are silently read, and two hours have just arrived. At this moment, it’s the god Mingdi The heart raised it directly.

In the next second, there was a tremor in the void, and three shadows flew out from in the sky, surrounding him in a triangle.

It is the insect race female emperor, Djinn Race Paragon and an insect race Paragon.

Seeing these three powerful existences, Emperor Lian Shen Ming couldn’t help swearing!

“Damn! It’s not a single cent! It’s so special! You should be called the god of the gods!”

The giant spirit Paragon doesn’t know how to refine the gods. What the emperor is talking about, he only knows that Dao Insect cave information is best in his hands.

So he shot it right away!

Star River trembled with one palm!

A proverb with the word “Jian” appeared in his palm, and moved towards the Emperor of Lian Shen Ming fiercely suppressed.

The female emperor of the insect race didn’t stop seeing this, she just watched this scene coldly.

Looking at the terrifying giant palm above the stars, the Emperor Mingdi took out without saying a word, and directly took out the Divine Furnace.

The ant is still greedy for life, even more how, even if he knows that he is not an opponent, but he does not fight back and wait for death, it is absolutely impossible.

hong long!


The giant palm hit the Divine Furnace, and the Divine Furnace made a deafening roar.

Immediately after the power of the four proverbs was condensed in the void, the Emperor of Lian God only felt a terrifying matchless force from above, and the whole person fell to the ground uncontrollably .

Just when the giant palm was about to catch him, a black shadow suddenly flashed past, dragging him out from under the giant palm.

Waiting for him to come back to his senses, only then did he discover that he did not know when he reached the mouth of a giant wolf, and the giant wolf was grinning, glaring at the three powerful Paragons in the distance.

“Your Excellency is…”

Lian Shen Mingdi asked subconsciously.

The voice fell, and two people walked out of the void.

One of them is very familiar to him. It is his old friend, the Immortal Emperor. As for the other, his body is full of corruption. Qi, he has never seen it before.

But judging from the humble attitude of Emperor Underworld, that person is obviously a powerhouse.

“Old Brother, are you okay?”

The Immortal Ming Emperor came to the front of the Lian Shen Ming Emperor in a flash.

At this time, Devouring Wolf will see God Ming Emperor put down.

“Brother, you really came to save me…”

The old friends get together in this situation, they are all very touched, if there are outsiders beside, I would like to wait Hold your head and cry.

The insect race empress and other three people did not look towards this group of people. At this moment, they all focused on a certain nihility.

Countless inexplicable substances are gathering there.

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the female emperor insect race suddenly lit up, her eight wings trembling slightly behind her.

It didn’t take long for those materials to gather into a silhouette, it was Chen Chen.

When I saw Chen Chen, the lady of the insect race made a weird squeal, and then lightly said with a smile: “Didn’t expect you to take the initiative to deliver it to the door, what a surprise!”< /p>

The face of Djinn Race Paragon next to

changed again and again, after all, the world master was not here at the moment.

“hehe, your opponent is me.”

A hoarse voice came out, and Paragon blocked Chen Chen in front of him.

Seeing the doom Paragon, the expression of the insect race empress finally became a little serious.

Because she felt a dangerous breath from the other party, it showed that the other party was not weaker than her existence.

Seeing this, Djinn Race Paragon’s eyes suddenly lit up, said solemnly: “The Empress, you hold this person, I will take down that kid!”

He doesn’t care about it. The insect race female emperor disagreed with her, she directly moved towards Chen Chen and caught it.

“It’s okay, let me come, you go and deal with the insect race empress.”

Seeing the doom Paragon preparing to resist the blow for himself, Chen Chen waved his hand.

“The lord, be careful.”

Doom Paragon whispered, then stepped forward slowly, and walked to the insect race empress.


Chen Chen whispered.

To deal with a four-way Paragon, he had to use the word “open” motto.

Furthermore, this time, it was half-life.

But the promotion brought by this half-life is also very terrifying. In an instant, he within the body is like an extra sun, leaking light out.

Seeing that the giant palm is approaching, Chen Chen waved his hand, and a huge barrier blocked him.

It is the proverb “barrier”.

He didn’t know much about this proverb, but with the blessing of the word “open”, he could barely use it.

Even more how, Djinn Race Paragon doesn’t seem to be good at attacking.


The fact is the same as he thought, the palm of Djinn Race Paragon slammed on the barrier, but the barrier trembled a few times, but it failed to shake the barrier.

“That’s it, you want to take me?”

Chen Chen sneered and teleported directly behind Djinn Race Paragon.

The size of this Djinn Race Paragon is really incomparable gigantic, much larger than the insect nest that was comparable to the solar system.

If his body only talks about size, I am afraid that no one’s cells have large cells.

But what about it?


With a whisper, Chen Chen blasted a huge seal!

Under the blessing of “Kai”, his seal is not weaker than Divine Immortal.

To deal with this kind of skin is rough, flesh is thick, you should use the seal.

The giant spirit Paragon Juyue also noticed the fluctuation of the seal behind him, and immediately sneered. Four mottos emerged from the bronze skin on his back.

Respectively “hard”, “solid”, “hard”, and “bullet”.

As soon as these four maxims come out, Juyue’s back seems to be transformed into an indestructible and terrifying city wall! Exudes extremely dazzling golden light!

After the word “Feng” hit, it was instantly bounced back!

“Good fellow, these four maxims, great pen!”

Chen Chen exclaimed.

Then the mung bean flew out and displayed a “solution” proverb on the back.

As soon as the “solution” proverb came out, the “bullet” on Juyue’s back was directly offset, but the remaining three proverbs were still intact.

“The fleshy body of Djinn Race Paragon is probably indestructible… But fortunately, without the word “bomb”, he is no longer invulnerable.”

Chen Chen Secretly said in one’s heart, and then, both of his hands pinched the tactic, and it didn’t take long for him to condense an invisible blade in front of him.

This is a Divine Consciousness Attack Magical Powers called a thorn soul blade.

Although it’s just an ordinary Immortal Technique, Chen Chen’s Divine Consciousness is no longer ordinary Divine Consciousness, but a powerful Divine Consciousness!

As a result, the formidable power of Immortal Technique has undergone a fundamental change.

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