I Can Track Everything Chapter 895


However, before the soul blade was fully deployed, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sound rang.

Chen Chen doesn’t need to look at you to know that Djinn Race Paragon swept over with a huge arm.

Immediately after thoughts move, the whole person has teleported to the eyelashes of Djinn Race Paragon.

To be honest, Djinn Race Paragon’s eyelashes are thicker than some big mountains, and Chen Chen is inconspicuous standing in it.

As if sensing his movement, Djinn Race Paragon began to shoot out the power of Proverbs in his eyes.

The huge eyeball is like a huge transparent star in front of Chen Chen.

“It’s so big!”

In a whisper, the word “Fa” appeared behind Chen Chen.

As soon as this motto came out, the soul blade swelled abruptly, finally reaching the size of the eyelashes of Djinn Race Paragon!

“go! ”

shouted in a low voice!

Prick the soul blade directly moved towards the huge eyeball!

At the same time, three proverbs shot out from the eyes, forming three huge barriers to stop the soul blade.

Chen Chen calmly threw the divine spear directly.

The divine spear blessed by the word of war is naturally unable to break through the three barriers, but the baleful qi of the divine spear is extremely heavy. With the powerful Divine Consciousness Attack of the soul blade, it directly affects The Primordial Spirit of Djinn Race Paragon makes Djinn Race Paragon appear in a trance!

Taking advantage of this moment of effort, Chen Chen pressed a palm on his huge eyeball, and at the same time, a proverb with the word “化” burst out of his palm!


A scream that shook the Star Sea came out, and everyone was somewhat absent-minded. At this moment, the piercing sword directly penetrated The eyeballs rushed into the mind of Djinn Race Paragon.

Djinn Race Paragon covers his eyes, and his whole body is like a blazing sun, burning the heaven and boiling the sea.

Chen Chen was body flashed, and teleported out again. At the same time, he took his time and looked towards other battlefields.

At this time, the lady of the insect race and Paragon of Doom are looking at each other across the million li. Numerous insect races directly obscured most of the galaxies, and moved towards Paragon of Doom surging away.

And Doom Paragon just stood there, leaning on a cane.

Whether it is the Giant Insect, which is as large as a planet, or the tiny insect that is so small that the naked eye is invisible, all of them decayed and turned into fly ash.

Hearing the screams of Djinn Race Paragon, the two moved towards Chen Chen in the same direction and forgot to come over.

Chen Chen laughed at Doom Paragon and glanced at the other side.

Indestructible Emperor Underworld, Emperor Underworld Refining, and the three guys from Devouring Wolf and the insect nest are also considered to be fascinating, not at all.

“It seems that the breakthrough is still here.”

Chen Chen murmured. At this moment, Djinn Race Paragon began to emerge a battle armor.

This Battle Armor body bronze, there are naturally various arrays on it, and in the mirror armor, there is a huge motto, which is “hard.”

“Strong Heart Armor.”

Chen Chen found out the name of the Battle Armor when he probed for Divine Consciousness.

“Asshole! die for me!”

The giant spirit Paragon wearing a strong heart armor just woke up from the trance, and the impatient moved towards Chen Chen with a punch.

This time, there was a “solid” proverb on his fist.

After this motto appeared, the space of the surrounding galaxies suddenly solidified. In this case, teleportation is naturally impossible.

Chen Chen sneered when he saw this, the word “Bing” appeared, and the Battle Armor on Djinn Race Paragon suddenly shrank.

This sudden change caused Djinn Race Paragon to stagger, and the punch also lost its focus.

Chen Chen pinched the tactics with both hands, and another thorn soul blade condenses.

To say what he can now dominate the entire Hongmeng, it is undoubtedly Divine Consciousness.

To fight is to use your own strengths and attack the enemy’s shortcomings.

After stabbing the soul blade condense, Chen Chen once again came to the original position, but this time he rushed directly into the eyeballs, followed the meridians and reached the mind of Djinn Race Paragon Among.

The brain of ordinary people is naturally the most vulnerable place, but the minds of the four Paragons of Djinn Race are extremely strong, and even the meridians are comparable to the strongest magic weapon.

Chen Chen didn’t care about these and didn’t attack. Instead, he flew straight to the depths. At this time, Djinn Race Paragon was bound by the strong heart armor, which was his great opportunity.

After a few breaths, he came to a strange area.

There is a huge golden ocean here, which is the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Djinn Race Paragon.

Seeing the Sea of ​​Consciousness, Chen Chen only pierced the soul blade of the original Divine Consciousness without the slightest hesitation!


A faint trembling sound came out, and the golden Sea of ​​Consciousness began to appear waves, and then the waves became bigger and bigger, and it didn’t take long to transform into a stormy sea!

Sea of ​​Consciousness has undergone such a huge change, it is conceivable how fuzzy the consciousness of Djinn Race Paragon will be at this moment.

As the saying goes, taking advantage of his illness to kill him, Chen Chen has no intention of being soft.

The word “Fa” was urged with full force, and one after another soul blade condensed from his back, and then blasted towards the huge golden Sea of ​​Consciousness.

The waves are getting bigger and bigger in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, Chen Chen can feel Djinn Race Paragon shaking his head crazy.

The more so, the less clear his consciousness.


Another motto flew out and fell into the Sea of ​​Consciousness, and the size of the golden ocean began to shrink rapidly.


Just like that, after half an hour of tossing.

The surrounding shaking gradually ceased, and the golden ocean was less than one percent of the original size, protected by the power of the four maxims.

Seeing this, Chen Chen teleported out of the head of Djinn Race Paragon.

At this time, Djinn Race Paragon had already put away the strong heart armor, but also completely lost consciousness. The whole person was floating in the universe, seeming to fall asleep.

The insect race empress over there is still confronting Doom Paragon, ignoring the life and death of this guy.

Chen Chen is not welcome at this. Under the thoughts move, the battleship battleship has turned into a Supreme Treasure of hundreds of thousands of pieces.

The Supreme Treasure of these avenues merged and condensed, and finally became a horrible giant blade across the Star River!

Under the blessing of the word “Bing”, this giant blade exudes a dense cold light. It is powerful and not weaker than some of the offensive Innate Primordial Chaos treasures!

“Just use the Blade Technique.”

Chen Chen said to himself, and then began to wave the horrible giant blade. Every time he waved it, the giant blade’s The formidable power is just one point strong. After swiping hundreds of times, the space of the universe is already full of huge shadows of knives, like a big wave, surging and endless!

At the end, the “Fa” word proverb reflected Heaven and Earth, and hundreds of swords and shadows suddenly overlapped, turning into a shocking horror, moving towards Djinn Race Paragon’s neck slashed down!

Stab it!

A weird sound of friction resounded between Heaven and Earth, Chen Chen’s Peak knife was stuck on the neck of Djinn Race Paragon, and with more force, it successfully cut off Djinn Race. Paragon’s head.

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