I Can Track Everything Chapter 896

The huge headless corpse floats above the universe, and the head falling not far away is like a star a hundred times the size.

Chen Chen put away the giant blade, feeling inexplicable in his heart.

Hooked the hook, and the corpse within the body floated out a set of Battle Armor, which fell into his hands, which was the treasured heart armor of Innate Primordial Chaos.

There were almost no obstacles, so he conquered this treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos.

However, Chen Chen failed to comprehend other mottos other than “Jian”.

The original heart of his within the body has not changed.

This made Chen Chen couldn’t help being stunned.

Slaying Paragon and winning the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos can’t change the heart of Yuanchu, so how can we understand the proverb of the word “Yuan”?

“What should I do?”

There were countless thoughts flashing in Chen Chen’s mind, and then he turned into endless confusion.

This kind of blankness made him wonder where his goal was for a while, and it made him extremely irritable.


“Lord, be careful!”

Until a thunder-like reminder sounded in his mind, Chen Chen finally recovered.

At this time, millions of various insect races have gathered around him. Among them, there are hundreds of thousands of them comparable to the Immortal King battle strength, moving towards him surgingly. .

Because of dealing with insect race Paragon before, Chen Chen has already had experience dealing with this kind of insect race.

Seeing this sea of ​​worms, he directly reached out his hand, and in the next second, countless demons spawned by the heavenly demon co-cultivation Dafa appeared in his palm.

Under the blessings of the proverbs of the word “Fa”, these magic seeds moved towards all around Giant Insects with lightning speed, and they rushed over, and in an instant, they threw countless Giant Insects. Absorbed into fly ash.

However, Chen Chen has a huge black energy sphere in his hands.

Although this sphere is not big, it has gathered all the power of the cultivation base of the fallen insect race.

Chen Chen glanced at the Black Sphere, then looked towards the insect race female emperor in the distance.

The female emperor insect race has very cold eyes. Although she is resisting the doom Paragon at the moment and Djinn Race Paragon is beheaded again, there is no panic in her eyes. Some are just terrifying indifference.

“jié jié ……”

Seeing Chen Chen, the female emperor of the insect race smiled sadly, and then suddenly opened her mouth.

The terrifying scene happened, and a huge ball slowly rolled out of her mouth.

The ball grew rapidly after leaving the body of the insect race lady emperor, and it didn’t take long for it to become a black monster insect with a human face in the shape of a black cockroach.

Chen Chen’s eyes were surprised when he saw the monster insect.

Because of Divine Consciousness of Yuanchu, this monster insect is a Five Dao Paragon!

Before, when he used Divine Consciousness to explore the entire universe, there was no such kind of powerhouse.

But at this time, the Five Dao Paragon actually appeared in front of him.

The only explanation is that this monster insect was just born, and it was the strength of Five Dao Paragon when it was born!

The female emperor of the monster insect clan will watch that Djinn Race Paragon die. It turns out that there is such a hole card!

“cough cough, black spirit, take out his strongest Innate Primordial Chaos treasure within the body. Remember, don’t use the treasure of Innate Primordial Chaos, and protect your Sea of ​​Consciousness. “

After spitting out the monster insect, the lady emperor insect race coughed twice, her voice hoarse.

monster insect hearing this looked towards Chen Chen, replied: “Relax, mother, leave it to me.”

The voice fell, it turned into a black flash moved towards Chen Chen Coming from impact.

At the same time, the power of proverbs gradually appeared between its two pliers.



In almost an instant, the monster insect flew to the front of Chen Chen, and a pliers hit the solid heart armor.

With a loud explosion, Chen Chen only felt a huge shock all over his body, and the internal organs were generally displaced.

Seeing Giant Insect right in front of him, the sense of pain, coupled with the previous confusion, made him plunge into a certain madness to the extreme.


With a loud roar, the divine spear appeared directly in Chen Chen’s palm.

Under the blessing of the word “Bing”, the divine spear baleful qi soars into the sky and directly moved towards monster insect and stabbed it in the past.


Monster insect made a dark smile, and it didn’t evade, but a word appeared on his body.


After this admonition emerged, the monster insect’s body was filled with metallic light.

The divine spear pierced through with a crisp sound, and was almost shocked back.


At this time, there was another sound of cracking silk. The monster insect suddenly grew long hairs. These long hairs were thin and long. The moved Chen Chen stretched over, and instantly brought Chen Chen towards Chen Chen. The strong heart armor is wrapped up.

This long hair seems to contain extremely strong toxins. Chen Chen’s body began to turn green unconsciously, and his consciousness gradually became blurred.

In addition to the previous mania, his whole person became a little hysterical during this brief moment.


shouting loudly, the word “open” proverb reappears, this time Chen Chen directly sacrificed 99% of his life force, leaving only for himself Breath!

In an instant, Chen Chen’s mastery of all the powers of proverbs has improved, and even the “hidden” that he didn’t realize with his heart has almost reached the point of complete mastery.

Almost subconsciously, the word “hidden” proverb appeared, Chen Chen turned into an invisible body, free from countless long hairs.

Immediately afterwards, he blasted a seal against the monster insect below.

Under the blessing of the word “kai”, the power of this seal is even far superior to the original seal of Divine Immortal. In the blink of an eye, it fell on the monster insect.

Monster insect’s body shuddered slightly, three or four proverbs broke out and hit the seal, but they were all suppressed by the seal.

This situation also changed the psychology of monster insect, and panic began to appear in his eyes.


Did not wait for the seal to completely seal the monster insect, Chen Chen’s proverb with the word “Hua” fell on the monster insect again.

The extremely sturdy armor began to become dim under the influence of the word “Hua”, and it didn’t take long for the monster insect’s entire body to become soft.

“Mother! Help me!”

Realizing that he could not resist the terrifying power, monster insect finally couldn’t stand the pressure and sent a distress signal.

Not far away, the female emperor insect race turned her head and looked over, she couldn’t help but turn pale with fright.

At this moment, the power of every motto used by Chen Chen is almost never in a state of complete mastery.

Among the proverbs with the words “Bing” and “Fa”, they have even faintly transcended the limits of ordinary proverbs.

This strength, I am afraid that it has reached the level of Seven Dao and even Eight Dao Paragon!

Without waiting for her to figure out what’s going on, Chen Chen had already pierced the monster insect’s head fiercely into the head of the monster insect not far away.

With a shocking baleful qi, the monster insect’s entire body burst directly!

Seeing this scene, the face of the lady of the insect race changed drastically, and then, not even think, she went directly to Myriad Bodies Transformation and tried to escape.

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