I Can Track Everything Chapter 897


Chen Chen swept his eyes to countless insects in the distance.

Doom Paragon didn’t look at those insects, but looked towards Chen Chen with solemn eyes.

“Lord… are you okay?”

He hasn’t finished his words. Chen Chen’s powerful Divine Consciousness has swept the entire Star Domain. In the next second, he The body flashed and came to a tiny insect.

The insect’s body suddenly stiffened, and several proverbs emerged.

Chen Chen didn’t say anything, a seal was smashed on his backhand, and he suppressed all the proverbs on the spot.


A low scream came out of the insect’s mouth, but just after spitting out a word, Chen Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed the insect tightly. In his hands.


The roar of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry came from Chen Chen’s palm. At this moment, it seemed that the universe exploded in his palm.

That’s the case, Chen Chen’s hands are only shaking slightly, not at all let go.

After a while, the word “Hua” reappeared, and a more intense roar began to sound.

Chen Chen’s eyes were red, and then he stretched out his other hand, holding both hands tightly together.

The vibration lasted for a full quarter of an hour before it stopped.

At this time, Chen Chen’s eyes have become extremely dim, and his hair has become snow-white.

Let go of your withered hands, only a round insect egg is left inside.

Looking at the insect egg, Chen Chen felt endless exhaustion in his heart.

“Old Brother, let you do it.”

After that, he just tossed it and threw the insect egg to the Emperor Ming.

Lian Shen Mingdi took the insect egg and threw it into the Divine Furnace without saying a word.

As for the others, they all looked at Chen Chen with white hair.

Fortunately, although Chen Chen looks old, he is still a bit worse than Paragon.

“Lord…are you okay?”

“It’s okay, but just almost cultivation deviation.”

Chen Chen’s eyes are out of focus, and his words are angry gossamer.

This is not a perfunctory statement. In fact, he doesn’t know why he just sacrificed that many power of fate, just like a lunatic.

You must know that normally he is absolutely impossible to do this kind of operation.

The only explanation may be cultivation deviation.

Because I don’t know how to master the word “source”, I feel anxious inside. This anxiety expands and erupts in the battle, and then becomes Heart Demon, which affects my mood.

“…Lord, I can’t sense the original heart from you.”

Doom Paragon said in shock at this time.

Chen Chen hearing this touched the position of his heart.

The Heart of Yuanchu has been fuse together with him. At this time, his power of fate has gone by 99%, and the Heart of Yuanchu naturally disappeared.

This is also good, other Paragon can’t sense his position, and he can live a short period of peace.

To be honest, the sense of crisis that this position is known to all powerhouses has given him a lot of psychological pressure for a long time. If it were not, he would probably not cultivation deviation so easily.


“Uh, Chen Chen Fellow Daoist, this time, many thanks to you, the one you owe me is over. From then on, I owe you one. “

After a while, Chen Chen heard the sincere words of Lian Shen Ming Di.

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s body trembled slightly, and for some reason, he placed his hand subconsciously on the position of the original heart.

After four or five seconds, he waved his hand and said: “Old Brother for refining God, don’t say thank you, it should be.”


At this time, near the Lian Shenxing star, endless terrifying pressure is spreading crazily all around.

At this time, only half of the Refining Star is left, which is still under the protection of many Formations.

Among the Star River, the giant Spirit Realm master who is huge enough to cross the galaxy poses with his hands in the sky, and his expression is vaguely crazy.

Above him, a terrifying shadow is extremely hideous, with a huge mouth biting the arms of the giant Spirit Realm master.

Aside from these two Seven Dao Paragons, dozens of Paragons are fighting each other in the starry sky.

As for the weaknesses of the giants of Djinn Race and the corpses of insect race, they are all over the stars.

When the battle reaches this level, both Djinn Race and the Three Realms have lost a lot of money, and the powerhouse of Supreme level alone has fallen by a few digits.

“Giant Spirit Realm Lord! Do you really want to fight me to death and death?”

The horror shadow roared, and the sound shook Star River.

The main arms of the giant Spirit Realm are bursting with blue veins, and the sound of blood flowing in it is comparable to stormy sea.

He didn’t want to fight to death, he just wanted to delay the return of the insect race empress.

But how long has passed since, the female emperor of the insect race showed no signs of returning.

You know, he has already treated many insect races as cannon fodder.

Does the insect race empress really care about the life and death of her subordinates?

“At this point, it is natural to be born and die!”

The giant Spirit Realm master roared.

As soon as his voice fell, the remaining insect race army in the distance suddenly stopped moving for some reason.

Immediately afterwards, a large number of insect races began to fall away and dissipated, and only a few powerful insect races looked towards a certain direction coincidentally, and hummed at the same time.


Various Insect Cry voices came and went one after another, attracting the ideas of everyone on the battlefield.

At this moment, the voice of an insect race Paragon suddenly resounded in the stars.

“Mother is in danger! Let me go to the rescue!”

The voice fell, and all the remaining insect races, no matter what they were fighting or what they were doing, stopped their attack, moved towards Rushing away in a certain direction.

In just a few moments, the insect race army has withdrawn from the battlefield.

The giant Spirit Realm master was naturally furious when he saw this scene, but thinking of what the insect race Paragon said, he did not order his subordinates to stop him, but was sent out by Djinn Race’s unique contact means. Follow the giant mountain of the insect race empress.

As a result, this connection realized that Juyue had fallen!

This shocked the spirit of the giant Spirit Realm!

Know that Juyue is very good at defense, even the Five Dao Six Dao Paragon may not be able to take him in a short time.

But how much time has passed now, it has already fallen.

Recalling the phrase “the mother is in danger”, the giant Spirit Realm master immediately realized that the situation was not good.

Juyue’s death was obviously not the hand of the insect race empress.

So what kind of existence can defeat the insect race female emperor and Juyue in such a short time?

Thinking of this, he also lost the thought of fighting the Demon Shadow on his head, and immediately said angrily: “The situation has changed, you and I stop first!”

The Demon Shadow is hearing this But he stopped doing it, and roared: “If the reinforcements have something wrong, we won’t fight? How can there be such a good thing!”

The voice fell, and the huge mouth opened a little bit wider, in an instant Countless creatures lost their lives in the giant Spirit Realm main body world.

But then Mo Ying loosened his mouth and the giant Spirit Realm master looked towards the direction the insect swarm had left in shock.

“The treasure of Xeon Innate Primordial Chaos cannot be sensed…”

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